1. C

    Help to diagnose something on my fish.

    Hi, I’m new to this but I could use some advice. I have had established tanks in the past but I currently am seeing something I’ve never seen before. I got two bristlenose plecs one is definitely more dominant and a lot bigger in growth rate. It’s this one I would like to know about, since...
  2. Kayra101

    Is My Betta Sick??

    Hello everyone ,I care extremely about my betta and I have been very worried after watching a bunch of videos on them and I just need somebody to re assure me that he is not ill.he does spit his food out and doesn’t eat a lot a lot ,also his eyes do look a bit red. Please do get back to me.
  3. N


    Oaky, so I have a community tank ,almost a 40gallon, (mostly small guppies) and I have a pair of Bettas( female and male). They used to be best buddies, he was non aggressive and he wouldn’t even approach her unless she was in his spot or something akin to that. Recently (a week and a couple of...
  4. E

    Pygmy corydoras with inflated swim bladder

    Hi all I have a pygmy corydoras with an over-inflated swim bladder that it does not appear to be able to release the air from. The fish is still able to swim throughout the water column and feed itself, but it must be causing it discomfort. Can anyone suggest what I can do to help this fish...
  5. J

    Anubias and Java Fern holes in leaves?

    Wondering if you guys can help identify problems with my planted tank. Completely low tech, plants have always done well and Anubias even flowers occasionally. I have never dosed anything however my stocking level is probably about half what it used to be so maybe thats it? Pic of anubias...
  6. S

    Problem: Betta Is Gobbling Up Tankmates Food!

    I recently started a planted 10gallon aquarium for my Betta and am using corner filters to reduce flow for his fins. He seemed to be pacing around and lonely, so I decided to get him tankmates. I ultimately decided on a school of ten White Cloud Minnows, who luckily have seen no aggression from...
  7. 1

    Problem Started Wiith Black Moor, Now All.

    Less than 3 weeks ago, my fish started gaping at the tp of thee water non stop, all day long. Then the black moor got a white streak of something down by it's nose. I thought it was some kind of output from the moors body, like mucus or otherwise, but now, just 2 weeks later, the moors head is...
  8. S

    Fish With Swim Bladder Problem

    Hey all,   I have a Silver Dollar that has been struggling with what I assume to be swim bladder disease. He spends his time frantically swimming towards the surface just to stay buoyant.    It's been over a month since he started doing it. I have tried epsom salts, feeding green peas and...
  9. GriffinC18

    Cycling Your Tank?

    Hey guys and gals. So when i was a beginner in fish keeping, which i still am, I had an emergency in which i had to move a fish from a ten gallon to any other tank that i had. At the time I only had a empty one gallon (uncycled). I don't remember what the specific emergency was but i thought...
  10. Kabernick30

    Brown Algae- It Wont Go Away

    I have a 26 gallon tank with a 24 inch t8 bulb and a few live plants, i only have 5 serpae tetras currently but i will be adding more fish. I do weekly 15-30% water changes and run my lights for around 12 hours a day because iheard to try and get rid of brown algae more light it better however...
  11. J

    Brown "bugs" Infestation In Aquarium. Please Help

    hi all- I suddenly have some type of infestation in my aquarium. It is what appears to be SUPER tiny brown bugs floating all over the water, sticking to the sides, in the gravel and even on my Oscar (see attached pic). In the past two days they have gotten worse. Its like it is snowing brown...
  12. krusetanks

    Massive Lump On Brilliant Rasbora?

    I have noticed in the past couple weeks that one of my brilliant rasboras has been growing a massive lump on its side/stomach. It has been growing for almost a month. The fish is eating normally and is still schooling with the rest. It sleeps normally and swims just a little crooked. Any ideas...
  13. S

    Algae Removal From A 3D Background

    I've got what I believe to be hair grass algae all over my 3D wall it's not easy to get rid of I tell you. Last time I removed it was with the high pressure hose however that took off paint too and consequently doesn't look as great. I've tried algae treatments and leaving it in the dark as per...
  14. B

    Need Instant Help With Malawi Cichlid!

    Hi everyone I'm new to keeping Malawi Cichlids. Had the 60l tank set up for about a month and 4 beautiful fish in for a week. One of them is swimming on its side with what I can best describe as a 'scraped side' and looks like its poor fins been attacked. I have absolutely no idea what to do...
  15. D

    Betta Fish Male Problem - The Fish Is Freaking Out

    Hey, there. I need help. My sister's fish which is a Betta fish and is now under my care cause of reasons. Well the fish was normal every day until yesterday which started to have some "freak out" 's.. the first time it happened was when i entered from the exit door of my house and the fish just...