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Aug 8, 2017
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Hi TFF members,

i have a question about upgrading my tank, i have been asking around & researching online & have been getting mixed opinions on my options. so wanted to put it to general public :)

i currently have 1x jewel cichlid, 4 hillstream loaches, 16 danios, in a 100 litre (26.42g) tank. all rather well established (loeaches especially are long term residents) & doing well.

we are upgrading to a 240l (63.4g) tank, keeping original filter (but will cycle for a week still), but want to add some fish due to the added space.
we are particularly interested in adding a blue jack dempsey and/or a peacock cichlid but was wondering if it would be advisable to get in pairs & a female for my male jewel? or to get a male or female? i was also interested in getting a dwarf gourami, maybe 2/3 if possible? what would our options be? we have looked online & spoken to various different fish shops & other knowledgeable people & are getting mixed answers so any opinions would be helpful.

Thanks :)

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