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  1. Hairy_Trev

    DIY 3D Aquarium background.

    Finally, as promised please enjoy my video showing how to make a budget 3D rock wall background for your aquarium. Considering that a moderate sized background might cost you around £300+ ($450), I think this is a great option, plus the benefit that you can design it to include whatever...
  2. FroFro

    Betta Flaring Again, Tank Background?

    I recently bought a new aquarium for my betta, still five gallon but a bowfront that fits easier on the stand, yes his tank is cycled and he is doing fine :D   My question though, I purchased a new light to help a small anubias plant start to grow and it illuminates the tank nicely, however my...
  3. nortonmad213

    A Wood Wall?

    hi everyone, so this is an idea that i have been toying with for a while and thought id put it past you to get your general opinion? a nearby shop called the range (dont know if you guys have one nearby) it basically sells everything, ok background done :P recently they have started stocking...
  4. Danielhorvath

    Need Help! Sticking Background Scenery To Inside The Tank!?

    Help! okay my fish are in a bucket and need to put them back in the tank as soon as possible, I just cleaned the whole tank and the waters been drained out,  but yesterday i bought some background scenery picture that i want to put on the back,but it has to be on the inside because the back of...