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  1. nettleshrimps

    Only One Leg?! - Red Claw Crab Emergency Rescue! 🦀🦵

    Hi! I'm new, and I have some experience in fishkeeping (mostly 10 gallon domesticated Betta tanks) and I work at a PetSmart as an animal care specialist. Right now I am mostly focusing on my current Betta tank and snakes, so I haven't had a lot of plans for another tank any time soon, but an...
  2. Hmarie37

    Pest snails

    Apologies if this is not emergency enough for this thread, still can’t figure out how to navigate forums😂 Anywho, my tank is infested with snails! I suppose one of the plants I got from a local pet shop had a snail and the rinse didn’t get it off😭 They have overrun my tank! I have tried to...
  3. tkoalas

    Platinum guppy has damaged tail fin and is hiding away

    Request Help. My platinum guppy is acting odd. See below for full explanation. Any insight would be helpful. Currently, the guppy in question has been moved to a quarantine tank in case he's being bullied by the other guppies or in case of fin rot. Tank size: 5 gallon (currently in 1/2 gallon...
  4. Freshyfishy

    All of my guppies (mainly female) dying in close proximity of eachother

    I have recently bought some guppies from 3 different stores, and now the death count (after a week) spiked to like 3 a day... Any ideas? There are more males than females, and they had white "floof" fungi looking things on their bodies. I did find a male and female mating and still "attached"...
  5. S

    Blue legged hermit crab...multiplied?!

    This is totally going to sound weird, but I bought two blue legged hermit crabs, yesterday, and today, I see a third one, without a shell? It looks like it’s molting, from what I’ve read online. This is my first time having these creatures, so I have no idea what’s going on. I attached two...
  6. W

    My black mollies are sick

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, thank you for reading. My black mollies seem to be having an ongoing health problem. I received a 64 liter (17 gallon) fish tank, it has been running for a couple of years. It was stocked with a black molly colony, a Chinese algae eater, a pair of yoyo...
  7. katienewbettakeeper

    Why is my ph always rising in my aquariums?

    So, I’ve noticed that my ph in my tanks is rising. My tap water is 7.5, and I do weekly 20 percent water changes. It’s not my substrate (fluval stratum, fluorite red, Caribsea sand, and aqua natural gold pearl gravel) the only hard scape I use is driftwood. All my tanks are over 6 months old, I...
  8. ella777

    Substrate is confusing.

    Hi, I have just got a 200l tank and I'm not sure what substrate to use. Some people say hydroton clay balls are best but others say the Seachem Fluorite is best. The tank I got comes with a ton of gravel which I would love to use but I'm not sure if it's good? I dont know the name of it as it...
  9. Beany81487

    Filter Media Confusion

    Hello all. I haven't been in the Aquatic hobby for long and as I'm doing my research I am getting hung up on filter media. Here's what I know so far... or what I think I know. Please feel free to constructively correct me. The order should be the following based on water flow pattern of...
  10. L

    ADVICE PLEASE! Should I add another loach to my tank?

    So, I recently started keeping fish. I purchased a kuhli loach impulsively (this was a mistake I know this). I'm doing what I can to provide him the best care possible. I only have the resources for a 10 gallon tank. I'm getting mixed advice, but I've heard kuhli loaches can do alright in a 10g...
  11. Koish

    Needing Zebra Danios Breeding Advice

    I'm planning on breeding some zebra danios, and I have found that most resources recommend putting a large clump of java moss (or really any free floating plant) in the breeding tank. Do I have to put the java moss in, or will they still breed without it? Are there any alternatives? Any help...
  12. K

    Pleco fell in hot water!

    Hello, I was deep cleaning my tank yesterday when I thought I had gotten all the decor out safely with my albino bristlenose pleco still in the tank. Turns out he was hiding in the decor still even after shaking it around and dunking it in and out of the water. So I used my shower to spray down...
  13. un-erasable pencil

    Pleco has redness on edge of fin

    Hi, I noticed my pleco having some redness on the edge of his fin. I'm not exactly sure why but I suspect my tiger barbs are nipping him. Otherwise he eats well and doesn't seem to be stressed but I was wondering in anyone knows what this could be and what I can do about it. In case anyone is...
  14. N


    My betta has been showing signs of clamped fins starting 3-4 days ago. He's active and eating well but I can't seem to pinpoint the issue. I got him April 8th of this year. GOING TO TREAT WITH PARACLEANSE VERY LETHARGIC AND WHITE POOP-SAME SYMPTOMS OF THE OTHER BETTA WHO DIED *****IMPORTANT TO...
  15. R

    Please help me identify this fish!

    Hello, i am new to the forum but i have to get some decent answers asap and figured a forum would be best! I recently placed an order on a website for fish. I TRIED to order 8 snails and 6 guppies. What i actually recieved was 8 snails and 3 mystery fish. I cant exactly ship them back and don't...
  16. J

    First 10Gal tank and had a couple fish die after only 2 days. Help!

    Hello, My roommate and me are new to all this. My roommate had got a male beta about 7 months ago and set up a 2 Gal tank for it. The ammonia spiked in that set up and ended up killing the beta. We then went and got a 10Gal tank. We let the tank cycle for a bit and after testing the water and...
  17. April_ht

    How to Catch Koi in a Pond?

    My koi fry have reached the age and size where they are able to be moved to my mud pond with a capacity of around 50,000 litres (is this able to hold 10-15 full-grown koi? No filtration, but planted with lillies and other plants and frequent rainfall with an average of around 200ml/month)...
  18. A

    Ongoing fish keeping problem

    Hello everyone! I am new to this community but not new to a tropical fish keeping forum. I’ve wanted to find a new community because quite frankly, I’m struggling and have lost the fish keeping mojo and was hoping I could find some help. Quick background. I have been keeping aquariums for...
  19. D

    White flim?

    Any idea what this is?? About 3 weeks ago 2 of my Otto fish died and a kinda white film on them but figured they were dead a few days before I noticed them (tank was heavily planted and they like to hide) did many water changes over the past few weeks. I JUST put the droft wood in maybe two days...
  20. H

    Egg like sack hanging on black molly.

    Hey guys! First time poster here. I have not been able to find any info on this issue so I created an account in the hopes of someone helping me or at least informing me on what this issue is so I can avoid it happening again. Little backstory: my apartment building cought on fire and I had to...