1. Nells250

    A Beginner's Shrimp Journal

    HI folks! I decided to start a thread for my shrimp questions and pics. Question #1: If you take a peek at the pic of my blue shrimp in THIS THREAD, you can see she was berried (I hate that term...). Even though I am a female myself, I found the whole thing very creepy! ANYHOO, when I...
  2. Connershawzz


    We could have sworn our female was prego , but since we had a bichir I figured he ate the eggs. This was about a month ago. Today on my lunch come home to show my buddy my bichir , 4 baby velvet wag swordtails and counting! I’ve been begging my wife for a second tank , guess who’s on her way to...
  3. MollyFishMomma

    Fry, fry, fry

    No matter how many times it happens, I always get excited when one of my girls has babies! No one in my real life cares much; so I wanted to share here hoping my fellow fish people will be excited with me ❤️
  4. ella777

    Kuhli Loaches?

    How many kuhli loaches should I get? I only have one currently, I was thinking 5 more? I'm pretty sure mine is a male, I dont want any babies. Should I get more males or will that cause fights? Can I get females and have no babies?
  5. Eardz

    Panda Corydoras Eggs

    Hi all, I found a few eggs from my panda Corydoras, I’ve never seen them breed and this is the first time I have seen eggs. Should I do anything special? I have just separated them within the tank for now. I’d love to see them hatch and grow to be strong fry and eventually adult fish to join...
  6. Cloud.boi

    Hi 👋

    Hi 👋 My names Eli Cloud, I'm indigenous and in I'm college to be a Vetrinarian! I love learning and providing what information I have to others. Here's my mother tank My current set up is 15 gallon, however it's split with a divider at a 5 gal for a bully. I have two filters on either side with...
  7. Ava

    What do i do with all these babies?

    So my mystery snails hatched an egg clutch about 1-2 weeks ago and the babies are growing fairly fast (the point where their colors start to peep through) the are still pretty small but there are over 200 babies and I can’t keep them all. I will keep about 20 but I want to sell most of them but...
  8. Lgoldman

    Nerite snails had babies in freshwater

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon tank with mollies, platys, a albino bristle nose pleco, and two nerite snails. Today I came home to both fish fry (I’m not sure if they are mollies or platys, and I am not removing them because I do not care if they survive), and at least one baby snail. I’m not surprised...
  9. J

    Does my Molly look pregnant?

    Hi, Looking for some help if possible. One of my mollies looks huge compared to the others. Do you think she's pregnant or just well fed?! We have moved her into a hatchery as we aren't sure if she's ready to drop or pop. Any advice greatly appreciated! Jamie
  10. B

    Yellow cobra guppy laid eggs

    Hi everyone. Recently I started an all Male tropical fish tank. I began by 4 male endlers and then last week added in 2 Male yellow cobra guppies. I didn't understand why all my endlers were chasing one of my new guppies every second of the day as they're all males. But today I noticed one of...
  11. Jan Cavalieri

    Babies and Mommy (or Daddy) - take a guess on what they are

    These little guys and gals are (I think) about a month or so old - it's all we could rescue from the tank after hatching - we are ok with that because their parents and friends are rather bad tempered and now we have 3 more! Already practicing bumping each other around. Mom and Dad are about...
  12. HalfTailedOwner

    Are these Guppies Pregnant?

    Hi all, I haven't been back here in a while. My dad and I decided to start anew and we have four guppies (all female) in the tank which were on sale at the lfs. Something doesn't look right with them though, most if not all appear to have bloated bellies, and apparently according to google...
  13. L

    Baby Guppies : pregnant guppy

    I have three female guppies, two look pregnant how can I tell which one is giving birth? We found one baby guppy in the tank and wondering also about how long will be between the birth of each guppy ?? Thanks !! Lowri
  14. C

    Baby betta with other fish?

    Okay so I have a little female baby betta right now, she’s really cool you know she’s in a 1.5 gallon with some fake plants, a heater, no filter since it was all a bit too strong for her. But we do frequent water changes. Anyway I usually have a bunch of corys in my adult male betta tank. I have...
  15. E

    Baby fry with defects

    Hi guys, My guppies have recently had some fry and about 2 (of 12) have defects with a slight bent back. I obviously don't want these to mature and continue breeding to pass on any defect, but I can't find anything online about what the best option is to kull them off. What do people tend to do...
  16. pjwilford

    Babies upon Babies!

    Babies abound!! Here are some peacock cichlid eggs we found and incubated. Here are some peacock cichlid babies that just started free-swimming: And we have a guppy that is about to BURST!
  17. BlueSarcasm

    Baby fish?!?!

    i just bought fish yesterday and when I woke up this morning there were 7 little fish swimming away from my betta (for obvious reasons) I'm not sure where these fish came from or what kind of fish they are, one day is certainly not enough time for eggs to hatch. Can anyone tell me why? Also, I...
  18. P

    Oto cats had babies, will they be eaten? How do I care for them?

    First time poster though I've certainly been using this forum often since joining this hobby. I have a heavily planted 12 gallon Fluval Edge (set up in December 2017) with 4 Harlequin Rasbora (all that remain after loosing many and finally getting rid of the parasite causing it), 1 boraras...
  19. S

    Betta Identification

    Can anyone help me identify this little guy? I was thinking plakat but his tail is getting pretty long, so maybe veiltail? He’s only about 1.5 inches now and I’ve had him for over a month. Petco was selling him as a ‘Baby Boy’ but I’m not even sure of that. Any ideas or speculation would be...
  20. Tanya farrell

    Please help with my mollie

    hello could someone tell me if my mollie is female or male , the lady I got it off said it was felmale and was prego but nothing's happened , she has been swimming around really fast today don't know why ? , thank you , sorry about the bad pic , I have been trying to get a good pic for a while