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  1. NeonTetra97

    Led Lighting For Plant Growth

    Hi everyone,   Just a quick question, I was wondering how suitable LED strip lights would be at supporting plant growth? I have two T8 tubes and want to boost the lighting so I can grow some more demanding plants, I also plan on adding CO2. Another benefit of these lights is they are dimmable...
  2. AquaPit

    What's This?

    Hi I would like some help in identifying why my plants look ike this? Is it because they are getting too much light? ...too little light? ...degrading because they are too old? They are Anubias btw.. New shoots seems to be shooting out too.. I want to rectify this before any more of...
  3. D

    Plant Id

    Hi all, Could anyone tell me what plant this is? Had it for a while now and was just wondering.   The black spots where the roots are growing: can these be picked off and planted to grow into another plant? Any tips for doing this successfully? Thanks!  ...
  4. D

    Rotting Roots?

    Hi, I've got a two week old plant in the tank which won't stay at the bottom, I weighted it down and waited 2 weeks, but the plant still bobs up to the top. I took the plant out (because it was floating around on the surface) and the roots seem a bit brown to me, i'm not sure whether this is...
  5. monahan95

    Why Has My Plant Gone Like This?

    I recently purchased this plant from my local fish store, when I got the plant it was in beautiful condition with nice green leaves, however, over the course of 4 days it now looks like this (the picture attached) can anyone tell me why this might be? I have noticed my pleco taking a keen...
  6. three-fingers

    Hemianthus Umbrosum - Easy Carpet Plant £5 Posted Or Swap Offers

    This is a lovely fast growing plant that can be used as a carpet or pruned into a bush.  I currently have it growing well in both my high-light tank with DIY CO2 as well as my low-light coldwater tank, seems to be very versatile!   Plants: Hemianthus umbrosum Quantity: A large portion, 3x+ what...
  7. three-fingers

    Round Pellia, Huge Portion, Sale Or Swap

    Plants: Round Pellia, Lomariopsis lineata Quantity:  A very large portion, more than you would need for a nano tank!  Will add pic. Delivery or collection: Either. Sales price: £10 posted, but will happily accept plant swap offers instead as I currently cant accept paypal. Postage and packaging...
  8. LicianDragon

    Cardinal Plant And Banana Plant Not Doing Well?

    I have a 20gal planted community tank. I use two 18watt flouri-glo lightbulbs and eco-complete substrate. All plants are doing fine except my cardinal and banana plant. The cardinal plant has spots of discoloration, like the leaves have been damaged. The banana plant's leaves constantly wilt and...
  9. Sophie

    Yay - It Sprouted!

    My Red Tiger Lotus has finally started showing some impressive growth!   Just thought I'd share with everyone   
  10. Nordk

    Plasticy Thing On My New Plant?

    So, I've bought an Amazon Sword plant at my LFS for my Gourami tank, but it's roots are held inside a plastic welike-bucket thing. What do I do, do I remove it or leave it?
  11. Robbo89

    Java Moss, Decorative Or Uncontrollable?

    So, what's the general opinion guys?   Keen to add some to the driftwood in this tank, along with an Aunbias nana, but heard it can be literally impossible to remove from an aquarium once added... advice please!     Also, could anyone ID that plant I have in the background? Cheers, Alex.
  12. DanButterworth

    90 Liter Fluval Roma, Dont Know What To Do Next :s Ideas

    Hi i have a new 90 liter fluval roma aquarium, i have added 5 liters of colombo flora base and don't know what to do next. i would ideally like to create a planted aquascape but never done anything like it so need some advice, tips and ideas. it has an aquamanta efx 300 which has a maximum 1100...
  13. B

    10L Planted Tank _-'-_-'-_ Algae Issue, Any Ideas? _-'-_-&

    Hey guys.   Ive got a litle 10 litre tank setup for 3 months - added plants (glosso and dwarf hair grass) about 2 weeks ago   Using subs. fertilizer and a litle bit (half the doze) of liquid ferts   DIY co2   Chaeto algae bulb (marine 3X3w Led running same spectrum as topical aqua plant req.) on...
  14. T

    What Is My Plant? Why Is It Furry? Will It Survive A Fishless Cycle?

    Hi guys, I'm new to the site, and general tropical fish scene. I've got a 23L Fluval Edge tank, and did relevant homework on fishless cycling. I bought a water testing kit, and am waiting on my pure ammonia. In the mean time I filled my tank with gravel and the first layer of plants. First...