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Mar 22, 2016
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Hello all,

I have a beautiful young Green Severum cichlid in a 200l community tank. He's usually very active and friendly, but recently he's been hiding under some Anubias leaves towards the back of my tank, and I've noticed he has small, whitish indents all around his head. These seem to be becoming more numerous as time goes by, and I strongly suspect its the dreaded Hole in the Head. I do have a piece of driftwood that could be something he is ramming his head into, thus opening up wounds, but it's a little hard to tell whats causing this.

I have been monitoring him, and he seems healthy enough. He still eats like a pig, and swims freely, but I just can't be sure if he has HitH. I've attached some pictures below (I do apologise about the low quality, he was swimming around so quickly!) to see what you make of it.

I do a 30% water change weekly, and sometimes I do a 20% WC biweekly. From what I can see with all his other tank mates, they're all very happy and healthy. Filtration is a 350 eheim classic, which I cleaned less than a month ago. Temperature is around 26-27 degrees celsius. Tank is pretty spotless with very clear water. Water parameters are:

PH: 7.5
GH: 150ish
Nitrate: 20ppm (max)
Nitrite: 0ppm
Ammonia: 0ppm
) snape 1.jpgsnape2.jpgsnape3.jpg

Any advice would be most appreciated on whether you think I need to isolate him and treat him appropriately.


Sophie :)

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