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  1. U

    Mass terra extinction

    We had three of our four rummynose tetras die overnight last night. The tank has been very stable for months as is. The tetras shared a tank with a beta, two khooli loaches, and an Apple snail. I added some zucchini steamed in a bamboo steamer last night for our Apple snail, which was unusual...
  2. X

    Do my guppies look unhealthy?

    Hey guys, I’m pretty new to this whole hobby and am still trying to learn the ropes. I have a 10 gallon tank with 6 guppies (now 5) , 1 panda platy and 2 stripped catfish. (I plan on upgrading to a bigger tank in a month). And I recently had one guppie die due To what I think was fin rot, the...
  3. Meg0000

    Dead nertite snail??

    Hi, I think my nerite snail is dead. It has been 3 days sinced it moved and I smelled it and it smells bad. Should I remove it and what could be the causes of the death? I have two nerite and the other one is acting normal.
  4. C

    Split tail, resulting in dying guppy

    We have 1 male and 3 female guppies in a newly set up tank, one of the females gave birth to 5 fry a week ago and two days ago we notice her tail had split and it only got larger, she started sitting on the tank floor and hiding away then today when we came home she had died :( the other three...
  5. Jan Cavalieri

    We need a Fish Behavior category- Here is why

    I have a very long post but it's more of an intellectual post than a problem or solution - just want to see what all your experiences have been. A little background, I have ABD (all but dissertation) in Physiological Psychology - it's about how the body (and things that impact it) also impact...
  6. v kun

    How to cope up with fish death

    Recently , my first ever mother fish died. She was a molly who was about to conceive (her 3rd time) im few days. And I was really attached to her. I wanna know how to cope up the guilt....the insecurities , the pain , the guilt , please help guys. Think of me as your younger brother , I am...
  7. S

    Unexpected death of my tetras

    Yesterday one of my tetra died and today another died. I have a 10 gallon tank with live plants(amazon sword, java fern and a plant that resembles cryptocotyne a littlebit) and driftwood. There are 5 pond snail's in it as well. Two days before I got 5 cardinal tetras and 2 guppies for my...
  8. HalfTailedOwner

    UPDATE: My Betta Died... What Exactly do I do now?

    My Betta, Bo, has unfortunately died. I'm gonna be honest, I'm a little crushed. I got him when I struggled with both emotional and physical problems, and it was nice to see him around even though he slept a lot--but otherwise, he swam around and explored my tank when he was awake. If it...
  9. A

    Pleco Died, Platy sick? Also wood question.

    I have a 10 gallon aquarium. I have recently taken out all the gravel and decorations as I am setting up a 15 gallon column tank to be my main tank and going to use the 10 gallon for platy fry. All thats left in there besides fish is java moss(i think is what she called it) and a small peice...
  10. T

    Dead Axolotl

    Hello, My axolotl just died and I'm looking for answers as to why. Yesterday at about 3pm she looked okay, her gills were flared but her tail was straight. Sometimes she flips out after she poops (which she had just done) so I thought the stress sign was from that. Later at about 9pm her gills...
  11. MyFishKaren

    Angel Fish Sudden Death

    Hello! My fish Gill recently passed a couple days ago unexpectedly - and I don't know why. The day before his passing I had a water testing due to an unrelated issue and all my parameters were in perfect condition. My water is also at 75 degrees temperature in Fahrenheit. At the time I had...
  12. M

    General Questions

    I have had fish for about 2 years and they usually all died after 6 months. I always got 5 livebearers at a time for a 20 gal tank. Whenever I clean it out, there is a bunch of poop and particles that rise from within the rocks, however my ammonia levels have remained at 0, as well as basically...
  13. kitta98


    I think I may have brought a disease into my tank. Ever since I last added my 5 female guppies I have had 5 guppies for two male and three female, and a molly in one tank and recently I think I somehow contaminated my betta tank causing one of my before very healthy bright looking betta to die...
  14. Mr.JRosewolf

    Bottom feeders all dying

    Ok so after a very long time I finally got back into the fish hobby I got myself a 40g acrylic filled it with plants, cycled it, had my water tested and all my fish are happy and healthy..... except for any bottom feeders I add... Death count 2 green corys, 1 bristle nose pleco, 1 clown pleco...
  15. M

    Fish keep dying

    I have had a tank for about a year now and I can't get my livebearers to stay alive. They keep getting sick even though ammonia, nitriate, and nitrite levels are 0. Temperature is 81 F and ph is 7.7, right where the mollies need it. The tank is 20 gal, I usually buy 4 or 5 fish at first. I have...
  16. K

    I may have cooked my son's guppies. One dead so far :(

    We bought our 2 year old a tank back in February. He has 5 lovely male guppies and is really enjoying them. The tank has bright led lights in the lid and we get a reasonable amount of algae; we've been told it's b cause if the lights and that a uv steriliser would help. Today I bought what I...
  17. B

    Pleco's keep dying?

    Hey everyone, So I've had this hobby for quite some time now, I started around 5 or 6 years ago with little success and just last year started taking it seriously and putting a good amount of time and money into this hobby, but I just recently have become interested in plecos. They're just so...
  18. J

    RTS Died suddenly

    Tank size: 125l officially but I counted 90ltr of water. pH: 7.2 used to be 8.6 until co2 added ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 10 tank temp: 72°F Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): no symptoms colour didn't fade RTS had moved from his...
  19. fropuf

    Help! Guppy Dying!

    Help!   One of my guppies may be dying! I don't know what is wrong! It is floating in a corner of my tank, with this weird puffy tube hanging out the anus. I can't upload a picture right now, but I do know that the water is 140 ppm KH, 7.505 pH, and cycled. What should I do?
  20. cooledwhip

    Shrimp Killing Endlers

    I have an emergency. I have a 20 gallon long with 3 dwarf neon rainbowfish, 1 albino BN pleco, 6 endlers, (3 female 3 male), 2 guppies, 2 panda platies and 6 RCS and 3 ghost shrimp. I walked into my room to see my largest ghost shrimp (1.-1.5 inches) chewing on something and it was my FAVORITE...