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  1. WestCoastChelle

    When/How to use Tetra Safe Start for Fishless Cycle?

    So I got my tank all set up. Weights in there now, holding down the driftwood til it gets waterlogged. Got a few plants. It's been running 24h, up to temperature, everything's looking good. Now I want to start it cycling properly. I read the fishless cycle post which is what I'm used to doing...
  2. P

    Fish-in cycle & water quality?

    Hey everyone, First time fish keeper, doing a fish-in cycle using Seachem stability & API quick start. I'm doing 20-30% water changes whenever the water parameters need it, but can't really get into the substrate with my gravel vac without disturbing the good bacteria. That's the problem -...
  3. M

    Me again! Feel like I’m failing my cycle

    Day 6 since adding 3ppm ammonia. I thought it would be showing better by now? Have I done something wrong?
  4. M

    Confused on water testing

    I have been cycling my tank for 10 days. I used the test strips today but I’m not really sure on what they should be can someone advise please? If anything not correct what I can do to help
  5. Sparklehoofs

    At my wits end with this cycle? Desperately need advice please.

    Hi, I am cycling my sump for my Betta rack system. I am using the API Freshwater Kit. I shake the living daylights out of all the bottles before use to avoid the crystallisation. I have cycled 5 tanks previous to this with the fish food method and had no issues whatsoever. This time I decided...
  6. SRbettas

    Setting up first dirted tank, so many questions

    Hi all it’s been a while but I’m glad to be back. Anyway as the title says I am setting up my first dirted tank and have a couple questions. Firstly, how do I know which soil is safe, I’ve heard organic topsoil is best but I’m scared I’m going to put something toxic in my tank? I’m also very...
  7. N

    Fisherman taking care of fish :)

    Hey all, I am a lifelong avid fisherman who is kind of a new fish keeper. Had to take care of my sister's HUGE comet goldfish (we named her Fatty), a severum, and some of those glowing tetras like 3-4 years ago because her work place didn't have any more time to care for them. She brought them...
  8. Yuhui

    Cleaning ick

    Hello, so I’m currently treating ich with salt and Turning up the heat for my goldfishes. Nothing major and most of the ich is already clearly up. I’m still kinda new to the fish hobby and stuff and I’m not sure how to probably clean the filters after the whole ick treatment things clears up. Is...
  9. D

    Fishless Cycle 3 weeks no Nitrite

    Hello All, currently on day 21 of a fishless cycle and have no nitrites as of yet. Is this normal or have I done something wrong. How long has it taken other people to see nitrites appear ? My tank is 80 litres, the filter is set up and the temperature has been at 28 Celsius / 82 Fahrenheit...
  10. I


  11. Alphabot

    If I put tap water in first then water conditioner will the chlorine in my tap water kill all my beneficial bacteria?

    Setting up a new tank and I put some rocks and filter media from my other tanks in to help cycle but I just realized that even though I've always done it this way does the chlorine kill my beneficial bacteria? I always put tap water in and then conditioner in after I fill the water up.
  12. xxBarneyxx

    Simplified Fishless Cycling Instructions

    So the main sticky for Fishless cycling is great but it suffers a little from information overload and that makes it hard for some to follow the instructions. I thought I would have a go at a "condensed" version. This is in no way meant to replace the original instructions but just act as a...
  13. Barry Tetra

    Filter media and Beneficial bacteria myth

    Hi everyone. I’ve watching lots of video on youtube (most of them were sponsored) And most people says that sponges does not contain any nitrifying bacteria and you should have biological media inside the filter instead, is this true? or was it just a gimmick that make you buy 1kg of pumice for...
  14. S

    No nitrates are present anymore.

    Hi all. I've being doing a fishless cycle with my 19L tank. The cycle has been doing really well and recently I finally started having Nitrites and Nitrates showing up. I kept at it for a while as the Ammonia wasn't going down at all.y Nitrates ammonia and Nitrites were well over what the test...
  15. carligraceee

    Stocking a 37g TopFin Bubble Wall

    Hey guys! I purchased my 37g tank today! I will be splurging and getting a tank stand as well, tomorrow. I just set it up as much as I could, I will be filling it with water and starting the cycle tomorrow (I got liquid ammonia today, pure ammonia hydroxide). Anyways, I would like to know if my...
  16. Aquarist2020

    Help!!! Is turbo start lethal for fish?

    The directions say to put turbo start before fish. I did that but can I still place the turbo start with fish inside(problem is i already put some with fish inside and just saw the directions)
  17. Aquarist2020

    How soon can I add corals?

    I know most people say the later the better but I don't really have the patience. I'm at the nitrate no3 spike right now. After the spike is over how soon can I put corals? Btw I'm using Fritz turbo start 900. Thank you.
  18. sweeteybabey

    Strange White Film In Cycling Tank?

    I've been cycling my tank for a few days (with flakes and Fritz Zyme 7), and I was wondering if anyone else has had this white film? I haven't tested the parameters yet (I'm planning to on Monday), but I just need to know if this is something harmful or just a natural part of the cycle? It...
  19. Linkandnavi

    Nitrite constantly rising with no ammonia source

    After a little help here, as I'm non-plussed. I'm mid-fishless cycle with a 450l (120 us gallon) tank and my nitrite readings are making no sense to me. I started with adding Dr Tim's ammonia a couple of weeks ago, plus "one and only" bacteria. I know there are mixed views on whether it does...
  20. primsloaches16

    Ammonia 1ppm, are my fish safe for now???

    So update to my bad losses after the Texas snowstorm. My 29 fish were in a 20 gal for emergency for the last 4 days (were in a 10 gal for 3 days prior) The water just came on allowing me to set up the tank. I had the filter from the 65 running on the 20 gal while they were in there to get the...