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Hello fellow fish friends


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Feb 3, 2024
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NSW, Aus
Hello everyone,
I am not exactly new to fishkeeping, I used to be the maintenance manager for the 3600L sump system aquarium at my old job, in a big box pet store. I was constantly advocating for the proper care of Bettas and Goldfish in particular, as they are by far the bestselling and least understood of all the freshwater fish where I live, {Sydney, Aus}.
If someone came in for a goldfish or fighter, you can almost guarantee that they wanted to keep it in the least practical of containers.
I am now a vet nurse and have been slowly getting back into fishkeeping as a hobby.
I have typically only kept male and female Bettas, (separately, in fully cycled, heated, planted tanks) and now am attempting to breed guppies in similar conditions (harder water tho).
Initially for fun, but I would love to be able to turn it into a side hustle.
I have four tanks that have been set up, treated and running since Oct/23 - 70L, 28L, 21L and an 11L qt.
I am looking for a secondhand 120-140L tank to add to this set up, because I simply cannot afford it new (Vet nurses don't get paid well).
Male and female guppies are separated, 3 boys in the 21L, 4 girls in the 28L.
The 70L currently only has one comet in it.
I know she needs more space, but she was a rescue fish that actually predates all the guppies I have, she came from terrible conditions and has actually thrived in the 70L planted tank.
I don’t often mix species of fish.
I cringe when I read about community tanks with multiple different types, seems like a big risk with too many unknown factors. The very most I have ever considered combining is neon/cardinal tetrasin a school of eight with something like a female Betta.
But have yet to do it, especially since learning about neon tetra disease.

I am very fond of the Walstad method and am trying to replicate it as best as I can.
Every tank has a filter, heater, thermometer, lights, graduated substrate layers, and various plants.
There’s Java Moss, blue strictor, babies tears, ambulia, rush, and various other plants in all of the tanks.
I have a fluval test kit, melafix, pimafix, varied omnivorous diets, API’s aqua essentials and various other chemicals and filter media.
I have just placed an order for the API Master test kit because my fluval kit doesn’t test for gH or kH.
Also ordered high quality guppy foods and parasite medication, “Para-gone”, and a variety of chems from the API range.
I actually prefer the Seachem range, but the API stuff was on sale.
Any advice on professionally and successfully breeding beautiful guppies would be appreciated.
I am having some issues since buying fish from the LFS that was doing a closing down sale, but I won’t describe them in detail here.
If you’re still with me, thanks for reading this far and happy fishkeeping.
“Fish are friends, not food.”
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Welcome to TFF. Hope you like our informative site. Also hope you enter our contests.
Welcome to TFF! There are many members here who are very knowledgeable about guppies and live bearers :fish:
Hello and welcome. Interesting topic, the Walstad method of keeping a tank. I prefer the "Terraphyte" tank system. It differs from the Walstad in that it never needs a water change. The other method will need one roughly every few months.

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Well, hi & welcome to TFF to start with... :hi:
You can put your livebearer quesstions in the Livebearer section. There are a number of members overhere (including myself) who are keen on livebearers.
Hello 👋🏻 I'm a sucker for a betta 😍 please post some photos!
I think if I had to look after a 3600L sump system I would want something simple like Walstad at home :)
Welcome! I'm a Walstad fan myself, although I do weekly water changes (I understand that she does too, now). I have a decent side hustle going on with my fish-keeping too, but mine involves keeping a tank for a local dentist's office. It seems like breeding fish is a tough way to make any money, but maybe you could make enough to break even and pay for your hobby. :)

Anyway, glad you're here!
Perhaps in mid April, we'll do a Fish of the Month contest featuring Bettas.

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