Help Me Aqua Scape My Tropical Aquarium!

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Jan 2, 2013
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Hiya everyone! I have a 240 gallon Fluval Roma tank with:
One Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 40W, T8
One Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 40W, T8
A 300W heater
Fluval 306 external filter

At the moment the tank is up and running as a tropical tank with only fake decorations in it, no substrate, just fake logs and fake plants. We are soon to go on holiday, but after we get back we plan to change the aqua scape, getting rid of the fake logs and going for real wood and hopefully real plants. I was looking at red moor wood or mopani driftwood and was wondering preferences? Also the tank has no substrate at the mo. but is fully stocked, so adding substrate may be a problem with the fish in there? Also I am a newbie to the plants, I have kept some low maintenance ones in much smaller tanks, in one it thrived and in another it was ripped to shreds. What plants will do well in the conditions I have?

My stocking list is-
7 female platies
4 silver tip tetras
6 cardinal tetras
3 leopard corydoras
3 adolfoi corydoras
1 rusty pleco

I am really excited! It's so much fun planning the aqua scape and any input will be much appreciated!

(Sadly I'm having problems uploading a photo of the existing tank, sorry about this)
Beyond buying a selection from an online store im not a great plant guy: i would recommend trying the planted tank section of the forum though. Also table your fish and google info one the rivers around the world they come from, try to get plants from those places?

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