1. ella777

    General questions

    Hi, I'm a bit confused about some plant related things. "Low light" - what does this mean? Is it the time the light is on each day or the type of light? I have a Fluval Roma 200L, only one of the lights works but it's very bright and looks as though both lights are on. Is this low light? I've...
  2. Guyb93

    Re claimed wood

    Ok bare with me here I know this is a strange one but my local nature Reserve has two large lakes , can’t fish them as it’s protected , obviously Being from Good old Lizzies England They are cold water fish , carp roach perch pike etc but there is an abundance of slate and wood just in the water...
  3. Meg0000

    I have some question about my new wood

    Hello, I finally bought new wood to replace the terrarium wood! I think it is red moor wood so I would like to know how much time does it take to sink because there is one peice that float. Should I boil it? Also I think fungus will start to appear on that type of wood but is it possible it only...
  4. Meg0000

    wood question

    Hi I have some wood but I got it from the terrarium section because there was not any in the aquarium section. It was 2 months ago and there is still fungus on the wood. Also it passed from very light color to dark brown from the time I got it. When I washed it this morning some some of the dark...
  5. J

    Advise please in regards of stock to the tank and plants etc

    Afternoon all, Was wondering if I could maybe get some suggestions in regards picking some beautiful fish for my tank please. My tank is 100L (l)76cmx(w)35cmx(H), currently I have a rainbow shark, x5 tetras & one mollie- will be getting some more mollies soon. Was wondering what other...
  6. M

    Please help Identify.

    Hello everyone, So, I've got a fairly new set up going in a 20 G long, planted tank with out door natural wood and land scape as some of the scape for my tank. This (in the photo) is growing on a piece of wood submerged in the tank. Its been there for about a week but over night got a lot...
  7. A

    Pleco Died, Platy sick? Also wood question.

    I have a 10 gallon aquarium. I have recently taken out all the gravel and decorations as I am setting up a 15 gallon column tank to be my main tank and going to use the 10 gallon for platy fry. All thats left in there besides fish is java moss(i think is what she called it) and a small peice...
  8. Fish-mates

    Dark green algae/diatom bloom on wood

    A change from T8's to Led lights plus the addition of an external filter triggered a diatom bloom. I was happy to wait it out till some black beard algae appeared on wood in the tank. I took the wood out, poured hot water on it and gave it a good scrub. The wood's been back in the tank less than...
  9. nortonmad213

    A Wood Wall?

    hi everyone, so this is an idea that i have been toying with for a while and thought id put it past you to get your general opinion? a nearby shop called the range (dont know if you guys have one nearby) it basically sells everything, ok background done :P recently they have started stocking...
  10. benthyer

    My First Tank

    Don't let the title mislead you, it is my first tank but I have been running it now for just over a year   I have considered putting up images of my tank for a long time now but never thought of it being good enough as I see so many awesome tanks on here, but I figured I could show you where I...
  11. damanax

    Is It Possible To Transplant Anubias?

    Is it?    The reason I ask is that I have 2 anubias (not entirely sure what kind) attached to different pieces of driftwood in my 65l tank. I was wondering if it was possible to remove part/all of one from the wood it is on and attach it to another piece of wood in my 200l tank. Buying them not...
  12. ADW1988

    Securing Moss/plants On Wood

    Hi all,   I bought a lovely coconut shell with java moss on a while ago.. It grew so well and very quickly I had to trim it.. Idiot me put it in my waste water from a water change to get out the loose strands I've just cut. I then forgot about it in there and vigorously threw away the water and...
  13. RSVBiffer

    My Take On An Amazonian Floodplain Lake

    A newbie to the site and was told that I had to start a journal so here goes... A bit of background, I kept marines for the best part of 30 years but a few years back my interest waned and rather than watch the system deteriorate I decide to move the it on. Recently the spark reignited and I...
  14. RossC

    Bogwood And Redmoor For Sale - West Midlands

    Equipment make/model/size: Bogwood and Redmoor Wood, sizes shown in images  Quantity for sale: 4 pieces Reason for Sale: No longer used Delivery or Collection: Collection only Sales price: £10 per piece of wood Postage & Packaging: Collection only Location: WS8, West Midlands Photographs: Please...
  15. J

    Is My Bog Wood Rotting?

    Is my bog wood rotting its like dust on the top of it I have 2 peices of bog wood and one has it considerably more but could be due to its closer to the surface. And if it is rotting is it harmful and what should I do? I have 5 zebra danios in which are there temporally as try where there to...
  16. J

    Will Bog Wood Drop Ph?

    Will bog wood drop my ph I have just got 2 peices of it as I am getting electric blue rams and want my ph in the low 6's. my ph was 7.6 before I put them in when should I check if it has dropped or will it drop at all?
  17. B

    Help Me Aqua Scape My Tropical Aquarium!

    Hiya everyone! I have a 240 gallon Fluval Roma tank with: One Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 40W, T8 One Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 40W, T8 A 300W heater Fluval 306 external filter At the moment the tank is up and running as a tropical tank with only fake decorations in it, no...
  18. David J

    Wood & Plants - Before, During Or After Fish Less Cycle?

    Hi Today I put sand in the base of my new tank attached the filter and heater and filled it with dechlorinated water. I am now leaving it to let the sand settle. I have 2 pieces of bogwood that I bought today and they are soaking in a bucket. I am waiting on a test kit which should arrive in...