plant beginner

  1. Brad G

    What is this plant?

    I’ve been trying to remember what this plant is. I bought it a month ago and can not remember. I’ve been looking up everything I can think of with no luck. If anyone has an idea please help 🙏
  2. B

    Java fern growing white fuzz?

    Hi everyone, I've recently put a java fern plant attached to bogwood in my aquarium. I've just noticed today ( just over 1 week later putting it in) thatthe roots and some leafs are growing this white fuzz? Can anyone identify what it is and how to get rid of it? FYI I haven't got any fish in...
  3. K

    What is this plant?

    Hey guys I'm new to the world of aquarium plants so I just bought a few bulbs to put in my bettas tank. This one has taken off! It has about two new shoots everyday and just stretches towards the light then develops a little leaf that floats on top. I'd like to research more about it but cant...
  4. Goosegrl2019

    Moss balls & parasites

    I just got 2 Marimo moss balls because they r beautiful & low maintenance live plants. I have no other live plants in my tank so I'm hoping these work out. Currently they r washed & put in a jar for a couple weeks because I'm paranoid to put them in my tank with my fish. I was wondering if...
  5. A

    Best live plant for a 25 litre tank with mollies and platties

    Hello! Could anyone please suggest any live plant that would be good for a 25 litre tank with 2 mollies and 2 platties? I do not have any CO2 system and have a substrate made of small stones, so I would like a plant that is hardy and does not need much.
  6. J

    Anubias and Java Fern holes in leaves?

    Wondering if you guys can help identify problems with my planted tank. Completely low tech, plants have always done well and Anubias even flowers occasionally. I have never dosed anything however my stocking level is probably about half what it used to be so maybe thats it? Pic of anubias...
  7. D

    Starter Tank Kit: 10 Gallon Recommendations

    Hi, everyone! I'm relatively new to the fish community. After a fairly sad experience, due to inexperience and overstocking (and unexpected breeding, which led to further overstocking), I've decided that if I really would like to have fish in my life, I need to make sure they're being cared for...
  8. J

    A Noob Question About Plants

    hi . i recently got a 90 litre tank and have 8 neon tetras in it   I have the filters and heaters all going fine. i do however want to start planting and being fairly new to this i would like to know what are some good beginner plants to put in my 90 litre tank and with what substrate and why ...