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What Aquarium should I get? :)

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Aug 23, 2017
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Hi - I'm an intermediate fish keeper who's looking for a new aquarium for my kitchen.

I really like the look of the Biorb Life 30 litre tank. However, I've heard mixed reviews for Biorb all together.

Would any of you have any suggestions for a modern looking 30-40 litre tank that is trustworthy?

Thanks Fish friends
Welcome to TFF!

What are your plans with that tank? 30-40 l is too small to house any fish well, except a single betta or some shrimps and snails. So definitely get a 60 l tank minimum if you want to keep fish.

Don't go for design, go for function! For me that tank is a no go. How are you supposed to manipulate anything inside?
I'd also advise going for a bigger tank, if at all possible. Do think about something other than the Biorbs; they're lovely to look at, but not good for the happiness and welfare of your fish :/ The filtration system is horrible; basically an air driven undergravel that severely limits your stocking, and any tank with a small opening like that is going to be a nightmare to work on (they're also horrendously expensive for what you get).

Perhaps have a look at the AquaNano range; much better filtration (that, along with the heater, is in a hidden compatment at the back) and much easier to work on. I have an AquaNano 40, and a Fluval Edge, so I speak from experience ;)
Thanks for the advice.

I'm actually looking to replace a 25 litre tank already in the kitchen, which I've recently acquired and my friend no longer wants. Currently there are two platys, two black widows and a small bottom feeder.
The tank itself is scratched and I obviously would like to go a bit bigger to add more fish.

Only thing is. The tank can't be massively tall because of a kitchen cabinet above. At the moment I need to keep pulling the tank forward so I can access the lid, fit my arm in to clean the thing! :/
Hi, can you get a picture of "the bottom feeder" that could be anything and it may impact on your other fish and/or type of tank you go for.

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