1. biofish

    Anyone know where to find fake succulent plants for an aquarium or how to make plastic ones bought from a store safe for an aquarium?

    I just really like succulents. But I know that the paint from the fake ones I find in like… hobby lobby… isn’t meant for an aquarium. And the paint would probably be toxic. So any tips on finding them? The few I’ve found online don’t look great but I’m holding out on hope that I’ve just missed...
  2. R

    Tank ideas, switching substrate?

    I have had this 29 gallon freshwater tank for a little over a year and I want to change it up, the blue substrate has spots on it and I frankly think it’s kinda ugly. I was thinking of doing black sand, but I’m now leaning towards white sand, would this look good? I also want to know if anyone...
  3. Aynia

    Sculpey Clay for Aquarium Decor

    Hey all! I'm back with another question. So I'm a pretty artsy type and I have a few pounds of sculpey clay that I haven't used yet. I was just wondering your thoughts on whether this is safe for aquariums, or would it be safe if I painted it with aquarium sealant after baking and cooling to be...
  4. Brendt

    Tetra tank

    Hi guys, I’m still cycling my tank but today added decorations to it, the picture of my tank is attached. I wanted to go for a natural look and wanted to know how I did as I’m a beginner... also if you think my tank (when cycled) will be good for a couple tetras and if they will be happy. It’s...
  5. goldenclaw

    New here

    Hello I am new here and looking forward to sharing my experiences and also look for aid in the future Tropical tank one 36 Bow Front 1.Blue Gourami 1. Gold Gourami 1 Red tail shark 1 Gold Severum 4 Giant danio 2. Two Algae eaters that seem to hide or got eaten lol ( I do see one from time...
  6. B

    Any Rocks Safe?

    Hey! So I am planning a betta tank. It is an 8 US gallon hexagon tank. I want to put rocks from my garden in there. Can I put any rocks in there?
  7. jessithebuckeye

    Adding New Decorations To Tank. Newbie Help!

    Hello!   I have some questions about adding things to my tank. When my Gold Dust Molly had 14 fry, we had to rush out to the store to buy a 10 gallon tank so we could fit the breeding tank in with mama Buzz.   It was from one fish in a 2.5 gallon to 14 fry and one adult Molly in a 10 Gallon...
  8. B

    Help Me Aqua Scape My Tropical Aquarium!

    Hiya everyone! I have a 240 gallon Fluval Roma tank with: One Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 40W, T8 One Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 40W, T8 A 300W heater Fluval 306 external filter At the moment the tank is up and running as a tropical tank with only fake decorations in it, no...