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  1. Snoyo1

    Substrate for planted tank

    Hi everyone! I’m picking up my 250L tank tomorrow and I’m wanting to have a lot of live plants. I’m wondering what would be the best substrate for a planted tank. I wanted to get the Carib sea eco complete but I can’t find it anywhere online. I don’t think any aquarium shops near me sell it...
  2. T

    my juvenile angelfish have been the same size for the last few month, i don’t know either he healthy or not

    i needed help with my baby angelfish, he has been the first fish to colonize the tank for three months ago but still haven’t grow much yet the tank size is 30 gallons (1 angelfish)is kept with (6 glo fish each around 2 inches) heater and filter are included/ temp is 78 Fahrenheit and 25 degree...
  3. T

    Gourami is hiding from me/ 55gallon stocking

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon tank with: - Neon Tetras - Cherry Barbs - Pygmy Corys - 1 Angel I recently added a Large Golden Gourami to the tank and it's been hiding from me for the past 3 days. It seems fine when im at a distance and it can't see me, but as soon as i approch the tank it quickly...
  4. W

    Angelfish and Dwarf Gourami

    I've got a 130 litre tank 9 cardinal tetras 6 Corydoras 1 angelfish (other one deceased) Was hoping to add some dwarf gouramis Thoughts please
  5. FishionistaB

    65 gallon angelfish tank diary

    Moved over from the introduction thread... I’m excited to be here. I have some experience with basic tanks in the past; betas, guppies, mollies, etc in 40gal or smaller. Nothing this big or beautiful until now. Most recently I deactivated my Facebook account and decided to go all out with a...
  6. FishionistaB

    How many angels in my 65gal

    I have a 65 gallon deeper than it is long. Said tank is my pfp. How many angels can I keep in this tank? Tank is planted and has a fairly decent sized driftwood. We have some Cory cats already (about 20) as tank mates. And plan to possibly add some schooling types as well, maybe cardinal tetras...
  7. P

    Does my angelfish have ich? (Pics posted)

    Can anyone tell me if this is ich? I have many more fish in the tank and only this one has the spots. They are on the top fin and the fins by the gills only. Thanks for your help!
  8. Barry Tetra

    Help! My angelfish floated and have no fin left

    Need help, My angelfish is floated and he’s has been bitten by tinfoil barbs (which I will return it to my friend) should I move him to qt tank? Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10 @Colin_T
  9. A

    Angelfish Aggression(?)

    I've had my angelfish for about seven months. They've been together in a 36 gallon, 2-foot high aquarium. Up until this point, they've been living peacefully, only chasing each other around now and again. Other than that, they seemed okay with each other, swimming closely without getting nosey...
  10. E

    Should I move angelfish wigglers?

    Hi everyone! I need some help regarding angelfish wigglers! My pair have laid eggs in my community tank every couple of weeks this year, but they never hatched. I tried putting the eggs in a breeding tank once, and they all were infertile so I gave up and figured something must be wrong with my...
  11. D

    White stuff growing out of my fish!!

    Hi guys I have an Angel Fish and recently I noticed these white things on my fish. Immediately I though it must be ich, but I don’t really think it is. There might be a few very faint white spots on the fins, but the main thing you can see is the white stuff coming out of his head. Please help...
  12. I

    Possible Illness w/ Angelfish

    Hello! I currently own a 20-gallon tank: 0-0.5ppm Ammonia, 7.5pH, always kept at 79 degrees. I purchased the angelfish about 3-4 weeks ago along with some dwarf chain loaches. I feed them once every day, with a day-long fasting period once a week. I was away from home for about 24 hours and...
  13. SarahMarie

    Angelfish with lump on stomach

    Hi everyone, I've just noticed a lump on my Angel's stomach. We've had her for around 5 years now and shes never had any problems before. Shes in a 350l tank which is fully cycled. Also have done a 40% water change today and cleaned filter sponges (in tank water) just last week. No new fish...
  14. Meg0000

    Angel fish question

    Hi, I did a thread about 50 gallon tank stocking Idea and I loved the pearl gourami idea but I am still open to new stocking idea so I would like more information on angelfish in community tank. Byron talked a bit of it in my other thread but I would like more information. Exemple: Tankmate...
  15. C

    What kind of fish can I keep with my angelfish?

    Pretty much what the title says. I just want to know what kind of fish I could keep with 5 angelfish. I'm aware that they're a shoaling fish so I've decided on a 75 gallon tank. I would really like to have a community orientated tank with lots of color, plenty of bottom feeders to eat the algae...
  16. J

    Breeding Pair of Angelfish. Need Fish Community Recommendations.

    Hi- I have a pair of breeding Angelfish. They are in a community with other angels, snails, loach, and rainbows. They laid their eggs and were caring for them well! One morning I woke to a snail on the eggs and most gone. I can't confirm the snail ate them but no more eggs. I just got a...
  17. fisharecool789

    food for angelfish?

    what is some good food for angelfish? for now all i’ve got for them is the standard tetra tropical flakes, they also eat the freeze dried blood worms (i feed my betta those as well) and i crush up some API freshwater pellets because they’re too big for them to handle whole. preferably...
  18. Alexis Hopper

    string of feces hanging, swollen stomach on my angelfish!

    I got my angelfish a little under 2 weeks ago. He’s in a 10 gallon tank with heater, filter, gravel and fake plants. This morning I noticed his abdomen was swollen and he had a red string of feces coming from his bladder. He is still swimming around like he normally does (not sluggish) but I am...
  19. Lulupalooza06

    What's wrong with my Angel?

    Please help! I don't know how to save him/her. This angel was a rescue and well the past couple of weeks have been rough. I accidentally killed off my entire tank for starters :( and then this poor thing was the lone survivor and now this... what is it that he has? First off I was told to put in...
  20. fisharecool789

    good tank mates for angel fish ?

    hello ! i just adopted a really pretty pair of angelfish from a friend who is moving. i am cycling a 30 gallon for them since she kept them in a 10 gallon for nearly 3 years ! i am wondering about some great tank mates for angel fish. i am looking for good catfish/bottom feeders, as well as some...