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Jan 18, 2014
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Hi there! 
So I recently discovered the adorable Clown Loach! I want to set up a community tank with them, here are the fish I was thinking of homing with them: 
Clown Loach (3) 
Platy (4)
Corydora (2) - either dwarf or albino 
Bala Shark (3) - yes I am aware balas need a large tank, I will only have them in this tank as juveniles
(I can compromise on the bala & cory) 
My question is, what is the minimum tank size for loaches, what kind of tank set up do they need. what is a good pH for both the clown & platys? What fish pair well with them? What kinds of medications can you give them if they are sick? And advice on general care! 
*please no bashing* 
Clowns at the MINIMUM need a tank 150 US gallons

They get 16 inches long.
Cories also need groups of 6 minimum
What size tank do you have at the moment? Always best to start with as big a tank as possible as circumstances can change & that upgrade to a really big tank doesn't happen.
6ft+ tank for adult clowns & Balas
Thank you all for the advice! The biggest tank I can get right now is a 55 gal. I may just have to wait till my husband and i move into a bigger house :( oh well! I cant wait to keep some clowns! Incredibly cute!
TwoTankAmin said:
Clowns should be kept in as large a group as possible. At least five is a good starting place. But they will get big. This picture will give you an idea of what i mean and it is also the picture that caused me to have my clowns.
Here is a good read on them http://www.loaches.com/species-index/clown-loach-chromobotia-macracanthus
Holy crap those are huge!

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