A Wood Wall?

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May 28, 2013
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hi everyone, so this is an idea that i have been toying with for a while and thought id put it past you to get your general opinion?
a nearby shop called the range (dont know if you guys have one nearby) it basically sells everything,
ok background done :p
recently they have started stocking lumps of mopani root for £2 a go.
some of the pieces measure up to 30cm by 10 cm and come in all various sizes.
i was wondering, would i be able to get enough of these pieces, over the course of a few months, to make a wooden background but with loads of caves and hideaways that i can tie plants to etc.
thanks :)
No reason why you can't do it; could look awesome :)
Sounds like a plan :)
There's another shop, what was it called now, Dunelm Mill I think, that did something similar and I got some nice pieces from there.
You might end up with darkly stained water from all the wood, but I like the idea a lot! :)
Sounds like a great idea. Post some pics once ur done setting up :)
Ok so bought Six bits. Will post pics later as have to go to a carny meeting first. And yeah alllllll the tannins
So first lot has soaked and sunk so here they are in the tank
Here is the second lot in the sink
i know i was a bit confused and thought that they had gotten the price wrong, but wasnt about to question it :p
was also pondering about doing a sand waterfall as well? any thoughts or experiences on these?
I, for one, love sand waterfalls!
I've got a little prebuilt one; in the shape of a lion's head fountain, but I've never built one from scratch!
I might of bought some more today :s whoops lol.
Anyways. As long as the gf doesn't find out all will be well
enough about my dramas. Here for your enjoyment is
piece number one
piece number 2
aaaaaannnndddd piece number three
Flutter I don't suppose you have a picture or video of that please?
Ok so here is the mess that is the first two lots of wood. In total six bits in the corner
and here is a fts just to see what you guys think so far
I really like it, looks like one big root stretching its feet towards the bottom. :)
Thanks nice to hear something positive. Wasn't a hundred per cent on a couple bits

I was thinking of running the wood across the side of the tank as well. What do you guys think of that?

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