1. Anubias Banana

    Endler came with white something on tail, should I worry?

    Key information: white -something, looks like a ! came from the LFS like this yesterday, must have had whatever it is when in the fish shop no change in 24 hrs I didn't pick the fish out individually the guy just scooped a random 5 out of a tank of lots of them If there were others in the tank...
  2. samuraikitty7

    Endler females give birth a few fry at a time?

    About a month ago, I got a few female cobra endlers from another state...two fully mature, two less than. The two mature ones gave birth to a handful of fry. I don't have any mature males in this tank. Now I see a few more little fry. I know they can hold onto sperm for several months, but...
  3. R

    Possible pregnant Endler guppy

    Hi so I’m not to sure but I’m thinking one of my Endler guppy looks quite big, could it be pregnant?
  4. F

    (Urgent) My Endler has small pebble lodged in it's mouth!

    I woke up this morning to see a pebble stuck in my endler's mouth. I can clearly see it is having a hard time breathing. I tried searching up how to get it out, but all that comes up is stuff about goldfish!
  5. Kelseyghardin125

    Guppy Female Endler Protrusion

    Hello again! Does this look normal on my female Endler guppy? There’s like a protrusion there on her belly closer to her head than her anal vent. I haven’t noticed any behavioral changes in her tho and nothing drastic has changed over the last few days so I’m not sure what could have caused it...
  6. Kelseyghardin125

    Pregnant Endler Guppy - Does this look normal?

    I purchased a couple of Endler females from the aquarium store yesterday. The employee said a couple of them that she picked *should* be fixing to pop. After getting them home and having time to thoroughly look them over, I noticed that 2 of them look seriously miserable. One is swimming...
  7. J

    Clamped find on endler

    Hello! I have two endler fish in a ten gallon with 3 amino shrimp and 2 apple snails. The tank has been cycled since May and all has been well until about two weeks ago. One of my endlers has clamped fins while the other one seems perfectly normal. No signs of ich, weekly water changes, heater...
  8. Phalloceros

    Endlers with predators

    Is it possible to keep a healthy population of endlers with a larger fish that would eat them such as a firemouthcichlid? Say the endlers would breed as fast as the cichlids can eat them they would be able to sustain themselves?
  9. A

    Snail infestation!

    I have a tank with endlers and cherry shrimp, all was fine until I bought a new plant and it must have come with a free hitchhiking snail. I know snails can be beneficial in tanks so I let it stay not realising they don't need another male/female to breed so I woke up to a load of baby snails...
  10. A

    Have they given me a female? Please help me sex my Endler

    I have an established planted tank with all male Endlers, I bought some more fish today from the same place as before and was reassured they are all males as they don’t keep females. I was a bit confused because the first time I bought the fish the guy spent ages fishing out only males but now...
  11. 3

    Should I treat for fungal

    A couple of my females are starting to look a bit beat up. I think it’s from the males harassing them to much. I also notice the females going for each other. I did have a 1 to 3 ratio but some died from old age(Nothing was wrong with them). There is a lot of female juveniles growing up so in...
  12. E

    Identify this endler?

    Hello! Just wondering if anyone has seen an endler like this before and if it has a name? It’s not a good photo, in real life it’s almost rainbow coloured with black markings. Tail fin is yellow/orange moving to pink / green on the tail itself, turquoise on the body with an orange stripe and...
  13. SRbettas

    Pygmy cory in fluval flex

    Hi I'm trying to decide the stocking for my fluval flex 15 gallon/57 litre So far I have decided on: 1 female betta 4 endlers And pygmy Cory's Some say they need school of 6 others say 4 is fine. I want them to be happy but also keep stocking levels relatively low. Also what do you recommend...
  14. T

    Guppy? Endler? Other? Help...!

    So a few months ago I went to a local fish store to pick out a guppy. They had a nice variety of colors and patterns on males, so i bought one, but didnt notice a tiny "guppy" fry that came along in the bag. A few months later... he's not matching the shape, size, or colors available I have...
  15. cmhassinger

    New fry and injured shrimp

    so something happened to my little red crystal shrimp I think maybe his legs and antenna are broken. :( So I moved him to a net breeder because I didn’t want the other shrimp to try and pick on him. He is in another spot this morning so I guess he is still alive! Well this morning I have endler...
  16. L

    Pregnant Endlers

    Hi all I was wondering if I could get some advice, just recently obtained a couple of pregnant endler/guppys just a few days ago, they look fairly along at this point, getting a boxy shape and gravid spot is pretty dark, but being novice at this I'm not sure when to put them into the birth tank...
  17. D

    What is this fish?

    Hi, I got some Endler fries from LFS a few weeks ago. There are two fish among them which I'm curious about their type. They are small and the same size of the Endler fish, I have attached the pictures.
  18. thrujenseyes

    eat your peas

    My little orange sunkist shrimp is very funny to watch as he never backs down when he wants something. Even when all of my endlers start to swarm, he stays put and gets his share. Is this normal behavior for a little shrimp? I only have one other shrimp (amano) and he'll spy what he wants...
  19. S

    Will Corydoras Consume Fry?

    Hey Guys, I've recently bought two pairs of leopard endlers in the aims of starting a nice colony, however I am wondering whether corydoras pose a threat to newborn fry? As from what I gather from research is that some say they do and some say they do not. Thanks for the help!
  20. B

    Which Livebearer Do You Prefer?

    Hey guys! Just out of curiosity and some fun I was wondering which livebearing fish you like the most! I personally really like the surprise of guppy tail colors, but love the overall look of platy fish. Post your comments below.