tropical fish

  1. A

    Fungus or growth?

    My fish has a growth on his side, hopefully you can see on the attached pictures. It continually grows and its white so I thought it was a fungus. However I've done water changes, cleaned the tank and filter and given him anti fungal medication but nothing seems to work. Any advice? Thank you
  2. Chloem07

    All advice appreciated

    Hiya, im new to the tropical fish life, i currently have a fresh water tank- although im changing to tropical shortly. I have a 100 L tank- what would the best filter be for a 100L tropical tank? Ive been looking at “FLUVAL U4 internal filter” - has anyone got this or have any feedback? Any...
  3. B

    Convict cichlid fry

    So I have a breeding pair of convict cichlids in a 100 gallon tank along with a jack dempsey and a juvinile green terror they will be laying eggs soon and when the fry are born I dotn really want them to be eaten by the other fish as my local pet store wanted to buy some how quickly can I move...
  4. LuluH

    Help needed to identify a changing catfish

    Hello ! I bought this little fella or lady 6 months ago and it was 2 inches long , I have a 220litre tank so room to grow. It hid for many months,.. it was black and white/nude coloured brain lobe patterning that attracted me .. however... I love it but its changed to a dark and mid brown ( see...
  5. Laurenell

    Identifying my Cichlid

    Hey All I’m trying to identify what type of Geophagus Cichlids this is? Can anyone help?
  6. R

    Injured black skirt tetra with white, fluffy growth... should we quarantaine it?

    Hey everyone! I am writing this post because we are very worried about one of our black skirt tetras. Five days ago, I found the fish wedged between the filter casing and the glass. I freed it immediately but noticed that it was injured. My housemates and I decided to minimize any stress but...
  7. B

    Female Dwarf Gourami Problems

    Hello, I've had this female dwarf gourami for about 3 months, she's been acting perfectly fine since I got her, however, I few days ago I noticed her hiding very frequently. So I decided to put her in a quarantine tank yesterday to inspect her. I noticed a white lump on her tail instantly. She...
  8. Gypsy Tart

    Advise Needed-Veiltail Betta

    Hello there, I need some helpful advise as I will be 'petsitting' a tropical fish (Betta Splendens) which is native to to Asia. It's a black fish with wavy fins. I know absolutely nothing about keeping fish and what really bothers me is that the person bought the fish (approx 6-7 cms) from a...
  9. Ellie Potts

    Fish Food

    Hey! I've been doing a lot of research about different types of fish, tanks, filters, heaters, etc to get my first fish tank (or at least my first tank that I alone own) but struggled to find information on fish nutrition. I'm planning on keeping 2 dwarf gouramis, 2 killifish, 10 neon tetras...
  10. A

    very new and very confused, please help!

    i recently got my first betta fish as well as 3 kuhli loaches. the workers at the aquarium shop i purchased them from explained that it was best to acclimate them at the same time to avoid my betta from becoming territorial. when i was first observing my betta at the shop his top fin looked a...
  11. R

    Who is eating my neon tetra?

    Hello all, I had a 36 gallon planted aquarium until 2 months back which had 15 neon tetra, 3 bosmani rainbow fish, 2 albino cory catfish, 6 guppies, 4 platties. Everyone was doing great until I just upgraded my tank to a 75 gallon planted tank and added few fishes. My current tank had these...
  12. K

    Fluval filter for tropical fish?!?!

    Hi guys. It’s just a query really, we have a 160L tank for our tropical fish & currently have a fluval u3 filter in place. We have 24 small tropical fish in there at the mo. We were thinking of swapping it for a fluval u4 filter, although we’re worried it may be too strong for our guppies. Any...
  13. O

    Should I get keyhole cichlids?

    I have a 60 gallon tank that's a few weeks old, so pretty new. Currently, it's a peaceful with a few guppies, platys, mollys, tetras, and a single dwarf gourami. I've been looking to finish this tank off with a keyhole cichlid since they've been my favorite fish for a while and my main...
  14. K

    Does My Betta Have Velvet?

    Hi Everybody! I just got a crown tail betta fish the other day and noticed that there is a gold powder on him. I do not think that it is his natural iridescence because the gold stuff is clearly powder looking and does not shine or shimmer. I have him in a 5.5 gallon tank with plants and a hide...
  15. Ingrid

    Fish recommendations

    Can anyone recommend fish for my new 60 litres tank ? It is a tropical tank with a filter , light and heater .
  16. J

    Identifying Flukes in Fish

    Hi, New here and not entirely sure this is an 'emergency' or not but couldn't find a "fish health" section on here. I have a pretty well planted 40 gallon tank and have noticed my fish flicking and twitching parts of themselves onto plants , gravel or anything else in the tank. I noticed it a...
  17. D

    Dark worms in my White Worm Culture

    So a few weeks ago I purchased a white worm started culture. Overall they culture has been doing well and generally thriving. However, recently I have been noticing these smaller, dark colored worms that appear to be segmented within the culture. They appear to be completely distinct from the...
  18. Kimberly Law

    Help pleco hurt tip of his nose!

    My pleco got startled for no reason normally there's a loud noise or I sit something down on the dresser it will startle him and then I feel so bad but he will just swim in his house but the other day out of nowhere he started going crazy and ramming himself into the glass and his house over and...
  19. Corydoras_Catwoman

    Tropical fish for a 20 gallon?

    Hi, I have been doing research on fish for many years and have kept freshwater tanks for ever. This is my first time setting up a tropical tank and I’m struggling to find small ‘feature fish’ for my 20 gallon high. Just a note: I’m definitely going to keep some guppies, neon tetras and...
  20. E

    Adolfo Cory - small, darker, lethargic, doesn't eat much, independent - help?

    Hi guys. I currently have a small Adolfoi corydoras which I bought at the same time as 3 others (about an inch or so long each). This one is slightly smaller than the rest, he has always been more independent - going off on his own, and he moves very lethargically and sits around most of the...