Recovering from a disaster

Jan Cavalieri

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Jun 2, 2019
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Topeka, KS
A while back I forgot to turn off the heater during a water change - I caught it pretty quickly but the shock killed most of the fish in the tank. Looking at the heater filter cord and all the other cords around it - they basically melted. Then, around the same time, we were working on my new 50 gallon tank and removed the fish (all large Gourami) to a large bucket with airstones. We thought it would be for about 30 minutes but it turned into about 2 hours and all the fish in the bucket were dead. I know better - I've never put so many fish in a bucket together, especially ones this size - usually 1-2 per bucket and we had 6. Maybe it was an unconsious murder as I always hated those fish - they were ugly and took up too much space - in fact that is why I bought a 50 gallon. Anyway my other tank is a 29 gallon and the soon to be back tank is 29 gallon. I also have a little 6 gallon betta tank (he is the friendliest fish I've ever had - I was shocked). So how do I best divide the fish I have between 3 tanks

Tank A (29 gallons)
2 Dojo Loach
1 color changing Gourami (he's usually pissed off and turned himself black otherwise Blue/Red Striped - I've never found another fish that did this)
Bristlenose Lemon Pleco
Blue Phantom Pleco (ridiculously expensive and you never see him LOL)
Thomasi L188a *when we can find him)
Neon Tetra (12)
Rasbora black harlequin (5)
Honey Dwarf gold Gourami (cute little fish)

Tank B (50 gallons)

Pearl/Passion Gourami (1 survived)
Dojo Loach (4)
Glofish (6)
Catfish (2 when we can find them)
Kubotai Loach (2)

Tank D (29 gallons)
To be determined

Water Stats:
Ammonia :0
Nitrites: Tank A:.25, Tank B - 0
Nitrates: 0
PH: ranges from 6.8 to 7.4

I'm ok with moving anything around that I need to. My assistant and I though Angelfish would be lovely along with the Pearl Gourami but I find that Angelfish are one big pain in the neck and my Pearl couldn't handle any semi aggressive fish he/she just wants a quiet life probably as far from loaches as possible. I half thought about putting all the loaches in one tank together and adding a couple more species. I had some YoYo's that died in the electrocution accident and they were nice fish. BUT the best thing about the Dojo's is that they eat all the snails and I hate snails more than anything, We still have a handful but before we got the Dojo's we had HUNDREDS so we divided the dojo's up among the tanks and the total snail population is down. I like Dwarf Gourami OK. I have the Rasboras and the Neo-tetras so I DON'T want any more tiny fish. 2-3 inches in size would be optimal.

Any and all suggestions will be taken seriously and I'm not afraid to spend money if it's something nice. Thanks for the help!