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Abusive Guppies?

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Mar 20, 2015
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Well, to start things off, I have great news. My molly fry is growing exponentially and I've started giving it little bits of brine shrimp when the others get a frozen tablet to feast on. I've also found another baby in the tank, an orange one that resembles a platy and it's now in the breeder tank as well.
To my real question though. I haven't had a chance to get any female guppies yet, I currently have two males and at first i thought they were chasing my female platies to try to breed with but now i realize they're chasing my male platy. I know my fish aren't starving because I feed them regularly and they always try to either tear at his poop or nip at his tail fin. Any ideas why?
I'm sorry for bringing this back up. It's odd to have absolutely no responses..
Sorry you haven't had a reply

Male livebearers can be aggressive little so-and-sos; your guppies probably see the platy as competition, even though they're different species.

All you can do is add more females (if you have the tank space; you need to be looking at having twice as many females as males, irrespective of species) or rehome some.
they're trying to mate with your other fish. Until you get female guppies they will keep it up. At least twice as many females should do the trick.
Yes always many more females than males or the males will chase the females literally to death.
Usually a ratio of 3/4 females per male guppy is a good number, I've found. I recently had a problem in my tank with nipping (I had two males and four female) since adding an extra couple of females it seems to have calmed down. :)
I'm going by personal experience, others differ. It's like any advice given people's opinions vary.
I try for at least double the number of females to males. The females get harrassed less often. A well planted aquarium helps as well so the females can hide when stressed by the males.

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