Strawberry Rasboras bullying Phoenix Rasboras


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Jan 5, 2024
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Placerville, Ca
I have got a 5 gallon tank, with tons of plants and I have 7 phoenix rasbora, and 3 strawberry rasbora (asked for 5 phoenix and 5 strawberry at LFS, but they gave me the wrong fish and didn’t notice till I got home) I have had this tank set up with fish for about 2 months, and recently I noticed that my 3 strawberry rasbora (mainly one of them) were absolutely bullying my all my phoenix rasbora, chasing them, and nipping at their fins, and just being absurdly aggressive to the point where about 3 phoenix are just hiding in the corner. This has been going on for a couple of days.

What should I do?
So we know what the fish are, strawberry rasboras are Boraras naevus and phoenix rasboras are Boraras merah.

These are similar sized fish both of which are reputed be peaceful. Personally I would keep just one species so they can be kept in a large enough shoal - small fish like these do best with at least 10 of the same species. If this was my tank, I would take all of one species back and get more of the other. Which one you keep depends on which you prefer.

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