1. Barry Tetra

    Seriously?! What’s the point of these lights?

    Hello guys, me again. Today I want your thoughts about these lights that are sells in most fish store, It’s the blue and rainbow light, seriously! What’s the point of this? It makes my tank water looks blue and rainbow-ish, thoughts guys?
  2. R

    Tank ideas, switching substrate?

    I have had this 29 gallon freshwater tank for a little over a year and I want to change it up, the blue substrate has spots on it and I frankly think it’s kinda ugly. I was thinking of doing black sand, but I’m now leaning towards white sand, would this look good? I also want to know if anyone...
  3. I

    General Consensus on Light Levels at Night

    So obviously you want to leave the lights on for 10-12 hours a day on your fish tank and no more, but I haven't seen any general consensus on the difference in light levels between the day/night cycle and I'd love to hear everybody's opinions. I don't know if there have been any studies about...
  4. newmag1659

    Best light for 10 gallon planted tank?

    Hi! I'm starting up my second tank, a 10 gallon, and the lights that come with it are terrible. I have some low light hornwort and amazon swords, but I'm going to be adding some medium-light plants in next week. I'm a college student, so I don't want to spend a ton, I'm gonna say no more than...
  5. S

    Light Helpppp

    I have a FluvalSmart aqua sky 2.0 21-32" size on a 58 litre tank the dimensions are as follows Height:33.5cm Length:60cm Width:30cm What level of light would this be as in bright low or medium What sort of plants would I be able to grow
  6. Donya

    Coral and anemone response to LED fixture going bad

    I have some interesting observations from my reef tank that I wanted to share. For the last few years I've had an AI prime LED on the tank, which served me well until this month. A couple weeks ago, it died in a very frustrating way by subjecting my fish to a periodic lightning effect in the...
  7. ukdamon

    Warning about Fluval 60L 7000K LED

    I recently purchased a 60L Fluval Edge Aquarium with integrated filter and LED lighting. It's a lovely sized tank, but I wanted share a couple of issues with you in case you're thinking of getting one. The LED light is great, and super bright. It does have 3 modes. White, White & Blue and...
  8. Tool13x

    Newbie looking for plant suggestions

    Hello, I have a 55g tank setup with Rosy Barbs, a Bristle nose pleco, a Bolivian Ram and Cory cats on a sand substrate. I have been wanting to do some live plants and I really dont know where to begin. All I have for lighting is the the (2) 18" T8 Aqueon full spectrum bulbs that came with the...
  9. S

    Help needed with replacement hood 100cm x 40cm

    Hi, new to the forum, and hope this is the most appropriate section to post in. I have a LightGlo tank with a twin lamp hood 100x40cm which I believe is a euro size made by Hagen (Fluval). Unfortunately, this is now beyond any further economical or ‘Heath Robinson’ type repairs, and the final...
  10. C

    Fish Light?

    hi! so I just had a question, people have told me that I can turn the lights off in my tanks no problem, but every time I do they actually stress out massively and some try and jump out but as soon as it's on again they are perfect the longest I've gone with no light was only 20 minutes because...
  11. C

    Lighting And Fertilizers For 20Gal

    I have one 18" fluorescent bulb on the tank right now. I would like my tank to have moderate lighting. I am thinking of either buying a dual fluorescent fixture or a LED fixture. Which would be the better choice? The tank is a 20 tall, so the lights would be about 17" from the substrate.   For...
  12. B

    I'm New Need Help With A Biocube's Lighting.

    Hello everyone one! I have been an aquarium hobbiest for over 20 years. I have a biocube 29g that I have modified the filter with popular intank kits. Now I want to get into the latest fad of LEDs. I have always had a freshwater unplanted tank but I want it to look really nice because I spend a...
  13. cooledwhip

    Help Me Find A Dual T8 Fixture Please.

    I am looking for a dual T8 fixture for my 20g long aquarium. 6500K. Can anyone direct me to where I can buy one? I don't want to build my own. Thanks
  14. E

    Light Recommendations For 6 Ft Tank

    I have a 120 gallon and will be starting my fishless cycle very soon. It's 72 inches across and I need some lights. I could get 3x 24inch lights, or 2x 36inch lights. I'm wondering if I should go LED or just stick to good old Florescent. I might have a few plants, but the plant needs will be...
  15. G

    Lighting For 6X2X2

    Hi guys, I'm currently getting everything ready to set up my new 6x2x2 tank, was wondering if anyone had any lighting recommendations? Also been thinkong about getting some of the blue 'moon' lightd. Any thoughts? Cheers :)
  16. simonero

    Lighting In An Unplanted Aquarium... Should I Structure It?

    Hello!   I recently bought a light for a tank that doesn't have and will never have plants, and realized that I have no idea if I should be determining my lighting patterns based on something.   I have 3 very large apple snails in the tank so all plant matter is food by default and gone within a...
  17. NeonTetra97

    Led Lighting For Plant Growth

    Hi everyone,   Just a quick question, I was wondering how suitable LED strip lights would be at supporting plant growth? I have two T8 tubes and want to boost the lighting so I can grow some more demanding plants, I also plan on adding CO2. Another benefit of these lights is they are dimmable...
  18. P

    Led Vs Tube Lighting

    I bought a 4ft tank second hand and basically the hood is crap and made out of some cheep aluminium. The bracket to hold the light tube in place just doesn't and as there is only one bulb I find it doesn't illuminate the tank properly. I want to make one out of wood/Mdf but can't decide which...
  19. CrimsonBoli

    Low Tech Tank. Plants Doing, Ok?

    I need of some valuable advice   So I have a 200L low tech tank, with 2 18w T8 bulbs (6500K and 10000K), 1000 LPH ext filter, and about 8 plants (about 5-10% tank coverage) I have never added any ferts or co2 and have 1-2" growth from the Cabomba plants weekly (is that good?) although the lower...
  20. J

    Do You Need A Light Constantly On When Breeding?

    Just wondering do you need a source of light contantly when breeding rainbow cichlids as how will the male fertilise the eggs in the dark when he can't see? Or can they see in the dark? Just wanted to know as I have a breeding pair and don't know whether to switch the light of in the night or...