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  1. P

    Platy has one cloudy eye. Please help!

    Hi I’m new to tropical fish in general. I got 5 Platy fish from my local store and have them in a 10 gallon tank. There are also two ghost shrimps. I’m posting today to ask about my fish as I am very worried that one may not be doing so well. It has one cloudy eye and red gills. The other...
  2. M

    Cloudy water, no fish, please help?

    Hello, I’ll start by saying i am a massive beginner in this hobby and i’m just looking for some help :) My tank is a 10 gallon tank with a filter, heater, and bubbler. it has four fake plants and a piece of wood, all of which were rinsed thoroughly with water. the gravel is from petco, and was...
  3. Linkandnavi

    Dosed Iron and Tank Turned Cloudy

    Morning all, I noticed some signs of iron deficiency in some of the plants in my 200 gallon, so I ordered an iron supplement (Easy Life Ferro - I use their ferts without issue). It's phosphate and nitrate free. I added just under the recommended amount and within a couple of minutes the water...
  4. S

    Tank disease?

    Hi, I know it’s a blurry picture but can anyone identify what is happening in my goldfish tank? I am at a total loss. It’s a 70 gallon. Here is the back story. I have had this specific goldfish tank for over 2 years, have been keeping fish my whole life, and have many other tanks in my house...
  5. bettafishlover86

    What is wrong with my water?

    This is the trail I made in the water with my feeding spoon. The top of the water is cloudy and I can make a trail in it. Any ideas of what is going on in my tank?
  6. Falconwithaboxon

    Cloudy Tank

    My tank is rather cloudy, an off-white cloud to be specific. It is a 45-gallon tank with a Tetra Whisper 60 IQ. The readings are just as they should be, straight 0s and a PH of 7.4 at 80 degrees. I am using rocks and driftwood I found at a local park. Could it be those releasing something? Could...
  7. Barry Tetra

    Why is water still cloudy?

    I change substrate of my discus tank and water is so cloudy, should I net the fishes out? @Colin_T @seangee
  8. Barry Tetra

    Cloudy water need help!

    I just got new tank for my betta. I put clay substrate in the tank and this happen, can you guys tell me when its gonna be back to normal? (Ive washed clay before putting in the tank)
  9. HalfTailedOwner

    What kind of bloom is this?

    Could it be a bacteria bloom / algae bloom? How can I tell the difference? This is in a 10 gallon tank. Not sure if this is a result of a water change (I do 15% every week) and a few weeks ago I had to replace the filter cartridge. Is that the reason why there is a bloom in the first place...
  10. B

    Aqua one filter

    My aqua one filter does not seem to be working properly. Water looks a little misty and bits floating around, done water change but still goes back the same. Water is coming out of the holes on outlet pipe. Any suggestions folks.
  11. Brendt

    PROBLEMS!! Please help!!

    Hi Guys relatively new to all of this posting in forums and fish tanks. FOREWARNING IM SO SORRY FOR THE LONG READ but here it goes So if I’m not posting this right please let me know where I can and how to post it elsewhere. Now I’ve dabbled in fish tanks before growing up but by no means would...
  12. FroFro

    This Cloudy Water Is Driving Me Insane.

    36 Gallon bowfront with 9 fish.   I've been having cloudy water issues off and on for a month now. Ever since I planted my dwarf grass plugs I haven't excessively vacuumed the substrate so that's not the cause. The filter is clean, I don't overfeed my fish, I refuse to try water clarifier.    I...
  13. FroFro

    Slightly Cloudy Water? Should I Worry?

    I returned from a trip to the petstore after work as I had my eye on one of their new adult angelfish in stock. After returning home with my new angelfish I noticed my tank has a slight cloudiness about it. I can still see the fish and plants clear enough but it looks like I dropped a few...
  14. Ciddire

    New To The Hobby And Have Some Questions.

    Greetings all!   I have no prior fish experience and was assured by the fish expert everything would be okay...however I decided to look on the internet (and stumbled on this forum) I think I might have made a horrible mistake. I wish I would of been informed about the much safer fishless cycle...
  15. FB333

    Nitrites In 1 Day!? Bloom?

    Hi all,   This is my first post on this forum, although I have been reading it for some time now.   I have recently purchased a 25l tank for a single male betta to live in.   I have planned to do a fishless cycle and have been reading about it for weeks prior to buying my tank.   I got my tank...
  16. F

    Cloudy Water In Ym New Tank

    Hi everyone, Im wondering if you can help. Ive been keeping fish in a small 30 litre tank for the last few years and have just bought a 70litre Jewel tank. Ive had varous fish over the years, mostly cold water and temperate. Ive set the new tank up, added the water and some Safe Start and moved...
  17. R

    I Have A New Tank

    I have brought a tank and have left it to run for a week and a half and i have brought 6 fish, 2albino corydoras, 2mollies and 2guppies, the fish have been in for afew days but the tank is cloudy and was cloudy before i put the fish in, what shall i do? I have changed about 10% of the water...
  18. C

    Aquarium Cycle Help

    Ok so Monday July 22 (1 week ago) I set up my betta's new 5 gal. tank. It was going good until 2 days later I put in a water heater, and about 24 hours later the water gradually became cloudier and cloudier. (Idk if me putting the heater in has anything to do with it or not.) Today, it is still...
  19. Trod673

    Persistent Cloudy Water

    I set up a 29 gallon with 2 black moor goldfish. I cycled the tank first, took about a 7 weeks, with some established media, and after a week or so of putting them in there the water was a little cloudy. I added carbon to my filter, and left it in there for about a week. The water was crystal...
  20. T

    Bacterial Bloom ?

    Hi all,    I am having an absolute nightmare of a time with my 28ltr aquastart !! im a beginner having the tank for only 1 year. Up until last month the tank has just went totally cloudy and is very unsightly as you can imagine . The tank only holds 4 neon tetras, 1 male dawrf gourami and 1...