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Aug 24, 2013
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I just took over our tank. Think it's a 10gal, maybe 15. We have a cheetha patterned goldfish (think it's a goldfish) that has some scales missing and is swimming vertically, sometimes upside down. This began several days ago. We also have some kind of japenese yellow sucker (bottom feeder, reminds me of a tiny catfish) and a halfmoon betta. The betta has one bulging cloudy eye. I did a 70% water change yesterday. Ido not know what the specs are, ammonia, ph or nitrates. What could cause my fish to get sick and what can I do to make them well?
we wont know for sure without the water parameters.
bettas and goldfish CANNOT be housed together.
Tropical and coldwater CANNOT be housed together.
goldfish CANNOT be in any tank smaller than a 29 gallon.
the yellow sucker sounds like a golden Simese algae eater, which this or the betta might be the cause of missing scales.
sounds like ammonia posioning though im not sure, sounds like you didnt cycle the tank.
NC is right. It sounds like that and Siamese sucking loaches are a threat to all of your fish
Do you have any pictures of the problems?
Goldfish and Bettas aren't a good mix. :/ . The reason is that goldfish do better at temps of <21*C and Bettas do better at temps of around 26*C-28*C.
It would be best if you could rehome the goldfish to either a bigger tank or a pond.
The Japanese Yellow sucker does sound like a Siamese Algae Eater, if it is, it will be best to rehome it because as they mature they can get very aggressive. :/
Is there a way you could get the results? Is there a fish shop near you that will test your water?
You say that you just took over the tank.  Did it have these fish in there when you took it over or did you add them once you got the tank?   Either way, this tank has quite a few issues.  Like stated previously goldfish and bettas are not good tankmates.  The "sucker fish" sounds to me like a chinease algae eater (CAE) which are sold everywhere here in the states.  These guys get big and aggressive and don't really eat algae when older.  The goldfish and sucker fish are too big for the tank.  The goldfish in that size of a tank is most likely making the ammonia very high which is damaging your fish.  All of those fish will get aggressive to each other in too small of quarters -- yes even the goldfish.  The symptoms you are describing really sound like water quality issues.  You really need to get your water tested to see where you stand.  If you take the water to the store to get it tested make sure they give you numerical results.  Not just the "it's fine" response.  Until then, you need to do at the least 50% water changes per day EVERY day to keep the levels "safe" for the fish.  I highly recommend rehoming the goldfish and the sucker fish since they are not good for the tank.
Goldfish are very dirty fish. They produce a lot of wastes turn into ammonia.  Just like big catfish, koi, goldfish. Also, goldfish like cool water and Betta only likes warm water. Betta are tropical fish. They cannot be together. I found out from the fish expert. 

uh.....hmmmmmm i have chinese algae eater in the fish community tank. In with the guppies,
Zebra Danios, longfins and bumblebee catfish. I do not have any problem yet. I do know that A. eater will get big and get aggressive due to territory. Yes my catfish will get big too. These two I will have to deal with later. Although the ammonia has never been high.....always at zero ppm. so far yet. I do a weekly change in this tank. 

ok sounded like you are a fish beginner and learning all this as you took over the tank. Well congratulation and lots of homework to do. I have been in your shoe as of last spring and I learned a great deal on fish. I changed everything quickly since I ended up with dirty fishies......3 koi, 2 goldfish and 1 oranda all came to me as young. Soon I will need to rehome them as the koi get very large and need lots of room to roam around. Also, they love to eat plants. Don't add plants to the goldfish and the koi. :)
They've been in the tank together for over 6months. We know the yellow bottom feeder is way too big for tank and getting mean. He just sucked the side of the goldfish. Same with the goldfish. The bottom feeder is at least three years old and the gold fish at least two. I have a broken right leg so am unable to drive to store to get water checked and will have to ask around for someone who could take me. I just took over the tank again cause I saw how bad the fish were doing. I had asked someone else to take care of it until i was more mobile (end of June). It's not my tank, but in March I noticed a bunch of algae, cloudy murky water and what appeared to be white spots on the goldfish's tail; so, I started doing 30% water changes every day for a week before using no more algae and doing 50% water changes weekly. By mid April I had it almost perfect. The betta I've also had for over two years and will be moving him to a small bowl in mornin :(. His big bowl broke, that's why he got placed in big tank. I had a female in the small bowl but she jumped out when I wasn't home and didn't make it (first jumper I've had so now put lid with holes punched in top on the top of betta bowls). I have really only had bettas on my own, and have had exceptional results; first betta lived 6years, second 5years, third 6years (then the jumper and my 2year old i want to live). I have helped with saltwater tanks more than fresh water, but grew up with both. Thanks for all your advice and help.
How do I add pix?
oh wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I hope you didn't go through all the hassle for taking care of the tank with fish. 
Thanks for letting me know the sucker sucks the goldfish. I didn't know anything about it. I have seen other fish eats their own. Ouch. 
I think you would be best off seeing if you can leave the male betta in the current tank and rehoming the other two fish.  This is your best option for a healthy tank with healthy fish. Putting the betta in a small bowl will end up stressing the betta out in the long run if you leave him there.  Until you get the test results for your water and the 2 big fish rehomed or taken to a LFS that will take them in, I recommend you do 50% water changes at least once a day.   If the goldfish and sucker fish are as old as you say they are, then they are both stunted quite badly at this point which combined with the water quality issues that would come from that stocking in that small of a tank is why your fish are getting really sick.  I do hope that you are able to work out some way that you can fix all this before loosing a fish.  I know it must be hard when you have difficulties yourself.
Betta moved to very small bowl for now. Had someone help with water changes! Yellow sucker fish has sucked almost all the scales offgoldfish :( goldfish now swim/floats upside down, looks furry and appears bloated(could be lack of scales). If still alive tomorrow, how can I humanely end his suffering? And what can be done about the yellow sucker fish. The original tank owners don't want it, and I would like to turn it into a planted tank for my betta and maybe get him a friend or two. The heater for tank went out a year or two or so ago and never replaced it, also no aeration other than filter. I want to do a soil planted tank. Will I need heater or aeration? Never needed either for bettas. Figured I should ask since you guys will know and better to do it right than ask for help in my fish's dying days. Thanks for all your advice.
Can I suggest that you post a classified add on this board (appropriate section) and offer your goldfish and CAE up for rehoming free.  Maybe you can get someone to come and take them off you since it sounds like you are having trouble getting out.
If you keep only the betta than good water quality will soon heal its issues.

Also, you can order fish supplies online for delivery... please get your betta a heater.

Sorry, missed the bit about the goldfish being fuzzy and bloated... it is possible that euthanizing him may be worth considering.
Clove oil is the best way to euth a fish with the least amount of pain or stress.  Post on craigslist in your area, ask your LFS if they will take it in for credit, or post on here in the classified section.  Your betta needs a heater.  The temperature needs to stay a steady 78F min with 82F being the best.  If you decide to get your betta some friends, make sure they are compatible with your betta.  No female bettas, no goldfish or other cold water fish, and nothing that is really nippy or flashy.

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