Anubias and Java Fern holes in leaves?


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Jan 22, 2017
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Wondering if you guys can help identify problems with my planted tank. Completely low tech, plants have always done well and Anubias even flowers occasionally. I have never dosed anything however my stocking level is probably about half what it used to be so maybe thats it?

Pic of anubias

and this one poor leaf


And the java fern (worth noting the fern is relatively new to the tank 2-3 months. Holes started a month ago and one leaf has fully died)


Other than these issue the plants are growing well still shooting up new leaves and root systems are growing very well. This is the root system of a 5 month old cutting of the anubia which is doing great and only one leaf has holes
Holes in leaves are typically a sign of nutritional deficiency. It is difficult to impossible to determine which metal you aquarium is lacking without detailed testing. I all likelihood nutrients are being removed from the old leaves to support the new growth. The best way to address this is to fertilize the water with a fertilizer that has all the nutrients plants need. A Very good one SeaChem Flourish comprehensive.
Be sure it says "Flourish Comprehensive". Seachem makes a number of flourish products.
My vote is K

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