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    Are You Happy With Your Current Tank?

    good: easy to maintain fun to watch :] i like my rock, lots of coraline bad: not big enough i dont have many corals no $$....
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    Can Anybody Tell Me What The Following Are ?

    first two look like aptasia, last ones a feather duster
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    Test Kits Results!

    ammonia=0 nitrite=0 nitrate=0 or as close to zero as possible ph= 8.1-8.4
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    Our New Addition And A Q

    yeah make sure to keep feeding it, its pretty bleached
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    Royal Gramma

    he probably was not eating them but its very likely he was killing them
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    Mixing Clowns?

    yeah, get rid of one of the pairs, clowns dont mix most of the time
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    New Nano Tank- Stocking Ideas?

    no fish is deffinitly gonna keep water params better if you want a fish maybe a neon or clown goby?
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    Stocking Question

    id get rid of the aptaisia asap unless ud like an aptaisia tank :)
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    Rusty Algae

    could be cyano is it slimy looking?
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    Sad Day

    :rip: fishy and shrimp
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    Sea Horses.... Good Idea?

    not a good idea
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    Anyone Use Air Pumps?

    youll get reall bad salt creap
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    Dan's 450l Marine Tank...

    if you like th majona keep it, theyre not as fast spreading as aptaisia and actually have some color to them
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    Adam's 20l Pico Cube

    looks good, what do u plan to keep in it?
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    Depth Of Sand?

    under 1 inch unlesss its going to be adeep sandbed sorry, not in uk