Major Roadblocks in First Planted Tank - Micro Sword and Algae

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Aditya Sharma

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Aug 2, 2019
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I've hit major roadblocks on my first planted tank.
Photo -
Initially planted with Anubias nana 'petite', Java fern, Micro Swords and Scarlet Temple. The swords and temple are planted in EcoComplete with no root tabs. The white sand portion is Caribsea Super Naturals. Currently dose with two pumps of Easy Green every 4 days. Ammonia, Nitrite are 0. Nitrate 5 PPM. About 2 months since planting.

Problems -
1. The micro sword is growing super slow. There are runners and new leaves but the growth rate is super slow. My Java Fern and Anubias are growing like crazy. Have multiple baby Java ferns already growing from the original plants.
2. Algae - All kinds of algae. Had brown hairlike algae that has now disappeared. Brown diatoms and green algae coating the white sand. Green slimy and powder like algae coating Scarlet Temple leaves and the aquarium glass.

I am not sure what to do right now.
1. Is CO2 my only option? I was looking into Christmas moss as a carpet to replace the slow micro swords. Could this plan that could work?
2. What do I do with my crazy algae issues?

Aquamaxx 22 gal rimless - 36" X 12" X 12"
Fluval 207 Canister Filter
Cobalt Neotherm 100W heater
Fluval 3.0 Light currently set for two three hour photoperiods per day at 70% brightness
USB air pump with airstone
Planted with micro swords, anubias nana'petite', java fern, and scarlet temple. Fertilize with 2 pumps of EZ green per week. No CO2
Photo - Aquamax 22

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