New 125 Gal Tank. 8.2 Ph From Faucet. What Fish Should I Get?

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Jan 31, 2016
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So we just got a new 125 Gal Tank. We've had tanks for years and years but never one this large. The possibilities are endless! The water directly from faucet reads 7.4pH, but after sitting for 24 hours it levels off at 8.2 pH. Because the tank is so large, we want to get fish (or creatures) that really thrive in higher pH. It seems silly to try and lower it constantly just to meet a certain fish's requirements. 
Also, we just bought a 525GPH External Canister filter, which I've heard is right on the edge of being powerful enough for a 125 Gal tank. Thinking about also getting a smaller HOB filter to add some disruption to the top of the water. Thoughts on this?
African cichlids aren't my thing, but it would be one of the fish types ideally suited to your water.

The main reason they aren't "my thing is because I have soft acidic tapwater
The best fish for your situation are:
  • African cichlids
  • Rainbowfish
  • Livebearers
I'd suggest that African cichlids be kept as a primarily biotope type aquarium.  Stick to like temperaments, and if you can keep to one of the RIft Valley lakes, its better.
Rainbowfish and Livebearers could be mixed, or you could stick to one or the other.  
Lots of color variations out there regardless of which way you go, honestly!
I'd get rainbows, they come in such a wide variety of colors and rainbow tanks look stunning 
As stated above, African cichlids, and also many varieties of American cichlids do well in hard water. You can lower your ph by adding some natural acid to the water. White distilled vinegar is a natural acid, and will have longer lasting effects than PH down or a similar store product. You can soften your water by adding aquarium driftwood, or by putting a media bag full of clean peat inside your filter. Personally though, I'd go with cichlids. We've had an American cichlid tank for some time, and just recently added a 137G African cichlid tank, and we love them all.

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