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  1. J

    Help with Platy

    Hi everyone, first time posting here and just looking for advice. Does this look like Dropsy in our Platy fish? And if you think it is, is there any advice on what we should do? Our tank is an established tank (about 3 year old). No new fish added for over a year and no sudden fish deaths. I am...
  2. Kat1053

    How should I go about switching to a new filter?

    So I just bought a betta but the filter that I have is quite strong and I noticed the fish is getting pushed around quite a bit (it’s one of those ones where there’s a little waterfall going into the tank) so I put a little sponge in the outflow but so the flow is slowed a bit and ran to the...
  3. R

    Very sick, Very Loved Betta. Treating for Columnaris. Please help me heal him. It's been weeks. Very Detailed.

    I copied this from another forum for help, here is everything I posted: What is the water volume of the tank? His home: 55gal community tank. Quarantine: 10gal, by himself. How long has the tank been running? His home: 4 months. Quarantine: Setup the day I noticed he was sick, he's been...
  4. A

    How to Cycle 5.5 Gal Betta tank

    I got a 5.5 gal tank today as an upgrade for my betta. I need to cycle it but I need to know where to start and what to do. Today I put rocks, water, the filter, and stress coat in the tank and a couple cups of water from my other tank. Is there a way to cycle without buying ammonia? Thanks for...
  5. D

    Guppies on top of tank?

    I recently got a beautiful extended trio of red lace metalhead guppies with a bunch of fry, and I also already had lots of fry in the tank. I just noticed that many of the fry hang out at the top of the tank and mainly stay in the same place. They don't seem to be gasping, but I want to make...
  6. S

    Stocking a tank.

    Hello,I have a cycled 25 gallon(95 lt) planted aquarium with one gold gourami(juvenile and really peacefull),5 panda corys,1 golden bristlenose,9 neon tetras,11 guppies and some ramshorn snails.Also,I have a corse sponge filter.What do you think,is it too much?Will some of the fishes be a...
  7. Dukefish

    Betta Sorority (6 Month Update) (Comments/Advice/Guidance Welcomed!)

    I last posted in August after recently doing the forum introducing you all to my first tank ever and my betta sorority: Link After some advice and research I made some changes and entered the Tank of the Month: Link It's been several months since I posted so I'd like to give you an update on...
  8. W.R

    Clown Killifish, good idea?

    Heya all, recently I've had my established 20L/5Gal tank emptied out (bare a few pregnant shrimp), and I've been thinking about what to stock it with, the filter flow is minimal, very many floating plants (red root and salvinia, frogbit) as well as some vallisneria gigantea, mosses etc. Ph is a...
  9. L

    Many questions from a “beginning” betta breeder

    Hey everyone! :) I’ve been trying to breed my betta for the longest time (At least over a year now) but I haven’t had any luck. My male would build a nest after I introduce my female, I gave him a few days(about 2) to build, and that’s when I put my female in breeding tank. I keep an eye on...
  10. T

    Need betta help

    I'm a young adult and this is my first time caring for a betta and I need help. I have my fish, Stick, in a nice 5 gallon tank, no sharp decorations, real plants only, but I also have an African dwarf frog. I haven't really seen them nip or fight other than when my betta gets too close for...
  11. Jennifer Gonzales

    Help! I’m moving LONG DISTANCE

    Hello all, I’m not a very experienced fish keeper... that being said, we are getting ready to move 10 hours away. I have a 40 gallon tank with 10 guppies, 3 mollies, 4 dojo loaches, 1 pleco, and a bunch of snails, as well as a 5 gallon fry tank with somewhere around 30-40 guppy fry. Re-homing...
  12. E

    Rosy barb breeding

    Okay so I have 4 females and one male in a tank and I’ve been trying to look for breeding online there isn’t any helpful advice 1. What do rosy barbs eggs look like? 2.where do they lay them? 3.does the female lay the eggs straight after she’s mated ? 4.what does it mean having the water few...
  13. onefieshcedrick

    How to Set Up a 10-gal Tank?

    I am looking into acquiring a 10 gallon tank for a veiltail male betta but have never worked with a fish tank before. Does anyone have a basic set of steps and things I need to set up the tank for my fish?
  14. N

    My new gourami is sick

    Today I got a new dwarf gourami from petsmart, but I didn’t realize there was an issue with it until I got home. I was hoping someone might have an idea what it is but I think it might be fin rot.
  15. Z

    Pond snail invasion 10g

    So I have a 10 gallon tank and it has become totally overrun by little pond snails. At first i was like oh cool free snails (having no idea) but now they are everywhere. Mainly lining the top of the water level. Is there a fish or snail that will help take care of this issue? I have 2 assassin...
  16. RenC

    Calling all fish tank decorators!

    My tank has been looking a little blah to me lately. Any suggestions on how to make mine look less empty and better than it does now? (Front two plants are live) I’m up for all suggestions (:
  17. C

    Help/advice African dwarf frog has reddish legs

    Iv attached a photo I’m saw online that red legs can be a sign of infection and I’m worried my frog has it. I have not noticed a change in appetite or activity level. I have had my two frogs for around 8 months, they have always been in good health. I’ve got a filter on my tank and change water...
  18. M

    Is my molly fish pregnant?

    I need help. I just added this fish into my tank less then a week ago. She/He seems way larger then our black ballon molly. Please help! If she is when does she need to be put into a separate tank? Anything I need to know?
  19. jennaalexismiles

    Betta throwing up?? Possibly? HELP!!!

    Hi everyone. After a lot of trial and error I’m finally turning to a fish forum to see if anyone can help me because I haven’t seen anyone with my situation. I added pictures of the “throw up”, my fish and the food he eats. I noticed what looked like maybe throw up, but I haven’t seen him...
  20. Allaboutcichlids

    Help! My fish is ill, any ideas on how to treat it?

    Hi everyone, As you can see from the images my cichlid is very ill. It has been like this for a couple of months now, slowly getting worse and worse over time. As you can see, there are lumps (which are very hard to touch!) all along the fins of the fish and its mouth has swollen which has...