Pregnant guppy w/ probable dropsy


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Mar 11, 2019
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Hey all.
So I have a this very pretty, very pregnant, female guppy, that I noticed today hanging in the back of the tank.
Once I was able to get her closer and inspect, the scales on her belly seem to now be protruding.
And she is also no longer eating.

I've experienced dropsy before but always caught it too late.

60 gallon fairly heavily planted community tank - 78°F temp
7.2 pH
0 ammonia
0 nitrite
40 nitrate

Stocked with - Heterandria Formosa, platy, Molly, endlers, sword tails, fancy guppies, few shrimp, corys, 2 juvenile bn plecos, assassin snails, and 4 otos.
I also have enough filtration for a 200 gallon tank (I over over filter as having livebearers, I never know how many fish I ACTUALLY have)

I have a spare 2.5 gallon tank and that's all I have to use as hospital/qt

I'm getting ready to leave for work and tbh kind of unsure what to do.


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Apr 16, 2020
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Bristol, UK
Your nitrates are too high, they should be kept below 20ppm.
1 pleco per tank should be kept.
Otos are soft water fish. What is your GH and KH?


If scales are protruding, its dropsy.
Dropsy is an organ failure, usually caused by poor water quality.
There is no cure for it, but you may use Epsom Salts to draw out the fluids from fish.


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