1. JemZ

    Injured Swordtail

    Hey everyone I believe my swordtail has sustained an injury from my Chinese Algae Eater. Ever since I moved my pregnant platy to her own aquarium the swordtail has become almost entranced by the CAE. He'll swim around his house and poke his head inside and sometimes I think he may be displaying...
  2. C

    Confusion, is my swordtail a swordtail and is it male or female?

    Hi All, I’m new to this so go easy on me! Last week I bought 3 female swordtails to go with my current male swordtail. Unfortunately 2 died and this is the last one however I am super confused. It has a gonopodium, suggesting it is a male however it doesn’t have a long sword. It’s rather large...
  3. Barry Tetra

    My new swordtail

    Hello TFF, My friend just give me this swordtail, He is over 3.8 inches long. (Cant see well from a picture)
  4. F

    Swordtail is sick?

    I know something is wrong with my swordtail but I don’t know what is up. One week ago I cleaned their tank as I usually do. A couple days after that I noticed the swordtail was hanging on on the bottom of the tank, which was abnormal because he usually sleeps in the middle of the tank. He did...
  5. I

    Ideal temperature/tank requirements for encouraging livebearer pregnancy

    I currently have a number of platies, mollies, and a swordtail in a 55g community tank with a number of other fish set at 78 F. Is this an ideal temperature to encourage pregnancy or should I increase it to 79 or 80 degrees? I'll likely place any pregnant fish in a breeder net and then transfer...
  6. I

    Will swordtails shoal with mollies or platies?

    I currently have a 55 gallon tank with a bumblebee platy, 4 mollies (2 white LT, 1 black LT, 1 gold dust), some danios, a rainbow shark, 2 juvie clown loaches (will be moved to a larger tank in a couple months likely), a gourami, 2 panda corys, and 2 peppered corys. I recently went to my LFS to...
  7. T

    Something is very wrong in my tank

    Ok. This gon be long. I tried to get good pictures, but fish b fish ukno I've had 5 (6, but one died already from whatever it is that's wrong) female guppies since january. I bought them online from a good seller. They came healthy (and preggo :D), totally fine these past few months. They were...
  8. Barry Tetra

    My swordtails pregnant what should I do?

    I think fries will born in about 2 weeks, should I put my swordtail mother in the QT tank? the main tank have rams in it they might eat the fries, so what should I do?
  9. Barry Tetra

    Are they pregnant?

    Can you guys tell if my swordtails are pregnant?
  10. C


    I have a female swordtail who developed a gravid spot a while back however she has had this for far longer than a normal gestation period. I am assuming she has had the gravid spot for more than a month and a half now. She was once more or less roundish and is now seeming to get slimmer. Does...
  11. C

    Question regarding Swordtails.

    I have a group of swordtails in a tank at the moment 1 male and 5 females in a 35 gallon tank. One of my neon swords is possibly gravid at this point and I have a question regarding water temperatures. Does anybody have any information in regards to the best water temperatures to keep the tank...
  12. AquariumFishRescue

    Photograph of our 200 litre aquarium

    This is our 200 litre community aquarium. It is stocked with fish that all seem get along together so far. This list includes live bearers inc Guppies, Mollies and Swordtails, two small Bristlenose Pleco, some Columbian Tetras (some say they are fin nippers but we have not experienced this so...
  13. V

    Too many male swordtails?

    Hi everyone, For various reasons, we've ended up with swordtail sex combinations that don't work very well with our tank combination... We have four young, but mature swordtails in a 60L tank, two females and two males. One of the males pesters the other, so he hides all the time. In our...
  14. S

    Urgent help needed! Fish dying...

    Hi, About one week ago, one of my fish (female blue ram) had passed away with little warning along with a new SAE (which was expected as it was new). That is where i thought it would end, but no. Yesterday, whilst doing my daily feed, I noticed one of my swordtails floating lethargically on...
  15. V

    Dealing with ich on a swordtail

    Hi everyone, I have a female swordtail who was a bit stressed in our community tank (we have two male swordtails and one female), so I moved her so a small planted tank on her own. She immediately seemed happier there, but came down with a case of ich, though there were only a few spots. I'm...
  16. V

    Swordtail fry

    We've got three of these little guys & my son is so pleased, you'd think he was the father. :hooray:
  17. V

    Swordtail sex, easy, right?

    My son got a fish tank for Christmas. It has been populated with plants, snails, 7 cories and 3 swordtails for a couple of months, now and the fish all seem happy. Here's the part about the sex of the swordtails... We bought what I thought were two females and one male. I honestly thought...
  18. V

    water changes in a tank with fry in it

    Hi everyone, We have at least one swordtail fry in our tank, and I was wondering if we should do normal weekly water changes. I'm a little worried about harming or stressing the little one(s). We have a planted 125L tank with 7 small cories, 3 adult swordtails, snails, and the fry. The...
  19. B

    Swordtail pregnancy??

    Hiya, My male swordtail was the first fish that I got for my tank and I have recently added to females to the tank for some company from of his 'own kind' per say. Anyway, long story short, I think my one female swordtail is pregnant as she is significantly bigger than the other female. I'm...
  20. Chris1075

    Male Swordtails

    Looking to improve my male swordtails environment. I have three males and no females. I wasn't informed at the time of purchase about males needing females. I wasn't looking to bread and thought that three males would be a good addition to my aquarium. Now reading about them I find that I...