1. M

    Molly sickness

    Hi everyone all help is appreciated! We have had our tank set up and running for nearly a year, we have mollies platies and a couple of plecs, Recently we got a couple more mollies and brought with them some sickness, We've now had about 7 die in just over a week From looking at forums the...
  2. D

    Livebearer white tail disease?

    Hi all, After a few years I decided to convert my 30 gallon gourami tank into a livebearer community tank. I re-homed the last surviving gourami and added 4 platys, 9 guppies and 8 tetra. Stupidly I didn’t quarantine in any way and now regretting it (I’m not an experienced fish keeper I’ve only...
  3. R

    Please Help!

    “Santa” (my mother)got my 5 year old fish for Christmas. I have 2 rescued dogs and a cat but I’ve never had fish. We now have a 20 gallon community tank. There is a female betta (who is the one I am most worried about), cory cats, glow tetras (who the people at the store said would be perfect...
  4. D

    White fungus?

    I have a white fungus type thing growing on the plastic, can anyone tell me what it is and how to get rid, I don’t want it to harm my fish. Thanks in advance!
  5. O

    white stringy in aquarium

    not sure if you can see very well but there is white string like substance in the tank what is it and is it safe?
  6. FrezhFinz

    Can anyone help me identify this on my driftwood??

    I have a 40 gallon tank and I just recently set it up a week ago I have a weird bacteria or fungus growing on it can anyone help me identify what it is and how I can prevent it from spreading also can it be harmful to my fish if I don’t react to it? Also if you have any general tips for...
  7. syren

    Flesh eating bacteria???

    Title is an attention grabber, I know, but I am back again after having minimal issues with Grosso! (insert massive sigh here) I got sick of the 10 gallon shortly after experiencing back to back canister issues and it almost killing him, so shortly after I upgraded to a 36G and things have been...
  8. V

    Cleaned filter with tap water

    I already cleaned out my filter with tap water, but afterwards was told not to do that because it rids beneficial bacteria. But there's other items in the tank that can have good bacteria too right? Like the decor, plants, and gravel hasn't been messed with. What effect will this have on my...
  9. Tl52505

    Beneficial bacteria

    I just completely redid my 40 gal tank after most of my fish died from ich. I took water from that tank and put it into my old 10 gal for now, but it started to turn slightly green. My stepdad who keeps fish said I should put that water back in because it had beneficial bacteria that the fish...
  10. S

    Tank disease?

    Hi, I know it’s a blurry picture but can anyone identify what is happening in my goldfish tank? I am at a total loss. It’s a 70 gallon. Here is the back story. I have had this specific goldfish tank for over 2 years, have been keeping fish my whole life, and have many other tanks in my house...
  11. D


    Hi we have just had our whole tank wiped out in a couple of days. First signs of stress were on Friday evening when they didn't eat. Then we treated with wide spectrum treatment but over the weekend they have all turned belly up! From what I can see it was columnaris bacterial infection as the...
  12. Meg0000

    Filter or not?

    Hi, I would like to know if It's better to remove my filter on my 10g at this point. It's an interal filter but I stopped it about a month ago because of the sound. I only have 8 ember tetras and 2 small shrimps with a bunch of plants. The thing is I don't know if the bacteria are still alive...
  13. Mollyforever

    Fishless cycling and low nitrite!

    Hello everyone! You can skip the first few paragraphs of my fish history since its too long but I need help with my fishless cycling!! I have a 10G tank that originally started with 5 mollies. After two months, three of them got sick and died one after another. The reasonthat I can think of...
  14. sweeteybabey

    Strange White Film In Cycling Tank?

    I've been cycling my tank for a few days (with flakes and Fritz Zyme 7), and I was wondering if anyone else has had this white film? I haven't tested the parameters yet (I'm planning to on Monday), but I just need to know if this is something harmful or just a natural part of the cycle? It...
  15. S

    Cycling a Tank - Where does the friendly bacteria come from?

    I'm planning on setting up a 21 litre (5 gallon) nano early next year - I will be using RO water and remineralising. One question I have is, where does the friendly bacteria come from? Does it need to be added or is it naturally found? (I assume if using RO water, there's unlikely to be a...
  16. S

    Nano Filter Set-up - Plan

    So - here's my plan for my Nano Tank filter set up. My Nano Tank comes with built in compartments in the back for the filter, water pump and heater. Originally it came with a large black sponge in the middle compartment (areas 4-5 in the drawing) - which I assumed was the Carbon filter but the...
  17. Cassiee303

    Sick betta...I think! Please advise

    Hello, I am new to the aquatic world of fish, and I have recently purchased a very sick betta that I am trying my best to help. When i first purchased him(nearly two months ago), he was In poor health and bad living conditions. He had no color in his body or fins from what I’m assuming was...
  18. Kristin919

    Help! White particles on top of water, cycling new tank

    Hi everyone I’m cycling an old tank it’s about the 3rd day I’ve added fish flakes and now I have these white particles on the top of the tank. Some are collecting on surfaces but mostly on the top of the tank. Does anyone know what this is and or if it is normal?
  19. Daviem

    My aquarium just won’t cycle so I thought I would ask for advise before throwing in the towel

    Hi, I have a brackish aquarium that eventually is supposed to be a full saltwater aquarium, the fish are brackish until they reach adulthood, the aquarium setup is 2-3 months old now, has multiple filters, biomedia, seachem matrix, tetra bio media, fluval biomedia, sponges etc, I have added tons...
  20. H

    Tetra SafeStart

    Hey I just put the rest of the bottle of Tetra SafeStart I got a few days ago in my tank, the bottled bacteria I had before might've been dead and I heard good things about this brand. Anyways the main difference between this bacteria and the other brands I've used is that when I put it in, it...