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  1. P

    Creating my second attempt on Eco Sphere

    The first attempt lasted 3 months however some plants were not suitable in the environment and some were growing fine but isn't lavishly. :/ This is my second attempt on the same jar, this time added hydrilla water plant, anubias and some snails. I will top some food every once awhile. Still...
  2. Sparklehoofs

    Can anyone identify this white dust on anubias?

    Hi, I have a lot of tanks. All have been running fine for months. Some heavily planted. 2 planted tanks have just turned upside down and have no idea why. 1 had only green spot algae and I just removed the plant it was affecting before dosing with phosphate to fix this. The second tank had...
  3. Duckquarium

    Very bare 10g for male betta

    I feel like this tank is wicked bare, should I stick some gravel in there??? I don’t mind the soil personally I wanna see where the carpet heads off to. I don’t have a lot of experience with growing aquarium plants so I honestly have no idea what it’ll look like I just put stuff wherever I...
  4. D

    Planted fish tank tips for 60 gallon?

    Hey guys, I’ve recently gotten a 60 gallon fish tank, starting to do a cycle, and for this tank I’ve decided I want to try live plants. big step for me definitely as it is my first ever try. I want to go with the low maintenance ones so I was thinking Java fern, Anubias, anubias petite, moss...
  5. bettafishlover86

    What is this white stuff on my anubias?

    Does anybody know what these white strings on my anubias are?
  6. Circus

    Will it work?

    I was thinking of getting some slim posts (plastic or bamboo) to use to anchor a bunch of anubias and Java fern, see if I can't make it look like I have some leafy trees in my 55 gallon tank. I have tried some different stem plants (more than 120 stems over the last year, 75 of that in just...
  7. CarloM12

    Don’t understand my tank….

    Hello everyone, I’ve had my 75 gallon planted tank for over 2 years now, and it feels like nothing really grows or does anything and I’m not sure why. There’s a fluval spectrum LED light meant for plants on about 10 hours a day, using NA Thrive once a week as a complete fertilizer which is...
  8. Ellie Potts

    What am I doing wrong?!?!

    I have a 55 gallon aquarium kept at ~78-80 Degrees F on a 12 hour light cycle with multiple root tabs but no water fertilizer. The aquarium isn't fully cycled yet. My Duckweed and Anubias plants are doing great... but my Java Fern, Monte Carlo, and some other plant that I got at Petco are not...
  9. Davit Gogoladze

    Nano tank with shrimps

    Hello! This is my nano tank (3months) 45x28x30cm ELU aqua soil 2x 5w 6500k led (8h) filter aquael versamax fzn-1 Bucephalandra Anubias barteri var. nana glossostigma elatinoides Hemianthus micranthemoides Christmas Moss Heterandria formosa 10+ shrimps neocaridina 20+ CO2 JBL Ferropol JBL...
  10. Bettapuppy

    My tank has live plants in it now!

    I decided to add some live plants to my betta tank! I added the moss ball a few months ago and it's still healthy so I thought I might try my luck with a few others as well. I added a java fern and two anubias. I keep my LED light on for 10+ hours a day, is there anything else you guys recommend...
  11. thrujenseyes

    top plants get too much light...but I'm in a pickle

    My tank is a little Fluval Edge 6 gallon that's been cycled and up and running for over two years now. My parameters are: PH: 6.8-7.2 GH: 75-150 KH: 40-80 Nitrates: 0 Nitrites: 0 Chlorine: 0 Ammonia: 0 50% water changes weekly. 2 remaining endlers (will be switching to soft water fish as I've...
  12. Tyler_Fishman

    Anubias help

    finally I got an Anubias. But I don't know the species. Any ideas? It has its emersed leaves on as it was grown in a tissue culture
  13. thrujenseyes

    do they roots need to be above substrate?

    I just bought two new plants from PetSmart in those "pest free" containers since they seem to be the cleanest around here. 1. Narrow Leaf Java Fern and 2. Anubis Congensis As I'm reading right now it seems that both need to be attached to rocks/wood? I knew the regular Anubis (larger that I...
  14. J

    Anubias and Java Fern holes in leaves?

    Wondering if you guys can help identify problems with my planted tank. Completely low tech, plants have always done well and Anubias even flowers occasionally. I have never dosed anything however my stocking level is probably about half what it used to be so maybe thats it? Pic of anubias...
  15. T

    Plant help

    Hi, I have a 200litre aquarium with sufficient filtration in the form of the Jewel bioflow arrangement, and a Eheim 250 external filter, which I have plants in. Firstly I'm trying to bind some Anubis plants (I think) to some bog wood from my LFS. I've tied them down with cotton thread as...
  16. thrujenseyes

    am I suppose to trim these roots?! It's a jungle

    This Anubis is attached to a lava rock (how I purchased it over a year ago). The root system has grown out of control but I've let it as I think it looks really neat and my tiny inhabitants seem to dig it. My question is am I harming it by letting it get this way? Am I suppose to be trimming...
  17. thrujenseyes

    where do you guys/gals get your aquarium plants

    I'm looking to get some better suited plants (than what I currently have) for my 6 gallon fluval edge. Easy to maintain, I guess people call them "low tech" plants that don't require crazy lighting and supplements. Has anyone had any luck ordering on line and have they been ick free (no snails...
  18. B

    Anubias Nana?

    So I know this will be... interesting, for the planted aquarium-ists..? made up that word lol, I have had every kind of anubias (so like 3 ) except the most common, anubias nana. can anyone give me a few tips on how this grows and needs? or wants? I don't have Co2 but anubias is a pretty...
  19. AquaPit

    My Growing 'bud'dies!

    Just Sharing... :) Feeling excited! Can't wait for them to grow!
  20. Zikofski

    Fast Growing Plant

    hello peep's okay i am trying to find a fast growing plant the fastest out there sort of thing my idea is i want this plant to soak up all the excess nutrients in my tank, i dose EI method, i also inject co2 and have high light, I'm trying to minimise algae by limited excess nutrients to plants ...