1. B

    Green coating on scales - help with guppies

    Hi! I have two guppies that seem to have what looks like green algae growing on their scales. One is acting normally, while one is sort of lethargic, hanging up in the corner. A third guppy has no green film, but doesn't seem to be swimming well. Just seems weakened. We'd been having a lot of...
  2. B

    Dying fish - we're new to aquariums!

    Hi Everyone! Hoping someone can help. Long story... We have a 5 week old 20 gallon tank. This is our second tank...three months ago we started out with a 10 gallon. We had 3 platys and 2 guppies, and one of the platys had babies. 4 survived. We had one platy that seemed sick for several weeks -...
  3. U

    Swollen or Pregnant female guppy?

    hello guys, I’ve currently got a 180l (40g I believe) tank, with dwarf hair grass, other live plants, and some hiding places etc. I’ve got 4 male guppy’s and 12 female guppy’s with 4 shrimp. I’ve noticed a female (I believe) guppy has a swollen belly, eats fine swims fine etc but sometimes...
  4. 7

    Guppies not getting pregnant!!

    I've had these guppies for about 2 months now and nothing is happening. I monitor my 2 females and they both look like they've been getting bigger but there is absolutely no visible gravid spot. I'm not overfeeding as my males look perfectly healthy. It's a tad bit orange/red on the backside but...
  5. pjwilford


    I’m finding this fish has a mysterious white spot. seems like some sort of fungus. a black molly of mine has it all over as well. Will pimafix cure this? What is it?? I have a guppy currently giving birth right now too. will meds be safe for babies?
  6. pjwilford

    Babies upon Babies!

    Babies abound!! Here are some peacock cichlid eggs we found and incubated. Here are some peacock cichlid babies that just started free-swimming: And we have a guppy that is about to BURST!
  7. BettaBonzu

    What do you guys think could fit in this fishtank?

    Hey Guys, I have a fish tank that I have had for a while and I was wondering what tropical fish do you guys think could fit in here. (Refer to pic) I am pretty experienced in terms of fish, I have a huge tank with Goldfish in it and I love them all to much to get rid of them, so Im making do...
  8. D

    White marks eating into head - guppy

    Hi, I have a guppy with a white mass on/around its head that appears to be eating into its flesh. The white mass appears to be mostly on top of the head, and partly under the right side of the mouth. I would really appreciate any help you can give on the type of infection and any action I should...
  9. T

    Is my guppy pregnant?

    Hi, I'm new to guppys, and wondered whether anyone could tell us if the one we have looks pregnant. I've looked online, but there are different things posted everywhere so I cannot find the answer! The fish, I wouldn't say is extremely fat, but has a dark gravid spot. Anyone help?
  10. A

    Guppy Tail Rotted In Less Than A Day?!

    My guppy's tail just rotted completely throughout the day. I ordered some seachem kanaplex and it should arrive by the evening of January 22. His tail are just white strands now and I dont know how much longer he can last. If anyone knows why his tail rotted in less than a day please help. All...
  11. N

    Help with Guppy please!

    Hi all, I’m hoping someone can help me identify what’s going on with my female guppy. This is the second time we’ve seen this sort of poop with her, I’ve read online that it could be a parasite and we have soaked some fish food and garlic today to try to help her. She’s the only one in the tank...
  12. A

    Guppy With Severe Clamped Fins Please Help!!

    I've had this guppy for about a month now and 2 days ago his fins got clamped. I didnt know this wasnt bad so the next day his fins got super clamped. He swims side to side but he still eats and poops normally. He is in a very overcrowded tank. It's a 10 gallon tank with a betta, 4 guppies...
  13. E

    54 litre/ 14 gal tank stocking.

    Hi guys. Im new to tropical keeping as ive always been temperate/ coldwater. I have aquired a 54 litre/ 14 gallon. The previous owner gave me six baby female guppies. I was just wondering if it is okay to put anything else in with them?. My partner suggested a Male Betta just to add a bit of...
  14. G

    Is my guppy fat or pregnant

    I just noticed that one of my guppies was looking larger than it used to. I haven’t noticed this before but my dad has been feeding it for 5 days and i don’t think he was over feeding them. When I bought them it said they were all males but i know sometimes they get the genders wrong at pet...
  15. AquariumFishRescue

    Nice Guppy Fry Colouring

    This is one of our latest Guppy fry. We are looking forward to seeing how the colouring turns out on this one, contains a nice mix in our view.
  16. AquariumFishRescue

    Photograph of our 200 litre aquarium

    This is our 200 litre community aquarium. It is stocked with fish that all seem get along together so far. This list includes live bearers inc Guppies, Mollies and Swordtails, two small Bristlenose Pleco, some Columbian Tetras (some say they are fin nippers but we have not experienced this so...
  17. N

    Help, sick guppy

    Hello, I saw that one of my guppies got a white patch on her back/tail and is moving slowly, near the gravel. She had been an active and lively fish before. What could that white patch be?
  18. guppyfishlvr23

    Moving fish: College to home.

    Hi, I have been in the hobby for a few years now, but I am not sure the best way on how to move my one guppy from my college dorm 2 hours to my house. Any ideas or suggestions? thank you
  19. J

    Guppy with shredded tail

    Somebody please help me I’ve had 2 guppies die and have shredded tails (my other 4 have badly shredded tails too) I treated fin rot and did a water change etc it’s still happening I think the guppies may be hurting each other as in my tank I have 4 guppies 2 adf frogs 2 ghost shrimp and two...
  20. A

    Guppy tail growing weird?

    So I have has what I believe to be a lyretail guppy for about 5 months now, and I've always noticed something wrong with his tail. His actual tail fin is perfectly fine, but his longer pieces have always looks like they have been cut. I though it was my other guppies in the tank, so I watched...