1. E

    First post and my tank

    Here is my 10g hi tech planted tank with CO2 injection. Plants are hydrocotye verticillata, ludwigia repens, bacopa caroliniana, cryptocoryne undulata, lobelia cardinalis, dwarf nymphaea and java moss. Inhabitants are 3 adult female guppies, a pair of juvie/adult guppies, and 6 fry, all of whom...
  2. Davit Gogoladze

    Nano tank with shrimps

    Hello! This is my nano tank (3months) 45x28x30cm ELU aqua soil 2x 5w 6500k led (8h) filter aquael versamax fzn-1 Bucephalandra Anubias barteri var. nana glossostigma elatinoides Hemianthus micranthemoides Christmas Moss Heterandria formosa 10+ shrimps neocaridina 20+ CO2 JBL Ferropol JBL...
  3. A

    Major Roadblocks in First Planted Tank - Micro Sword and Algae

    I've hit major roadblocks on my first planted tank. Photo - Initially planted with Anubias nana 'petite', Java fern, Micro Swords and Scarlet Temple. The swords and temple are planted in EcoComplete with no root tabs. The white sand portion is Caribsea Super...
  4. E

    Best CO2 system for about £100?

    Title. Hi guys, wanted to know if there are any decent CO2 systems that are relatively easy to just hook up to a tank and go. never used anything other than a tropica 60 system before so an all-in-one system would be preferred. Cheers!
  5. E

    Tropica Plant Growth System 60 Kit

    Hi, Anyone know if this kit is any good? I've got it for a 5 gal. Thanks!
  6. L

    Please help me figure out my lighting, ferts and CO2!

    I have a lot of trouble figuring out how much light and CO2 I have, and what plants would thrive in my tank. I could also use some help dosing ferts. My tank is about 120gallon or 540liters. I have 2 18w LEDs, (AquaEl) one at 10 000k and one at 6500k. I can't figure out what their PUR/PAR or...
  7. P

    Bettas with shrimp

    I currently have a Betta in a nano 3.5gal, quick scape, well planted(but not over planted) with lots of moss and foreground plants, special shrimp substrate, (came with the tank) filter, co2, and grow light. I do ~20% water changes every week as well, and I was wondering if I could safely put...
  8. Cameronb_01

    Jbl Proflora M603 Not Working

    Hi Everyone,   A couple of months ago I bought a brand new JBL pro flora m603 complete unit. I have now come to the time for setting it up and yesterday I followed all the instructions, did the calibration etc… However it does not inject any CO2 into the tank. The only way of me getting it to do...
  9. Cameronb_01

    Substrate Identification

    Hi Guys,   Purchased this substrate today from my LFS. The guy who sold it to me didn't know who the supplier was and what type of gravel it is or what the dimensions are?   Anyone have any ideas about where I could get something similar from or what the dimensions might be?   Thanks in advance...
  10. cooledwhip

    Will This Work For My Co2? Dont Wanna Gas Fish"?

    I have a citric acid DIY co2 setup I am using currently until I can buy a full setup. I wanted to know if I can put my CO2 diffuser (ceramic disc) into my filter where it would then shred the bubbles completely, dispersing all the Co2 into the water. It will pass through the filter however. Here...
  11. Cameronb_01

    Jbl Ph Control

    Does anyone know if the JBL m603 requires an external solenoid or if it is built into the computer?
  12. cooledwhip

    My Aquarium Lights...

    Hey. I have a 20 gallon long: Species list: S. repens, Glosso(soon), Pearl weed, narrow leaf java fern, Rotala indica, Mint charlie/baby tears, crypts, ludwigia red, and another plant I don't know name of in back left by filter intake. It is red also and partially...
  13. cooledwhip

    Cheap Co2 Kit System?

    I want to try using CO2 on my planted tank. I currently have these plants:   Peacock Fern Staurogyne Repens Bacopa Temple Compacta Anubias Nana Windelov Java Fern   Plus a large lip algae eater   I've had the Windelov, Anubias, Temple and Bacopa for about a week and they haven't really grown...
  14. yasinullah

    Co2 Fire Extinguisher, New & Unused, Jactone, Dated 2011, X7 Avail

    CO2 fire extinguisher, new & unused, Jactone, dated 2011, x7 available, £15 each   Age and condition: New, dated 2011 + various months, some of them have the frost horn accessory damaged (the black attachment in pictures), they arrived this way to me, rest of the extinguisher is in new condition...
  15. L

    Starting New 20 Gallon Long, Need Questions Answered.

    Hello, my name is Liam and I am semi experienced in the fish tank world, as I have a healthy 10 gallon tank with Dwarf Gouramis and White Mountain Minnows. That is a very basic tank that has fake plants and gravel substrate, but I am planning on making a 20 Gallon Long planted tank in the...
  16. jmeeter

    Are My Plants Pearling?

    Last Saturday (so three days ago) I made a DIY CO2 kit for my aquarium and let it go to work. I've got a steady stream of bubbles coming out now (although it seems a bit slow) and now today I've noticed that a bunch of my plants have bubbles all over them and some plants are releasing a steady...
  17. David J

    A Few Issues - Co2, Ferts, Flow & Algae

    Hi I have a few issues and questions about my set up. My tank has been running for 2 years. Up until now it has not had Co2. It has always had live plants (swords, crypts, cabomba, anubias) and has bogwood and a few rocks with part sand part gravel substrate. Up until now I've been dosing...
  18. E

    General Maintenance Tips For Genesis Union Dual Gauged Co2 Regulator

    Since some of my friends told me their CO2 regulator stops working after just few years or even few months. Here's some of my experience from my workshop people telling me that it's not the problem of the regulator but it's from the CO2 cylinder!!   Here under is a Genesis Union Dual Gauged CO2...
  19. AquaPit

    Dosing Co2 Tablets

    I just bought a bottle of CO2 tablets My tank is a 30cm cube tank with low-tech plants with my Betta I am using liquid fertilisers once a week I was told to use CO2 tablets as well How to dose those tablets? Is it necessary? Is it safe? Anyone with experience using such tablets?
  20. benthyer

    My First Tank

    Don't let the title mislead you, it is my first tank but I have been running it now for just over a year   I have considered putting up images of my tank for a long time now but never thought of it being good enough as I see so many awesome tanks on here, but I figured I could show you where I...