1. D

    Finally, I'm set up.

    Finally got round to setting up my Fluval Flex 57L this weekend. Been researching this a lot over the last few months and decided to do a low tech planted tank. The lights probably aren't the best and perhaps the plants I've used are of a higher spec than I think but I'll give it a go. Not...
  2. D

    Yet again another stock question

    Hi guys Was wondering if someone could give their opinion on the following stocking level. I have bought a Fluval Edge 57L (15G) but it's not set up yet. The cycling process is starting this weekend. I manged to find some Dr Tims One & Only Freshwater plus the Ammonium Chloride which I plan...
  3. W

    Aerating Fluval Edge

    Hello! Yesterday I moved my little guys (6 zebrafish, 1 panda cory, and 1 male dragon scale betta) into a Fluval Edge (6g); they had been in a Fluval Spec (5g) together for about a year. They've acclimated fine, as have the java ferns. The design of the Fluval Edge is such that the tank is full...
  4. D

    Stocking for Fluval Edge 46L

    Hello... I'm new to the forum and also petty new to fish-keeping. I've had a tank before (a biOrb Flow 15 which wasn't what I thought it would be so it's being sold now) but in the research stages of getting a new tank. I love the look of the Fluval Edge 46L (12G) tank but read that it's not...
  5. thrujenseyes

    My Little Fluval Edge 6 Gallon

    I adore my little fluval edge and all of its tiny inhabitants (even though it's excellent looking design makes it a bear to clean and rearrange).   I've found keeping this tank is far more difficult than keeping a large one as every little thing ....well, is not so little.   I tried to upload a...
  6. S

    Circulation And Diatoms

    I recently started a 20 gal long planted aquarium. I have had many aquariums but this is the first one I have had fully stocked with live plants, so I am new to the planted tank world. It has been up and running (and cycled) for about 8 weeks and no plants seem to be flourishing.  I have a T5...
  7. cooledwhip

    Cheap Co2 Kit System?

    I want to try using CO2 on my planted tank. I currently have these plants:   Peacock Fern Staurogyne Repens Bacopa Temple Compacta Anubias Nana Windelov Java Fern   Plus a large lip algae eater   I've had the Windelov, Anubias, Temple and Bacopa for about a week and they haven't really grown...
  8. Suleika

    For Sale: Fluval Roma 125 Complete Aquarium Setup Including Cabinet &#

    Equipment:   Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium and Cabinet Oak, including 1x Fluval Heater (Fluval Mirrored M Series Heater 150watt) & 2x GLO T8 Light Tubes (although these and the light reflector need replacing) Aquarium Volume: 125 L Aquarium Measurements: 80 x 35 x 45 cm Cabinet Measurements: 80.6cm...
  9. A

    Fluval 4 Plus Internal Filter (Bromley\london Se9)

    Equipment: Fluval 4 plus internal filter. Comes with all the gubbins; media tray, foam media, charcoal media (charcoal is unused so still active), fine media (also unused), suction pads to hang in tank, venturi adaptor, instructions, box. Age and condition: About 10 years old. Very good...
  10. A

    Fluval 205 External Filter (London\bromley Se9)

    Equipment: Fluval 205 external filter. Comes with all the gubbins; media trays, foam media, ceramic media, charcoal media (charcoal is used so probably no longer active), inlet and outlet pipes, tubing to connect inlet and outlet to filter. Age and condition: About 5 years old. Very good...
  11. R

    Routing Of Cannister Hose Through Hood

    Hello Everyone,  I had a question regarding running the hoses for my Fluval 406 Cannister into a 55 gal tank (48x13) through the hoods. The tank has two similar hoods with perforated cut outs along the back of each for a Penguin 350 (I am using the cannister in the place of the Penguin 350). ...
  12. thrujenseyes

    A Heartfelt Thank You To Everyone Here And Some Pics Of The Babies&#33

    I would like to thank all the awesome members that have helped me get back into the hobby that I so loved years ago.   I was able to cycle my little tank (fishless) in 18 days and it looks amazing.   It's now home to 5 adorable little endler guppies that are so insanely active and colorful that...
  13. thrujenseyes

    Hi, My Name Is Jen And I'm A Fishaholic

    Just saying hi and introducing myself.   My name is Jen and I just purchased a little fluval edge 6 gallon with a couple live plants and a nice piece of driftwood.   A cute little assassin snail must have stowed away in a plant because he's the sole inhabiter of my little aquarium.   I'm cycling...
  14. O

    What Should I Get In My Fluval Chi?

    I Just cleaned out my 6 gallon fluval chi, and I need suggestions for plants! I have 2 mystery fish andI'm getting 2 adf's! (african dwarf frogs) I need suggestions for the tank and also help with syncing a new light switch! HELP    (i will try and post a picture of the mystery fish so u guys...
  15. L

    Please Help ! Tank Stocking Ideas For Fluval Edge 46L

    I have recently invested in a fluval edge 46l tank. Right now it has 2 plants in but I will be adding more. While the tank was preparing to be stocked I was won spidering what I could put in it. I would love a small fish shoal with neon tetras in or maybe mountain cloud minnows but would also...
  16. F

    Fluval Edge 46L Stocking?

    Hi guys, i've bought the new fluval edge 12g/46l and im really not sure what to stock it with. I was thinking some guppies with endlers and cardinals maybe? I know it a small tank you dont have to tell me that. Its all cycled and all the tests have been done. Thanks :)
  17. Kabernick30

    Mini Cycle?

    Will changing the filter pad cause an ammonia spike or are most of the benefial bacteria in the c nodes (i have a fluval c3 filter), should i replace it or just rinse it out a bit in declorinated water?
  18. leah2296

    Leaking Fluval 305

    Hi all,    I had some problems with my HOB filter but then with help from people on this forum, I was able to fix it. (Thank you!)   Then, my Fluval 305 canister filter started leaking! It caused some floor/ basement ceiling damage and now we have to do some re-drywalling. I do not want to go...
  19. M

    Vacation Tips?

    Hey all, I have a 8 gallon fluval tank with a breeding pair of fancy guppies (2 standard females, 1 cobra male) and a golden snail. I saved 6 fry (3 from each female's drop) in a mesh breeders box type thing in the tank and they have been growing beautifully!    I'm an out-of-state college...
  20. M

    Small Tank, College Student

    Hey everyone, I'm a full time college student with an 8 gal Fluval edge tank with some Amazon Sword plants, a breeder pair of fancy guppies (2 female 1 male) and a golden snail. So far, both of my females have given birth once, and I have saved 6 fry in a separate, small bowl to raise until they...