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  1. R

    Help, Emergency fry tank setup

    So I’m in a bit of a pickle. I’m wondering if someone can give me some advice. I have a pregnant swordtail in my 20gallon community tank and I also have a pair of (what I believe to be) sunset thicklipped gourami’s, which up until yesterday were in my community tank. However a couple of fish had...
  2. R

    Possible pregnant swordtail

    Hi I’m new to fish keeping and I’m thinking one of my swordtail are pregnant? I’m wondering if anyone could confirm this and possible know roughly how long it will be until she has fry? Thanks in advance:)
  3. D

    My weird Guppy!

    Good Morning!! I’m new to this forum and very excited to be here. I’ve been keeping fish for many many years and now only keep one thirty gallon tank. I have this unusual male guppy that has a triple swordtail. Has anyone seen a guppy like this?
  4. Katemine

    Nursery tank is finally complete.

    10 gal set up for live bearing mothers and their fry. No males allowed. Non pregnant females and males are kept in a studding tank. I love this hobby. It is keeping ke very happy. Let me know what you think of it.
  5. Couwu

    Guppies seem afraid of new Tank mates

    EDIT: 30.05.22 So, I am not sure if the tetra has/had lockjaw in the firdt place? Is there perhaps something similar to lockjaw? When we got him, his mouth was wide open and he could only move it a little bit. Now after a week of treatment, isolation and a clean hospital tank, his mouth can...
  6. oacason27


    I bought a few swordtails online. This male has a raised tan nodule on it's fin. He seems healthy otherwise. Any idea what it is? I asked the seller and they said it looked like his coloring...but it's clearly a raised bump. The new fish are in quarantine so no worries there. No issues with the...
  7. G

    Possibly pregnant Swordtail help!!

    Fat or pregnant swordtail ?? Is she is pregnant how much longer do you think until babies? … so sorry she is pooping😂 It’s a koi female swordtail and I also have a male koi swordtail I have another post too today for a platy if u can help with that too won’t let me put vids so they are blurry
  8. xipo817

    About genetics of platy and swordtail

    I am planning to make albino platy by crossing platy and albino swordtail. I know the oncogene xmrk located in X and Y chromosome in platy might cause tumor in hybrid if I am not careful enough. I heard those tumor is melanoma and its progenitor is only macromelanophore. So my question is...
  9. R

    60 litres: Single male swordtail with or without guppies

    Hello Everyone I have 60 litres (13.2 gallon) tank with a group of Endler guppies in. They are doing great but of course, there is a problem of the rapidly growing population I would like to control. I bought 4 of them and now I have around 15 adults and lots of youngsters/fry. I always liked...
  10. M

    Livebearers not breeding-suggestions?

    Hi everyone, Apologies for the long winded post, but I want to give as much information as I can to hopefully get the best answers possible. I currently have a 20 gallon tank set up. I’ve kept tanks on and off for years. This tank was set up in November. It contains livebearers as well as live...
  11. JemZ

    Injured Swordtail

    Hey everyone I believe my swordtail has sustained an injury from my Chinese Algae Eater. Ever since I moved my pregnant platy to her own aquarium the swordtail has become almost entranced by the CAE. He'll swim around his house and poke his head inside and sometimes I think he may be displaying...
  12. C

    Confusion, is my swordtail a swordtail and is it male or female?

    Hi All, I’m new to this so go easy on me! Last week I bought 3 female swordtails to go with my current male swordtail. Unfortunately 2 died and this is the last one however I am super confused. It has a gonopodium, suggesting it is a male however it doesn’t have a long sword. It’s rather large...
  13. Barry Tetra

    My new swordtail

    Hello TFF, My friend just give me this swordtail, He is over 3.8 inches long. (Cant see well from a picture)
  14. F

    Swordtail is sick?

    I know something is wrong with my swordtail but I don’t know what is up. One week ago I cleaned their tank as I usually do. A couple days after that I noticed the swordtail was hanging on on the bottom of the tank, which was abnormal because he usually sleeps in the middle of the tank. He did...
  15. I

    Ideal temperature/tank requirements for encouraging livebearer pregnancy

    I currently have a number of platies, mollies, and a swordtail in a 55g community tank with a number of other fish set at 78 F. Is this an ideal temperature to encourage pregnancy or should I increase it to 79 or 80 degrees? I'll likely place any pregnant fish in a breeder net and then transfer...
  16. I

    Will swordtails shoal with mollies or platies?

    I currently have a 55 gallon tank with a bumblebee platy, 4 mollies (2 white LT, 1 black LT, 1 gold dust), some danios, a rainbow shark, 2 juvie clown loaches (will be moved to a larger tank in a couple months likely), a gourami, 2 panda corys, and 2 peppered corys. I recently went to my LFS to...
  17. T

    Something is very wrong in my tank

    Ok. This gon be long. I tried to get good pictures, but fish b fish ukno I've had 5 (6, but one died already from whatever it is that's wrong) female guppies since january. I bought them online from a good seller. They came healthy (and preggo :D), totally fine these past few months. They were...
  18. Barry Tetra

    My swordtails pregnant what should I do?

    I think fries will born in about 2 weeks, should I put my swordtail mother in the QT tank? the main tank have rams in it they might eat the fries, so what should I do?
  19. Barry Tetra

    Are they pregnant?

    Can you guys tell if my swordtails are pregnant?
  20. C


    I have a female swordtail who developed a gravid spot a while back however she has had this for far longer than a normal gestation period. I am assuming she has had the gravid spot for more than a month and a half now. She was once more or less roundish and is now seeming to get slimmer. Does...