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  1. E

    Converting a Biorb Tank to a Different Filter/Substrate

    Hi, I have an 8 gallon Biorb Flow tank. I've had it for about a year and a half. I love the tank but I hate the filtration system, and the biorb ceramic substrate is tearing up my current Betta's fins (he likes to sleep on the bottom). So I'm wanting to change up the filtration system and...
  2. O

    Betta fish beginner

    Hi guys, I currently have a 30 litre Biorb housing 5 Cherry Barbs. They seem to be thriving and consistently reading 0 & 0 on ammonia and nitrite but I have been persuaded that it’s for the best to give them away. Therefore I am thinking about a Male So I have a number of questions following...
  3. O

    Biorb 30 Litre

    Cherry Barbs in 30 Litre Biorb. A lot of discussion saying it’s too small. Will a male Betta work in here?
  4. O

    Biorb filters…

    Hi guys, first of all I know Biorbs are a very controversial choice but if I could get some advice on the following things that would be great! First of all, filters… Biorb recommends changing the entire filter disc every 4 weeks. Instead, I am thinking of buying a new filter every few weeks...
  5. Linkandnavi

    Positioning an Internal Power Filter Horizontally

    Evening all, Does anyone know whether there would be any issue with positioning an internal power filter horizontally? I cannot in theory think of why it would be an issue. A filter such as the Aquael Mini Pat. A small pump pulls water through a sponge, which then passes through a small...
  6. G

    Biorb questions

    Hey, I’ve just rehomed a biorb 15l freshwater tank with what I believe to be a female betta and 2 shrimp. They’ve lived in there for quite a few months but the owners are moving and can’t take them. I had a big tropical tank about 7 years ago but freshwater is different. This one little fish...
  7. J

    Molly fish holding in top fin and sitting at the bottom of the tank a lot

    Hi all, I've recently got 2 molly fish - I've had them about 2 weeks - and one of them has started tucking in its fins and sitting at the bottom of the tank a lot. I've tried upping the temperature in the tank (its sat at 80*f) and have done 2 water changes since I got them. I'm currently...
  8. MortisiaDowler

    Stocking 30L Biorb Tube

    Hello everyone, My husband bought a Biorb Tube 30L and we are cycling it now. We have two sailfin mollies in there. We were wondering what fish would be more suitable for this tank? We were thinking of guppies, rummy nose, neon tetras or cardinal tetras, glowlight tetras but we don't know if...
  9. MortisiaDowler

    New to Fish Cycling- Please Help

    Hello everyone! Well I have a few questions as my husband messed up really bad. While I was on holiday he wanted to surprise me with an aquarium. He went to Pets At Home and bought a 30L Biorb Tube. They advised him from the pet shop to fill it up and add the Water Conditioner and the...
  10. M

    Converting a 30L Biorb Life

    Hi All, Newbie to the forum here, go easy ;) Yes I made the same silly mistake a lot of people do and got myself a 30L Biorb. It's a Biorb Life though, so not quite as bad as the orb ones, or so I hear. I have one Betta and 5 Nerite snails. In some respects all seems to be going well, Sashimi...
  11. S

    Is biOrb FLOW substrate safe for mystery snails?

    I just recently bought and set-up an 8 gal biOrb FLOW tank. I have had tanks (10gal and 30gal) in the past; however this is my first "fancy" tank. Right now my plan is to have live plants and one betta... MAYBE a small school of neon tetra. I would love to add two mystery snails; however, I have...
  12. K

    Filter Mod for Biorb tank (rectangular tank)

    Does anyone have any experience of moding BIORB tanks? I have Biorb "Life" 45 Litre (10 Gallon) tank.(rectangular). These have under gravel filter which is not efficient. So I've bought a "Eheim Aquaball" filter (normal internal filter) installed which is doing the job nicely and also has air...
  13. K

    I want to put an internal filter & sand in Biorb Life 45 any tips?

    Hi, I have a 45L Biorb Life I don't like the filtration & those large/sharp gravel media,I believe it's ineffective and also the Birob Airstone is noisy it makes a constant hissing noise which is distracting.(tank is next to my couch) I've already replaced the Biorb pump with an EHeim 100 which...
  14. A

    Shy fish?

    Is it possible for a fish to be shy? My variated platy lives in a 30l biorb with another platy, a zebra Danio and a black moor. It spends most of its time hiding either in the central coral or in the substrate at the bottom. The other fish are swimming about quite happily, so I don' think it's...
  15. F

    New 60L (16 gal) BiOrb Life

    Hi all, Used to keep a 25 gallon freshwater fish tank when I was a kid, and now getting back into the hobby after being gifted a 60L BiOrb tank (http://www.biorb.com/en-us/shop/aquariums/life/biorb-life-60/)- about 16 gallons. I've read a lot about cycling the tank, how long it can take...
  16. D

    Stocking a 35 litre (8 gallon) Biorb Tube tank

    Hi guys, Completely new to the hobby so please forgive me for my naivety. Bought a Biorb Tube 35 litre over the weekend. Having read the reviews I can see they aren't the best tank but wanted to start small. I've set up the tank, added a heater and now letting it cycle. With regard to...
  17. K

    Betta and shrimp

    hello! Looking for advice from some lovely fish people!! I bought a 15litre biorb then read all the horror stories and was devastated. Wanted to put minnows in but it was too small. I cried lol!! Anyway, I've decided to house a lovely little betta once my tank has cycled (currently nearly a...
  18. HarpyFishLover

    Cycling a Baby BiOrb

    Hello again! So a few weeks ago I FINALLY convinced my parents to let me buy a baby BiOrb aquarium. It's 4 gallons, so I'm putting a betta in it. I was wondering what the best way to cycle it was? I never really cycled my 10 gallon properly... and I blame Gordon's early death on that. So...
  19. A

    Immaculate Biorb 45 For Sale, With All Paraphernalia

    Price - £125   Unlike most used Biorbs on sale, this tank is in almost PERFECT condition, with no visible scratches. (I'm sure there are a few below the level the substrate sits at, simply due to the nature of the abrasive volcanic rock used by Biorb, but even these are indiscernible. These...
  20. dalisonc

    What Should I Add Next?

    I'm new to the forum and currently have a 16 gallon BiOrb with three blue damsels with a black and white three striped damsel. I would like to add a new addition but I am not sure what kind of fish to add. The damsels are a bit aggressive so what kind of fish would help temper that situation? Is...