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  1. C

    Question regarding Swordtails.

    I have a group of swordtails in a tank at the moment 1 male and 5 females in a 35 gallon tank. One of my neon swords is possibly gravid at this point and I have a question regarding water temperatures. Does anybody have any information in regards to the best water temperatures to keep the tank...
  2. AquariumFishRescue

    Photograph of our 200 litre aquarium

    This is our 200 litre community aquarium. It is stocked with fish that all seem get along together so far. This list includes live bearers inc Guppies, Mollies and Swordtails, two small Bristlenose Pleco, some Columbian Tetras (some say they are fin nippers but we have not experienced this so...
  3. V

    Too many male swordtails?

    Hi everyone, For various reasons, we've ended up with swordtail sex combinations that don't work very well with our tank combination... We have four young, but mature swordtails in a 60L tank, two females and two males. One of the males pesters the other, so he hides all the time. In our...
  4. S

    Urgent help needed! Fish dying...

    Hi, About one week ago, one of my fish (female blue ram) had passed away with little warning along with a new SAE (which was expected as it was new). That is where i thought it would end, but no. Yesterday, whilst doing my daily feed, I noticed one of my swordtails floating lethargically on...
  5. V

    Dealing with ich on a swordtail

    Hi everyone, I have a female swordtail who was a bit stressed in our community tank (we have two male swordtails and one female), so I moved her so a small planted tank on her own. She immediately seemed happier there, but came down with a case of ich, though there were only a few spots. I'm...
  6. V

    Swordtail fry

    We've got three of these little guys & my son is so pleased, you'd think he was the father. :hooray:
  7. V

    Swordtail sex, easy, right?

    My son got a fish tank for Christmas. It has been populated with plants, snails, 7 cories and 3 swordtails for a couple of months, now and the fish all seem happy. Here's the part about the sex of the swordtails... We bought what I thought were two females and one male. I honestly thought...
  8. V

    water changes in a tank with fry in it

    Hi everyone, We have at least one swordtail fry in our tank, and I was wondering if we should do normal weekly water changes. I'm a little worried about harming or stressing the little one(s). We have a planted 125L tank with 7 small cories, 3 adult swordtails, snails, and the fry. The...
  9. B

    Swordtail pregnancy??

    Hiya, My male swordtail was the first fish that I got for my tank and I have recently added to females to the tank for some company from of his 'own kind' per say. Anyway, long story short, I think my one female swordtail is pregnant as she is significantly bigger than the other female. I'm...
  10. Chris1075

    Male Swordtails

    Looking to improve my male swordtails environment. I have three males and no females. I wasn't informed at the time of purchase about males needing females. I wasn't looking to bread and thought that three males would be a good addition to my aquarium. Now reading about them I find that I...
  11. C

    Pregnant Swordtail?

    Hi there!   I have two Red Swordtails (one male and one female) and I added three Green Swordtails (two male, one female) about a week ago. Everything was going fine at first, but the last couple of days, I've noticed the Green female is constantly chasing off both of the Red Swordtails, and...
  12. L

    Is My Swordtail Pregnant?

    Hi all!   I am new to this forum. The reason why I have created an account here is because I am quite confused with whether my swordtail is pregnant or not. I have read some articles about the pregnancy in swordtail and they all seem to have a rounded shape when if they are pregnant and is about...
  13. S

    Sexing Angelfish And Determining If Swordtail Females Are Pregnant

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a bit of help. I've got two angelfish that I am trying to determine sexes for, I have a feeling both are female, but I've never sexed angelfish before.  Also I have been observing breeding activity between my swordtails, so I am wondering if they are pregnant. I...
  14. nofishinginmytank

    Please Help Me! All My Fish Are Dying!

    I have a 35 liter fish tank. It's well established and has been up and running for about three years now. It was stocked with: 1x Guppy (he was the last survivor was about 3 years old, I was planning on buying some more little friends for him) 5x Platies (4 females and 1 male) 1x male swordtail...
  15. A

    More Fry...

    So I thought I would keep you guys posted since the last posting rampage where I spammed updates (sorry, :P). Anyway, since then the fish got a 60% water change and I've really seen some growth but not sure if they've passed the effects of early stunting... I'm doing another water change...
  16. F

    Will They Live Peacefully?

    Hello Everyone!   Today I was wondering, would my 2 year old betta be ok in my tank? It is a 20gal with two female (red)swordtails, and a single common pleco. They are all peaceful enough in their tank and the conditions are stable, so would they be ok all together? I know that different bettas...
  17. C

    How Long Till My Swordtail Delivers Fry?

    I just got my swordtail fish from a pet store and have no idea on when it will have its fry. I need to know when to separate her into a separate tank. Also how many baby's do yet usually have?
  18. R


    My tank currently has: 30 Gallons. six guppies. Six platy's. Four sword tail. All breeding has seemed to stop, one girl is two months over due and should be having her babies once again, though right now I'm treating the water for bacteria. How long until after they are ready to start breeding...
  19. B

    Is My Fish Pregnant?

    Hi, My female swordtail has been progressively getting bigger. I had a male a little while back & he died. So im just looking to get some confirmation regarding whether or not she is pregnant.   -Thanks
  20. P

    Not A Platy After All...?

    I just found out my platies are really swordtails... I know they're basically the same but I'm bummed out now. My name is a lie.. I'm not a platy mamma I'm a swordtail mamma