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  1. P

    Live food for tropical

    Hi all, looking to grow some little foods not fish; daphnia, scuds etc . Amazon say their breeder unit requires water at 28-30 deg C ?? I can’t have my tanks at that so how do you people breed and what are you using. Thanks Paul
  2. KatNor21

    Can water spangles and other floating plants survive bleach

    Hi, I'm planning to get some floating plants like water spangles or frogbit. I just lost several fish to ich and have found what might be a leech in my aquarium before. So I'm nervous about buying new live plants that could be bringing along harmful hitchhikers. I don't really have a quarantine...
  3. S

    Fish cut in half but seems fine??

    Hi all! I have a group of baby honduran red points that are growing up. Earlier this month the smallest of them showed a lot of damage to her tail, it was basically gone, so I removed her from her siblings into my least aggressive tank. Never saw her again and I believe she died and was eaten...
  4. M

    Please help Identify.

    Hello everyone, So, I've got a fairly new set up going in a 20 G long, planted tank with out door natural wood and land scape as some of the scape for my tank. This (in the photo) is growing on a piece of wood submerged in the tank. Its been there for about a week but over night got a lot...
  5. Cameronb_01

    Substrate Change

    Hi Guys, I have been keeping Discus, (9 of them), in my 450L planted tank now for just over 6 months and it has been going great. However, in order to achieve the look I envisaged for the tank I have my heart set on completely swapping my current gravel substrate for "Amazonia". How should I go...
  6. T

    Questions About Clown Loaches

    I have a 55 gallon tank with guppies, blood eyed tetras, danios, 2 yo-yo loaches, a school of neons, and one red wag platy. I want to add one pleco and some ottos. The last addition I want to add is ether a clown loach, or some snails. I was wondering if I could add both so what type of snails...
  7. Cameronb_01

    Live Aquatics Plants Help

    Hi Guys, I have just begun landscaping my new Rio Juwel 400. So far I have put in one rock, a large piece of wood and four live plants. Everything was going fine, until, having cycled my tank I put in as a start two one month old baby Mollies. I feed them and everything but they are eating away...
  8. AeonMapa

    Feeding Cichlids Earthworms

    Hi does anyone here have a good idea of how much earthworms can be given to new world cichlids? I know that bloodworms should be fed in moderation because they can cause constipation and such, but what about red wriggler worms? I feed them live or newly chopped up. Below are my cichlids and...
  9. Liv15

    Is Guppy Fry Sufficient Live Food?

    So I have 4 male guppies in my tank and I was thinking that I could get a few females which would then breed and have babies. I would leave them in the community tank to do this because I thought it would be a good way of providing live food for the other fish? So will this work and would the...
  10. LicianDragon

    Where To Buy Freshwater Live Copepods?

    I'm trying to get a culture of freshwater copepods going for my fish but I can't seem to find any site that sells them live, they're all marine! I've not had very much luck finding them outside either, though it might just be to early in the season.   Anyone know of a site that sells LIVE...
  11. David J

    Help For A Nervous Newbie

    Hi I have just taken delivery of my first tropical aquarium, a Fluval Roma 90L. i have spent a few weeks reading up on fish and have a fair idea what stock i want but now need to gravel/sand, decoration and plants. FYI, these are the fish I'm hoping to add. Neon tetras, dwarf gourami...