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  1. ajvoss

    Fish Suggestions and Tank Help?

    Hey guys!! I have a 2 year old tank that I kind of want to spice up. It's a 21 gallon tank with community tropical freshwater fish. I currently have (4) 2.5" red wag platys and (6) 1" neon tetras. I've never had a fish die on me so I guess that means I take good care of them?¿? So I have three...
  2. C

    Check my fish shopping list?

    Hello! I've recently started sorting out the tank I've had since childhood (The scrub mistakes I've made over the last ten years...). So far I have replaced the rubbish internal filter with an eheim ecco pro 130, replaced the substrate and decorated it with some Java ferns, Java moss, Hair...
  3. W

    Tankmates for Rainbow Shark and Hatchetfish

    I currently have a 40g (36"x18"x15") stocked with the following: 1 3.5" Rainbow Shark 3 Zebra Danios 4 Common Hatchetfish The Rainbow Shark I have had for about a year and a half and he is very calm. I used to have an Angel (re-homed due to aggression) and the RBS only ever showed aggression...
  4. E

    New 125 Gal Tank. 8.2 Ph From Faucet. What Fish Should I Get?

    So we just got a new 125 Gal Tank. We've had tanks for years and years but never one this large. The possibilities are endless! The water directly from faucet reads 7.4pH, but after sitting for 24 hours it levels off at 8.2 pH. Because the tank is so large, we want to get fish (or creatures)...
  5. J

    Suggest Me Some Tankmates!

    I just set up a new tank with 4 cichlids! Im wanting to add some catfish and 1-2 shrimp. So suggest what to add that will go with my cichlids!
  6. xohaibshahzad

    New To Keeping Fish

    Hi, i want to make a fish tank, i have no idea of "how to keep fish", i just want to have a fish tank, full of fishes that's it, i don't want to hurt them either that's why i am asking for your opinion here. the tank i want to prepare is of 8mm glass, the size 'd be around   L= 5Ft (60") W= 2Ft...
  7. Barb-barian

    Demasoni/ Yellow Lab Combo

    Im looking at getting this set up for my 60g tank that is cycled  Demasoni x12 yellow lab x4 peacock x2   would love some input on this combo
  8. D34DLY

    Stocking A 59 Us Gallon Freshwater Aquarium

    Hey Guys,   So I'm not new to the scene of fish keeping, but this is by far the largest design I've done. So due to a lack of knowledge in fish species, I need some help with what to choose!   I currently have a tank which is: 222 litres (58.6 US Gallons) It's filter is the: Tetratec EX1200...
  9. R

    My New 90/115L Freshwater Journal - Any Suggestions Welcome!

    Hey guys! I'm relatively new to this fish thing and am currently 15 years old in Australia :)   I figured the best way to get started would be to introduce myself to a bunch of people educated on the matter! So for starters here's the basics,  About 1 or 2 months ago my grandpa sprung two tanks...
  10. chelsiethegreat

    Stocking Suggestions Please!

    suggestions please!!   Right now, my 15 gallon tank holds 2 emerald cories, and 1 juli cory.   Now I know I know.. i'm supposed to have more of each cory species. I did have more, but due to fatalities over time.. this is what I have now.     I just had a dwarf gourami, that passed due to an...
  11. D34DLY

    Stocking Suggestions For A 63 Litre Tank?

    Hi! I currently have a 42 litre fish tank with 1 male betta fish & 6 galaxy rasboras. However I've seen a fish tank and stand (Juwel Rekord 600) for a mere £30! And so of course I'm going to leap for it, but hey - now Im wondering about the possible fish I can keep. (If I can.) Just to...