1. Woodlol

    What is This!?

    I've never seen these before... are they algae? A worm if some kind? They look like tiny green anemones in my planted 30gal. The only occupants atm are 4 oto cats. I scrubbed them off the sides of the tank my snails are avoiding them like the devil, physically rearing to avoid them...
  2. Tl52505

    Beneficial bacteria

    I just completely redid my 40 gal tank after most of my fish died from ich. I took water from that tank and put it into my old 10 gal for now, but it started to turn slightly green. My stepdad who keeps fish said I should put that water back in because it had beneficial bacteria that the fish...
  3. AmyKieran

    Brown algae in gravel

    I have brown algae in the gravel only at the front of my tank. I own a bristlenose pleco which seems to help but not entirely remove it, any advice on this? Thanks
  4. L

    My Cory died after only 2 days and now I am worried that something is wrong with my tank!

    Hi! I have bought a cory and died no long after max 1/2 days. I never had issues with putting fishes in my tank since I had it (6 months). I am worried my tank might have some toxic algae because it has a electric Blu green algae that's never been there before! So I am worried for my other...
  5. L

    Plastic plant cleaner advice

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks with plastic plant cleaner? Currently using some that comes in a tab form, you soak for 8+ hours, then rinse and soak with a neutralising agent for further 8 hours. I've done my rocks as it says you can use on those, algae has gone from green to brown, seems...
  6. S


    Guys only recently i posted both my goldfish having finrot....and they healed...moved em to the main again the 2nd goldfish is having severe finrot again incase if yall...
  7. G

    Algea growing on window/plants?

    So I've had this roughly 50 gallon tank for just over a month now. I've done 1 water change of about 50% about 2 weeks ago. And I'm now noticing this brown stuff on the front glass, there's some on the back glass too. I'm just wanna make sure it just algae, or is it something I should be worried...
  8. CozyCat

    What type of algae is this?

    Hello! Going through the algae waves in my new tank, has been set up for a couple months now. All running smoothly and my cories and 3 guppy gals are doing great. There are a couple types of algae growing on the moss and wood I have in the tank, and I was wondering if anybody knows what kind...
  9. H

    Unknown algae taking over my tank

    Hi all I have had my tropical tank for a year now and things have been stable however over the past month or so i have noticed this red/brown hair like algae growing on my plants/wood and decorations.I try to remove it and the next week it has come back.When looking online and different algae...
  10. S

    Cichlid tank bottom feeders?

    Hello! I have a 125 gallon cichlid tank with a green terror, golden severum, blood parrot, jewel, convict, and a terror/acara hybrid (surviving baby). I’m looking for some bottom feeders to help clean up the tank a little bit, substrate, rocks, and glass. We’ve tried three plecos so far and none...
  11. ellamay

    Green hair algae & cleaning tips

    Before I start, I realize I should've taken a 'before photo' of my algae situation, but I didn't think about posting here until I'd finished cleaning. So the photo attached is the after photo. So a couple of weeks ago I noticed green hair algae growing on a couple of my plants so today I...
  12. C

    Algae Identification/Help?

    This thing grew in my tank. Can anyone please tell me what it is, what caused it, and how to remove it? Parameters (API five-in-one test kit): 26-28 degC pH 6.3-6.5 nitrate ~15 mg/L; nitrite ~0.2 mg/L carbonate hardness ~40 mg/L general hardness ~100 mg/L water change: 50% per week* *I was...
  13. B

    Green Algae?

    Hey Everyone I'm thinking it's green algae and I should cut down on the amount of time the light is on (12h atm). How do you balance algae and live plants with light?
  14. N

    Algae problem

    Hi everyone, I am so very new to this absolutely amazing hobby. I have searched algae growth but no answers suit my tank - I assume advice is very specific to the tank set up. So here goes.. I have an algae problem! I have a planted tank. nitrate, nitrite, ammonia levels 0 I wipe the tank glass...
  15. CarloM12

    Don’t understand my tank….

    Hello everyone, I’ve had my 75 gallon planted tank for over 2 years now, and it feels like nothing really grows or does anything and I’m not sure why. There’s a fluval spectrum LED light meant for plants on about 10 hours a day, using NA Thrive once a week as a complete fertilizer which is...
  16. C

    Amano Shrimps?

    Hello all, I'm wondering how much extent will amano shrimps reduce algae growth and clean up remaining food on the substrate? Currently, I have eight danios, two amano shrimps, two bristlenose catfish, and one albino cory catfish in a 10-gallon tank. There are occasional leftover danios...
  17. C

    Fertilizer Problems / Green Spot Algae

    This conversation originated from this thread, but I moved the discussion here since it's becoming more of an algae problem. Tank setup: eight danios, two amano shrimps, two bristlenose catfish, and one albino cory catfish 10-gallon tank water temperature: 24-26.5 degC (75-79.7 degF) currently...
  18. E

    Black mould in tank

    I’ve only recently become a fish owner! Started my tank about 6 months ago, I’ve noticed some algae or mould furry looking on my castle ornament and wondered if this is harmful or dangerous? And if so the best way to get rid of it ☺️
  19. crupp29

    Unidentified Algae on Driftwood

    I found this growing in my tank... I think it’s algae, but I’m not completely sure. I just set up my tank a few days ago and I have driftwood, rock, substrate, and a couple of plants so far. I have only noticed it on the pieces of driftwood. I am planning on adding fish this weekend. I have had...
  20. M

    Help Me With Algae Issues Please :)

    Hi everyone! I've had this tank for close to a year now and recently this algae has popped up. I've undergone multiple water changes, but it keeps coming back. What is it and what can I do? Thank you so much!!