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Feb 19, 2019
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Hello everyone,
So, I've got a fairly new set up going in a 20 G long, planted tank with out door natural wood and land scape as some of the scape for my tank. This (in the photo) is growing on a piece of wood submerged in the tank. Its been there for about a week but over night got a lot bigger. Looks like some kind of bacteria or fungus which for all I know could be a good sign or maybe not? curious if anyone with knowledge of these things can tell me whats possibly growing in these photos bellow. Thanks for reading. MJ~
That is a fungus. A trained microbiologist could examine it and determine the species, but that is beyond most of us. Some fungus is safe, some is deadly toxic to fish and other creatures. There is no way (other than the microbiologist) to tell which this is other than by observing.
I think i am going to try to vac it from the tank to remove it. Fish seem unaffected at the moment.

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