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  1. musicalbetta

    Hey Guys

    Hey friends I'm new around here and I'll say a little about myself. I have a twin tail half moon betta (male) named King Neptune and a nerite snail named James Madison. I've a huge passion for music (and food) and spoil my pets rotten. So, I'll just be hanging around the forums, occasionally...
  2. Waterfins

    Dragon and Pheonix

    Just pictures of my two betta fish:
  3. L

    Possibly Dropsy?

    Could this be a possible start of Dropsy? I've never had any sort of problems with him and I'm concerned about my delta.
  4. D

    Worried About My Betta

    HI there,   I currently have a 22l aqua nano tank and I bought a Betta fish yesterday. I brought him home everything seemed great but this morning I woke up to find find that he keeps going to the grills where the water goes out to get to the filter and the carbon etc.. is this normal?    He...
  5. mookat

    Need Help Diagnosing Betta Issue

    I've just decided to try my luck with bettas again after not having an aquarium for several years. Today I came home to find a weird mark on my betta's head and want to be sure I diagnose the issue properly so that I can get Ruthie back to good health.    Tank Facts >6 gallon Marineland pillar...
  6. L

    Little Growth On Little Betta

    Hello, first time poster here. Sorry if this has been covered, I haven't had a chance to lurk just yet. Anyway, my little fighter, Mogwai, has just started spotting some kind of growth (looks pus like) and I'm just wondering if anyone could let me know what's happening and what I should do...
  7. FurFinFeathers

    Paling Betta?

    One of my male betta's I've had for about two weeks has gotten really pale recentley. He has recentley recovered from a case of swim bladder, could that maybe be what's had him lose his color? He's in a divided ten gallon tank, so he gets five gallons, and there is a heater and a filter in the...
  8. Aleksandar

    Betta Tankmates

    Hi to all :) I have new 72 liter tank, so can anyone please advise what other fishes can i keep with Betta.  I havent yet introduce the Betta in the tank i will for 4-5 days from now, and i want to put some other fishes before the Betta. The tank is cycled. Please tell me some common fishes cos...
  9. FurFinFeathers

    Best Water Conditioner?

    I was wondering which of these three (or any other you reccomend) is best for routine water changes, especially for bettas? I have API Stress coat, Topfin Betta Water Conditioner, and Tetra AquaSafe Plus. 
  10. FurFinFeathers

    Minimum Size For A Sorority?

    I was wondering the minimum tank size for a sorority and good tank mates? Thanks :)
  11. FurFinFeathers

    Female Betta In A Community Tank?

    Just curious, how would a female betta do in a community tank? Are their certain fish that would cause problems? Thanks.
  12. CorydorasLover

    Emerald Cory Cat Is Chewing On Male Betta's Tail Fin?

    To start, I have a 10 gallon tank with 1 male betta (Loki) and 3 cory catfish: a peppered, an emerald, and an albino. (Heimdall, Doc & Peach.) At first, I had only Loki and the peppered (Heimdall) for several months together in the tank. They were content, but I'd been urged to add several more...
  13. FurFinFeathers

    Betta Tank Upgrade Tips?

    I'm going to update my three male betta fish to a divided ten gallon, but i have a few questions. If i get two dividers from Petsmart, they dont have holes, so i assume I'd need a sponge filter for each section? If I make them myself, I could make them with holes in them so i would only need one...
  14. B

    Any Rocks Safe?

    Hey! So I am planning a betta tank. It is an 8 US gallon hexagon tank. I want to put rocks from my garden in there. Can I put any rocks in there?
  15. B

    Buying A Betta

    Hey everyone! So I want to but my first betta fish soon. I want to put him in our main tank, but because I had a recent camalanus worm attack I am very hesitant. When I decide to buy him I do have a small tank that I used for guppy fry that I can use before hand.    First: does anyone know how...
  16. argoma

    Heaters For Small Tanks

    Hello everyone,   so winter is comming here where i live and we're starting to feel a little colder. I got my betta in summer and summer here is just hot, very very hot. The room temperature was around 37ºC and the water in my tanks was around 27ºC without a heater. I got Casper in the middle of...
  17. argoma

    Tank Update

    Hi everybody,   i'm just doing here a quick update, no questions, almost no worries. So Casper is doing great as always, his fins are growing some bits i guess. Maybe it's just that his fins are more clear at the ends since they have never been completely red ever in his life since i got him...
  18. argoma

    Red Veiltail Betta

    Hi everybody,   I have a deep red veiltail male that i got from the local pet store , he was the only male left there and he was gorgeous. He looked only plain red to me but once i got him inside the tank and exposed him to light i realised he wasnt just red , he has some colored "shimmer" in...
  19. argoma

    Moss Ball On Betta Fish Tank

    Hello everyone,   My betta is temporarily in a small not filtered, not heated or cycled tank. I treat his water with a conditioner and i do 50% water changes everyday now and 100% water changes once a week. When i went to the pet store i was intending to but both my betta and a marimo moss ball...
  20. A

    Sick Fish, Need Help Please!

    I just took over our tank. Think it's a 10gal, maybe 15. We have a cheetha patterned goldfish (think it's a goldfish) that has some scales missing and is swimming vertically, sometimes upside down. This began several days ago. We also have some kind of japenese yellow sucker (bottom feeder...