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Feb 12, 2012
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suggestions please!!
Right now, my 15 gallon tank holds 2 emerald cories, and 1 juli cory.
Now I know I know.. i'm supposed to have more of each cory species. I did have more, but due to fatalities over time.. this is what I have now.
I just had a dwarf gourami, that passed due to an inconclusive death.  
either way. I plan on getting like 3 more emerald cories, and need suggestions on some other species.
I was thinking about just going back to guppies. cheap.. easy to take care of.. beautiful, and fun to watch....
any suggestions?!?! 
You could go with guppy, but i would recommend having a shoaling fish, group of corys.
so 6 emerald corys
     10 rummynose tetra
Imho 15G is way too small for rummynose. They are very active swimmers and reach quite some size. Also the two cory species you keep belong to the larger ones and should be keept in larger tanks. I would rehome them and and go for ONE smaller cory species. And if you like guppies then go back to them

(Rule of thumb is, the max size of a fish species should not exceed 1/10 of the long side of your tank! There are exceptions, but not with active swimmers though.)
A 15 gallon tank doesn't have a ton of stocking space.  Emerald cories are quite large, and really not suitable for anything smaller than a 20 Gallon long tank. 
I'd say a nice group of male guppies (3-5) and just the cories would be your maximum stocking load.  And ideally, it would be better to have a smaller variety cory, like panda.

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