1. K

    Help! White particles on top of water, cycling new tank

    Hi everyone I’m cycling an old tank it’s about the 3rd day I’ve added fish flakes and now I have these white particles on the top of the tank. Some are collecting on surfaces but mostly on the top of the tank. Does anyone know what this is and or if it is normal?
  2. Daviem

    My aquarium just won’t cycle so I thought I would ask for advise before throwing in the towel

    Hi, I have a brackish aquarium that eventually is supposed to be a full saltwater aquarium, the fish are brackish until they reach adulthood, the aquarium setup is 2-3 months old now, has multiple filters, biomedia, seachem matrix, tetra bio media, fluval biomedia, sponges etc, I have added tons...
  3. H

    Tetra SafeStart

    Hey I just put the rest of the bottle of Tetra SafeStart I got a few days ago in my tank, the bottled bacteria I had before might've been dead and I heard good things about this brand. Anyways the main difference between this bacteria and the other brands I've used is that when I put it in, it...
  4. K

    Help! White particles in tank multiplying and wont go away

    Hi everyone, does anyone know what this white stuff is in my tank? These are old pictures from a year ago. I’ve since taken my tanks down because of this white stuff, I’ve bleached everything and this stuff just seems to keep coming back. I’ve set up this tank again with just water and afilter...
  5. Christoffer

    How many fish can i put in my quarantine tank?

    How many fish can i put in my quarantine tank? i have in my 50 liters quarantine tank 1 pleco, 1 Panda Corys, and another small fish, and 4 small Panda Corys, I have now empty the tank, and i have put 1 - Honey gourami 1 - small Crossocheilus siamensis 2 - small Corydoras venezuelanus And have...
  6. K

    Possible fin rot or fin nipping? What is the best course of action?

    Good evening all! I have a long fin danio that I noticed today has his back fins separated into three parts, all my other leopard danios don’t have fins like this so I got concerned and separated them from the others in my quarantine/hospital tank. I checked my water parameters and my ammonia...
  7. F

    Betta developing dark spots please help!

    Pictured below is my male betta in the store (20 December 19) followed by his first days in his new home. He instantly became much more vibrant which I was very happy about. However he then developed a dark spot by his lip - starting off as a small grey dot. He was also glass surfing for...
  8. Christoffer

    How many fish keep bacteria alive?

    I have a 350 liters Aquarium, whit 9 kg biohome ultimate media, that I has just finished at full cycle whit putting fish food in the Aquarium, i stop putting fish food in, and just put in 6 small Otocinclus affinis, i dont feed them yet because i want them to eat the algae, is that enough fore...
  9. Jan Cavalieri

    How to get ammonia to convert. Tanks lost their cycles.

    I have lost the cycling on at least 2 of my 4 tanks - perhaps all of them. The biggest issue is that ammonia/ammonium will NOT convert to nitrites to any great extent. So my readings of high total ammonia just stay high I add Prime every other day to make sure that there is no Active ammonia...
  10. HalfTailedOwner

    What kind of bloom is this?

    Could it be a bacteria bloom / algae bloom? How can I tell the difference? This is in a 10 gallon tank. Not sure if this is a result of a water change (I do 15% every week) and a few weeks ago I had to replace the filter cartridge. Is that the reason why there is a bloom in the first place...
  11. C

    Filtration Pads

    I have an easy crystal filter box 600 from tetra that came with my tank. The care instructions aay the pad should he taken out and changed every four weeks and that bacteria grows on something else inside the filter called a biological grid I know that a lot of people say not to change roads...
  12. C

    Wart-like lesion on Dwarf Gourami

    Hi there This is my first time posting here so apologies if I make any faux-pas. My boyfriend recently got a male and female dwarf Gourami. Originally they were both very lively and seemed happy, but the male has been acting off recently. He often hides in the back, and is generally quite...
  13. L

    Bacterial bloom

    I dirted and reworked my tank about 3 weeks ago, and I've got some heavy clouded water on my hands. It's been there for over 2 weeks now, and I'm unsure what to do. I've done a lot of water changes, but it's not helping. I also have a UV filter, but the bulb seems to be out. Ammonia and nitrite...
  14. M

    Please help Identify.

    Hello everyone, So, I've got a fairly new set up going in a 20 G long, planted tank with out door natural wood and land scape as some of the scape for my tank. This (in the photo) is growing on a piece of wood submerged in the tank. Its been there for about a week but over night got a lot...
  15. L

    Slimy stuff

    I'm doing a fishless cycle of a dirted tank. The filter is cycled and has been going for over a year. Since I set up the tank more of this slimy tendrily stuff has appeared. On closer inspection under the microscope it turned out to be bacteria and infusoria. Anyone knows about this?
  16. MyFishKaren

    Cyanobacteria Outbreak Help!

    I have in my tall 20 gallon tank what I believe to be as cyanobacteria. It's a green, slime-like film covering the gravel on the bottom of my tank. It appeared days after I put in a marimo moss ball. I have some questions regarding the outbreak. - Is it imperative I clean the cyanobacteria...
  17. P


    hi all! :) i'm new to fishkeeping and i need some help on identifying what sickness my cory has. about 2 weeks ago i got 2 albino corys and 6 neon tetras. the corys seemed to be healthy. a few days later, i noticed that one of my corys had a split tail and short dorsal fin (as if they were...
  18. Flinkbag

    Need help with Green Severum

    Hello all, I have a beautiful young Green Severum cichlid in a 200l community tank. He's usually very active and friendly, but recently he's been hiding under some Anubias leaves towards the back of my tank, and I've noticed he has small, whitish indents all around his head. These seem to be...
  19. Fish-mates

    What is on my dwarf gourami's side?

    Can anyone help my fish please? I thought the gourami had damaged it's side crashing into a branch in the tank. As the side wasn't healing and looked white in the damaged area I moved the gourami to a QT and started treating with Melafix. What's weird is the white is not cotton like but looks...