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  1. BaggiesBabe

    Platy help?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I was given a small tank that has two platys in (I'm brand new to fish, so I apologise for the stupid questions) and I've had no trouble for weeks until tonight. I checked on them before bed to find the one on its side and it almost looks like there...
  2. WillowDryad

    Bisexual platy?

    I have a red wag platy that will not leave my big calico (cant remember exact name) platy male alone. He tries to use his gonopodium on him all day long. I had another Micky male in the tank I had to move because red would dart at him, so I don't believe it's territorial. He likes the female...
  3. J

    Infection caught to late?

    Hello everyone, I am new here and also new to fish keeping. I have two tanks at the moment (mine,my partners). My partner has a 25 ltr tank with 3 platys in. We noticed recently that they spent a lot of time in the bottom of the tank and looked ill(pale/red gills). I did a water check and the...
  4. N

    Platy Disappearance

    Hello everyone, I discovered this site and decided to join, as everyone here seems helpful and friendly. I have a question about a mysterious disappearance. I have a 20 gallon betta community tank. In the tank is a crowntail betta, platies, cory catfish, and kuhli loaches. A few days ago, I...
  5. C

    What types of fish can I choose for my 20 gallon aquarium

    Hi! I have a 20 gallon aquarium and I am looking at starting a community freshwater tank, I am a beginner so I am looking for easy fish. I was looking at Platies and Mollies yesterday, and I thought maybe I could add 4 mollies and 4 platies to my tank. So far that is all I have. I want my tank...
  6. S

    Platy Fry Woking- Free

    I have 18 nearly 2 month old platy fry.Free to anyone interested.Im in Woking.Message me for more info. Sadie.
  7. nofishinginmytank

    Please Help Me! All My Fish Are Dying!

    I have a 35 liter fish tank. It's well established and has been up and running for about three years now. It was stocked with: 1x Guppy (he was the last survivor was about 3 years old, I was planning on buying some more little friends for him) 5x Platies (4 females and 1 male) 1x male swordtail...
  8. L

    Abusive Guppies?

    Well, to start things off, I have great news. My molly fry is growing exponentially and I've started giving it little bits of brine shrimp when the others get a frozen tablet to feast on. I've also found another baby in the tank, an orange one that resembles a platy and it's now in the breeder...
  9. nofishinginmytank

    Can I Put Goldfish Tap Safe In A Tropical Tank?

    I have been to the lfs to get some more tap safe they only had one sort so I grabbed it and came home :) But when I got home I read the bottle and realised that it is for goldfish :/ does it matter? They really need cleaning out today and I can't go back down to the lfs until friday :/ should I...
  10. nofishinginmytank

    Really Worried? Fin Rot?

    Woke up this morning to find all of my of my five guppies except two have got torn sort of ripped tail fins. At first I thought maybe they had just been fighting however when I looked at my platies I saw that one of them has a little tear at the side of his tail fin aswell, so I thought just to...
  11. S

    Gray Plattys Pregnant

    Hey Everyone,  I am new in this hobby, but I am very excited with it( I actually talk to my fish in the morning, and they know when I  am gonna feed them). Anyways, I have a tank with 1 Big Angel Fish , 7 tetras, and 3 Playes. My platys don't last too long except for a silver female that I call...
  12. B

    Platy Fry - Need Some Tips!

    Hey guys I'm new to TFF but I am an ok (somewhat experienced) fish owner. I don't seem to have any real problems, I am just in need of some tips! So I have 6 platys in a divided tank (15 gallons), two females and one male on each side, with a betta on each side as well (hence the divided...
  13. nofishinginmytank

    My Fish Tank And Fish

    Well I have never done this before but here are some pictures of my tank and my fish I am open to any critism I want to improve my tank, it has slowly been improving over the 6months that I have had it The platies The red and black is called Rose and is a female and the calico is a female...
  14. RyanTheFishGuy64


    Hey Guys!   So recently I was surfing the internet just looking at some fish and I fell in love with blue platies. I mean, they are one of the most beautiful livebearers I've seen! Anyways, I live in a community with a lot of aquarists that have been hunting down the fish! My LFS gets them every...
  15. C

    Brand New To This Page

    Hello everyone i hope i can get some hlpful insight i want to add some new tank mates but first ill give you with what i am working with: 29 gallon (high) cycled freshwater tank with following filtration   top fin 30  micro whisper (5.5g)   and the following fish:   2 emerald cories 1 dalmation...
  16. E

    Inactive Plates For No Apparent Reason :(

    Afternoon everyone :)   I have a 20L tank which contains 1 male and 1 female platy and 3 platy fry. I have had the adult fish for approximately 3 months and the fry are now around 1 month old.   I purchased a new, better quality heater two days ago as it has become very cold where I live, and...
  17. P

    Sick Platies :-(

    Plattie looking sick I have a 25l tank with 2 platies, 2 corys and a shrimp. I recently added one of the corys and the shrimp and now one of my platies is sick. :-( he seems to be clamping his fins, has stringy poo and I have seen him flash a few times but only when feeding off the bottom of the...
  18. B

    Betta Fish And Platies?

    I want to do a tank with one betta and some platies and maybe mollies.  Are these good tank mates?
  19. F

    When Will My Platy Give Birth?

    Ok, I can't give a picture so I will explain best I can. She's big and box like and her gravid spot is really dark and big, and there also this white dot at her behind, I know all these things means she's close to birth but I have no idea how close.  
  20. Kabernick30

    Stocking Question

    I have a 26 gallon tank with driftwood and a few live plants   i currently have.. 1 albino cory catfish 2 platies 1swordtail 1  black phantom tetra   can i add a school of cherry barbs and an angelfish?   im looking to transition to a semi aggressive tank