1. L

    Nitrite constantly rising with no ammonia source

    After a little help here, as I'm non-plussed. I'm mid-fishless cycle with a 450l (120 us gallon) tank and my nitrite readings are making no sense to me. I started with adding Dr Tim's ammonia a couple of weeks ago, plus "one and only" bacteria. I know there are mixed views on whether it does...
  2. primsloaches16

    Ammonia 1ppm, are my fish safe for now???

    So update to my bad losses after the Texas snowstorm. My 29 fish were in a 20 gal for emergency for the last 4 days (were in a 10 gal for 3 days prior) The water just came on allowing me to set up the tank. I had the filter from the 65 running on the 20 gal while they were in there to get the...
  3. primsloaches16

    My Worst Nightmare- How do I recover this?

    Hey yall. If any of yall are in central texas I'm sure you're aware of the record breaking cold snowstorm weve been having. My power has been out for 2 days, and I had to leave my fish tanks behind when I went to stay with a relative. (Wrapped the tanks before we left) When we came back this...
  4. L

    Moving plastic "media" from cycled internal filter to uncycled external filter

    Hi guys, Hopefully "Cycling" is the right forum as I'm hoping to prevent a new cycle. I have a fully cycled 20 gallon tank running at the moment and the first fish are in there. However, it's running an internal filter that came with the tank and I hate everything about it - it takes up a heap...
  5. F

    Changing the scape

    So my newly built slate decor is ready to go in the tank, but I have to remove the old rocks to get them to fit right. Should I leave some of the old stuff in to keep my cycle from crashing?
  6. Y

    New tank cycle (help)

    I have a new 20 gallon long tank and I have 4 glowfish danios plus two mystery snails inside a separate one gallon container. My question is can I fill my new tank up with treated water for chlorine and chloramine add fritz zyme 7 and then add all fish and snails within the same day? I’ve read...
  7. MrSix18

    10 years into the hobby, and i’m LOST!!

    hey guys! new to the forum as i’ve completed gave up trying to figure out the issue myself, and my LFS is absolutely zero help. currently have over 600 gallons of tanks ranging from 3 125 gallon tanks, 2 75’s, 2 29 gallon, and a 40 breeder hospital tank all in my detached garage/fish room.. i...
  8. B

    Can Salt affect API ammonia test reading?

    Short question, can aquarium salt affect the reading of ammonia using the API liquid master test kit? Background: I have a guppy tank that is cycled, not overstocked or overfed, well maintained and regular water changes and the fish are doing very well but my ammonia readings for the tank are...
  9. N

    High Ammonia levels

    Update 12/14: second water change completed today of about 60-70% of water. Total Ammonia - 0.5ppm, NH3 - 0.1ppm, NO2 - .25ppm, NO3 - 5ppm, and pH 7.6. I have a 20gal freshwater tank and no matter what I do I cannot get my ammonia levels down. I’ve had the aquarium for 6 months and I’m pretty...
  10. FishionistaB

    Established tank filter water

    I know this is a long shot but. I’m wanting some established fish tank filter water to help my cycle. I’m located in St. Louis, MO. Anyone live close? Anyone know where I can get some? Local fish store was trying to sell it and I was somewhat off put by that considering I’ve spent a good chunk...
  11. HoldenOn

    Silent cycle questions.

    Hey all, I got my tank just over a week ago and was wondering how I would know if the silent cycle is progressing. I have swords, java fern and dwarf grass. I am soon to get some hornwort and some floaters. I'm just wondering how I will know when I should at the first 2 fish. I just did my one...
  12. AilyNC

    Few fish in Cycle questions

    I find it tricky to read the API Master Kit but is it ok that my nitrates are so high but nitrite & Ammonia low? Is that normal for the fish in Cycle? Why is my CO2 zero with plants? Why is my fresh tap water showing lower PH than tank water? I'm doing daily 75% water changes and have Anubis...
  13. E

    Big ol' filter queries!

    Hi all, I have a few filter quandaries and could really use some advice. I currently have 2 Juwel tanks (120L and 110L) and use the eccoflow 500 filters that came with it. I also set up the spongers as shown in their instructions. Both filters have started stalling a bit, one a lot more than...
  14. GuppyFanaticxd

    Hi, new user here -- One of my guppies disappeared without a trace

    Hello, new user here so apologies if I am in the wrong area. I have also recently started to take care of guppies, as I've heard they are one of the easier fish to take care of as a beginner.I own an all male guppy tank (10 gallons and established), with 3 cobra and 3 fancy guppies. I've had...
  15. W

    Help needed - mysterious cause of death for all fish. 4 remaining but not doing well.

    Request Help Tank size: 100L/26gal pH: 7.2-7.4 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 20ppm gH: 150 ppm tank temp: 28 degree Celsius (previously 26 but have upped since fish started getting sick) Volume and Frequency of water changes: Normal routine 1-2 per week 25-50% - treat with prime and stress...
  16. T

    Help with my cycle

    Hi, I am completely new to this hobby so sorry if I've made some mistakes! I recently purchased a 70L (19 gallon) tank and set it up with some live plants in it. On the advice of my local fish shop I then added 6 cardinal tetras after 4 days, after doing my own research I realise that this was...
  17. preserveomelette

    Proper way to change substrate in an established tank?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I'm still relatively new to the hobby; I've had a 10 gallon tank for a betta for almost a year now. I believe I have a good understanding what it means to take adequate care for him, and he is still doing well. The tank is established and the water parameters...
  18. Irksome

    Is my tank cycled? Fish flake method with mature sponges

    Hi everyone. This might be a daft question and reading tutorials isn’t answering it. Is there a way of testing my fish less cycle is working properly and is ready for stock. I know that if you use ammonia you keep adding small amounts and until you know it is working, but I’ve used fish flakes...
  19. Barry Tetra

    How I know if my tank fully cycled?

    I want to know how to see if my tank fully cycled.
  20. E

    New Tank Cycle

    Hi , I got interested in the hobby about a year ago and have had a 30 gallon community tank , the tank is fully established and have had no issues with water parameters. I want to set up a small guppy breeding setup, I'm just looking for advice on how to cycle the breeding tank and what size...