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Small Tank, College Student


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Nov 22, 2013
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Hey everyone, I'm a full time college student with an 8 gal Fluval edge tank with some Amazon Sword plants, a breeder pair of fancy guppies (2 female 1 male) and a golden snail. So far, both of my females have given birth once, and I have saved 6 fry in a separate, small bowl to raise until they are large enough to go back in to the regular tank (water is transfered from the bowl to the tank about 2x daily to keep the temperature even and keep filth from building up btw)
This is my first time keeping fish on my own, although my family has a 40 gal saltwater reef tank at home and I grew up around fresh and saltwater tanks. If anyone has any tips on ways to keep the fish happy and healthy over breaks, or anything about breeding fancy guppies on a very small scale, please let me know! I live pretty far away (aka a plane ride) from my school, so tips on transporting fish to friend's houses would be helpful as well as winter break is coming up soon.