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    Long Time Fishkeeper With Newbie Problem

    Nothing new in quite some time. Like I said, these are long established tanks. It's just so frustrating to see them all up there struggling and have no idea what's going on. Even with the nitrite 2 days ago, they shouldn't STILL be at the surface, should they? The standard options (and why...
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    Long Time Fishkeeper With Newbie Problem

    Just back home. Lost three at same time as the water change. No new losses since then, but they're still at the top. I've made sure the filter outlet is bubbling the surface. Nitrites still low, just above 0. We'll see how they're doing in the morning.
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    Long Time Fishkeeper With Newbie Problem

    Ok, I have had 75g and 40g mbuna tanks for 5+ years. Was a regular here for several years. I know about cycling. I preached cycling for years. Yesterday, all of the fish in the 40g started coming to the surface, gasping for "breath". I tested and there had been a Nitrite spike to about 2.5ppm...
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    need help controlling temp

    If it didn't cost several hundred $ or £, it probably doesn't cool. Chillers are expensive. If you don't have the cash for one, I find the little clip fans to be very useful for keeping the temp in a reasonable range. You'll need to top up the water almost daily though, due to evaporation...
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    Rummy Nose

    Keeping only 2 rummys is a death sentence for the rummys. They are skittish, fragile tetras and need the assurance that only comes from being in a school. They are also sensitive to water polutants, including nitrates. Clean water is essential to their well-being. It's very easy to tell a...
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    65usg Tank Setup, Request Advice On Lighting...

    I have a 40g planted tank and use a T5 fixture on legs instead of a hood. I love the modern clean look and easy access. Compact fluorescent would work as well. The only drawback is you have to avoid fish that tend to be "jumpers". Will you be adding CO2 or will this be a "low tech" tank...
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    Amano Shrimp And Angels

    I have a Singapore/Wood/Bamboo shrimp in my 40g planted tank. He's very peaceful, spends most of his time visable on a plant facing the filter output collecting food, and the bright red coloration is a great feature. There's an Amano and several small cherry shrimp as well and no problems.
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    Rena Xp3 - What Do You Think About It?

    In the same boat as you, I didn't want to spend $200+ on an Eheim Pro, so I got the XP2. Quiet and effective filter for much less than the Eheim.
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    Hair In The Tank?

    Adding CO2 and removing as much algae as possible is a good start. Replacing the 50/50 bulbs with something more suitable for a planted tank would probably help just as much. After that it's a matter of getting the nutrients in balance.
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    Roseline Shark

    SAEs should get along just fine with these guys, especially in a 75g planted tank. However, if you get 1, get 6. They are a schooling species. You wouldn't get one neon or danio, so don't get one roseline... Also, what else do you have in the tank?
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    Soooooooo Angry!

    I'm sorry, but if you can't afford next day, you really shouldn't ever mail fish.
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    Plant Swop Thread Feedback

    I've sent out 3 or 4 packages and I believe they all got there safe and sound. On thing I noticed was that all of the interest has been in my xmas moss and dwarf hairgrass, not the more difficult and rare plants, which was a little surprising to me. There don't seem to be a lot of US folks with...
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    40g Breeder (36"x18"x16") Question

    I have a 40g breeder with 160w of T5 lighting over it. Unless you are planning to completely fill the tank with high light requiring plants, I would strongly urge you to stay BELOW this number. Algae is a constant battle, even with a high tech CO2 setup, daily macro and micro fertilization, and...
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    Decided On Fish For 120, And Would Like To Use Rocks. But

    I have more than 250 lbs of rock in my 75g tank. Fear not. One good precaution I did take was to put electrical eggcrate on the bottom of the tank before placing the rocks. This distributes the weight evenly over the glass and prevents the pin-point contacts between rocks and glass that are the...
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    Cichlids Tanks

    I have a breeding pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides "triple red" in a 40g planted community. It's way more room than they need, but they're very happy.