fish tank

  1. K

    New Beta Owner

    Hello! I need tips and recommendation and how to destress my beta. Last week I bought a male black mustard beta (Goldie) from the local PetSmart. I’ve talked to the fish department worker about proper ways to take of Goldie. He was able to give me some information but I knew I needed to do more...
  2. Ingrid

    Cleaning ornaments

    How should one clean ornaments in a fish tank ?
  3. Ingrid

    Feeding plants

    How often do you need to feed plant in a fish tank ?
  4. Rexer reigns

    Fish tank water changing

    Hi guys, I'm new to here and i don't have much experience in fish management. I installed my 6 gallon tank 2 day's ago. In my tank i have 4 guppy's and 2 platy's. unlike other tanks my tank is buried in soil, cemented on it's sides and bottom. Now i wan't your precious suggestion's and...
  5. casdeswinchester

    Squealing heater

    I recently done a water change for my 40gallon fish tank, however I accidently forgot to turn off the heater, when I noticed I quickly switched it off though it wasnt out of water for too long. When the tank was filled back up, I plugged in the heater and two days later it is making a loud...
  6. K

    30-40 gallons fish tank

    I’m wanting to purchase a new 30-40 gallon tank, preferably longer rather than tall. What’s the best brand of tanks or the best 30-40 gallon that you have or have seen?? Help
  7. K

    30-40 gallon Fish tanks ??

    im wanting to purchase and new 30-40 gallon fish tank since I want to add more fish, and also have some fry that will be moved in there. What are the best 30-40 gallons out there or the best brands of fish tanks???
  8. Marc Davis

    No Filter, No Heater, No co2, No Ferts. Walstad Nano Betta Fish Tank

    Hi guys. I'm new here and cant believe ive only just found this site! Place looks nice and active. Good to have a place where you can speak to people as sad as you are about fish haha. I set up this tank up recently for a long term project. I'll be doing weekly time lapse updates to see the...
  9. B

    Molly’s sitting upside down at bottom of tank please help!!

    I have a 25 gallon fish tank, In the last 3 day I’ve lost 11 out of 13 fish ( 2 angles 6 tetras 2 mollies and 1 telescope eyed goldfish) the only survivors were two other balloon belly Molly’s. The fish all did the same thing, go to the bottom of the tank lay upside down or on there side then...
  10. P

    Unsure if my tank has cycled or yet to begin? 3 weeks hardy fish in.

    Hi all. I started cycling my 65L boyu with built in hood filter 3 weeks ago. I am doing a fish in cycle with 4 zebra danios. Ever since beggining this hobby I've had low readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, with a tank tempartute of 23 degrees Fahrenheit, ammonia levels 0.75, nitrite...
  11. Tyler_Fishman

    Iron pill supplements, my results

    Root tabs can be expensive and not very convenient for me, as none of my lps sell them. I went to Walmart and checked out the medicine section, I purchased Spring Valley iron (27mg). My concern sprouted from reading my Osmocote fertilizer label (Which I use for my plants already) label, I saw no...
  12. Tyler_Fishman

    Ignorance is Bliss.. well sort of

    Today at the pet store I went to buy an Amano shrimp, expecting a hefty price I brought a good amount of cash. My other store sells Amano shrimp for 3.99$ with tax its about 4.30$ for one shrimp. Its expensive but they are essential members to any freshwater clean up crew. They were selling...
  13. Tyler_Fishman

    Trouble reading thermometer

    Hi, I've had this thermometer for s long while but I'm confused if my tempature is at 75 or 80 degrees. Thanks
  14. RichiRonald

    Can We Cover Up The Fish Bowl ?

    Hello, I am trying to explore the aquarium world and would like to know , when you use fish bowl is it possible to fully cover the bowl with lid ? are these lid having holes for proper circulation of oxygen ? If the lid is fully closed with the fish be able to survive ? Trying to put some small...
  15. L

    Silicone Help For Fish Tank Needed

    I rescued a fish tank not too long ago, the side is cracked and I've decided to replace the entire side seeing that I don't think putting another glass over it will help in the long run (the crack take up almost half of the side before spreading out to small minor cracks). I bought GE Silicone...
  16. O

    What Should I Get In My Fluval Chi?

    I Just cleaned out my 6 gallon fluval chi, and I need suggestions for plants! I have 2 mystery fish andI'm getting 2 adf's! (african dwarf frogs) I need suggestions for the tank and also help with syncing a new light switch! HELP    (i will try and post a picture of the mystery fish so u guys...
  17. B

    Adding Another Albino Cory Catfish To My Fish Tank

    Hello, I currently have 1 betta, 1 albino catfish, and 1 ghost shrimp in my 5 gallon minibow tank. My albino cory is doing great and is really active. My betta fish doesn't bother it or attack it. I know that corys are suppose to be in schools which is why I am thinking of getting another. I was...
  18. S

    Going Dirt - Tips And Tricks For A First Timer?

    Time to kick things off, now I've got plenty of free time I want to convert my Juwel Rio240 into a dirted tank. I'll be using Organic Miracle Gro potting mix.   - First Question is it necessary to have much capping, ex if I used 4 inches of dirt do I have to have 4 inches of gravel capping it or...
  19. W

    Stocking 20G High Tank

    I am getting a 20 gallon tank tomorrow. I am planning on the fish I would stock it with and how I would cycle it?   My current plan for fish is: 2 Dwarf Gourami's 3 Guppies 4 Albino Cory Catfish 5 Silver Hatchet fish I ran this through and it sad 99% stocking capacity.   I was...
  20. A

    Is 36 Inches Fish Tank Enough For These Fishes?

    I am planning to buy an aquarium for following fishes:   3 Red tailed black variatus ( 3 inches each) 3 Balloon belly molly (3 inches each) 3 Glofish (2 inches each)   Is 36 inches tank enough (40 gallons enough), considering I have to decorate the tank with plants and other assortments? The...